Olivia Wilde is Single

Olivia Wilde and her husband Bastardo Luckiestando (I’m guessing here.) have officially separated. People has the exclusive:

“They have been living apart after trying for quite some time to make their relationship work,” says a source.
Wilde, 26, eloped with Ruspoli, 35, an Italian prince whose family owns Rome’s Palazzo Ruspoli, when she 18 years old.

Wait. Olivia Wilde was married to an Italian prince? Jesus. If this guy can’t keep a woman happy, what chance does the Average Joe have? We might as well stay cold and emotionally distant, yet conveniently available for sex, from here on out. I mean, what’s the point? *pulls hoodie over head* I’ll just be over here, alone, handsomely brooding. Pain so palpable you want to take me home and nurse me to health like an injured bird. An injured bird who likes pancakes. Just throwing that out there.

Adding… Et tu, Jodie Foster?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Splash News

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