Olivia Wilde Defends Kim Kardashian’s Divorce

November 17th, 2011 // 40 Comments
Khloe's Not Convinced
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For some reason (Drugs. I’m going with drugs.) Olivia Wilde felt a special kinship with Kim Kardashian last night despite the fact one of their marriages lasted several years and was actually legitimate, while the other was a 72-day cash grab built on wanton whoreduggery. Page Six reports:

“I empathize. It’s not easy. It’s the hardest thing in the world. People judge you because divorce is seen as failure. [Kim] took a risk. No one should be attacking her. Our attention should be focused on things that are truly scandalous.”

If I say like all this Penn State coverage, will she get wet in the pants?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Olivia Wilde has no fucking clue who Kim Kardashian is. She simply looked back at her own divorce and applied it to this situation not realizing she was asked about a soulless ass-husk of a furbeast solely concerned with the acquisition of money, attention and the occasional black penis. In fact, someone should probably make sure Olivia never finds out who Kim is, or else we’ll have to put her on suicide watch. “Oh, shit, they meant Pee Woman? Gimme those pills.”

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  1. Lightfailure

    “People judge you because divorce is seen as failure.”

    I am not judging because it was a failure, but because she/ it? acomplished what she set out to do , keep her in the headlines , make a assload (get it?) of cash . You dumb simple minded trollop.

  2. maeby

    It’s the hardest thing in the world? IT’S THE HARDEST THING IN THE WORLD, OLIVIA? Yeah you’re probably right. Marriage is super life shattering tough.

  3. Clarence Beeks

    Oh please, STFU you square faced stupid no talent asshole.

  4. Nada

    It’s pretty obvious that Olivia Wilde doesn’t really know who kim whoretrashian is. Let’s give her a break… because she’s coming over to my place tonight to get naked & play bouncy bouncy, and I want her in the mood…

  5. Archies_Leach


    Everything went limp suddenly!

  6. Do Freebird

    Didn’t she use to have tits?

  7. Olivia Wilde
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice legs.

  8. My new goal in life is to use “soulless, ass-husk of a furbeast” in a sentence this week.

  9. Brandi

    Whores defending other whores.
    Who’d a thunk it?!

    • Artofwar

      …Well we’ve all head the old say–”two peas in a pod” Well there is a more contemporary saying making the rounds these days—two whores in a pod”

      And since we are on the subject of peas and what not. One of these particular whores is quite fond of peas– or is it piss?….Artofwar

      • Artofwar

        Correction…Well we’ve all heard the old saying–”two peas in a pod” Well there is a more contemporary saying making the rounds these days—two whores in a pod”

        And since we are on the subject of peas and what not. One of these particular whores is quite fond of peas– or is it piss?….Artofwar

      • andreabeth

        More like two balls in a scrotum.

  10. Do Freebird

    Now for a read comment.
    Olivia, you foolish child, here’s a couple of things that are harder:
    * A woman has an abusive husband.
    * A father who has just lost his job, and still has a wife and three children.
    * Any parent who has a terminal illness, or has a child who has a terminal illness.
    * A senior citizen who has to choose between food or medicine.
    * A retarded person – wait you might qualify for that one.
    I could go on and on. God graced you with beauty and the ability to semi-act (I saw Tron). You have no concept reality – perhaps in the future you should take the microphone and instead of speaking into it, do what you normally do with a long thick hard object.

    • Do Freebird

      Forgive the spelling/punctuation errors. It’s just that when I read something as asinine as her quotes, I just get livid. She truly has led a privileged life and really should just shut her fucking mouth.

    • Snack pack

      Well said! Do Freebird – love that screen name too.

  11. Buddy the Elf

    Thanks for telling us its OK to be a fame whore, pimp out your life, engagement and wedding for money then throw in the towel a few months later.

    We are lucky to have suck great role models and moral police to let us know whats right and wrong.

    Now STFU and take off your top or something.

  12. whoredashians need to go

    let’s get the whoredashians off the air. sign this petition:

  13. lkl

    Love you Olivia, but STFU. BOYCOTT kARDashians and E.

  14. Venom

    How does this chick get work?
    She is not that great looking, has a body that only Sandusky would be attracted to and her acting is marginal at best.

    And why on God’s earth would you defend Kim Kardashian and how can you defend a marriage that only lasted two months?

  15. Bianca

    When are people gonna realize it’s not the divorce that people are angry over, it was the entire marriage that was fabricated to generate publicity and money that was the problem.

    • not a fan

      True. I don’t even know why she made a comment in defense of the bogus wedding to rake in more money which any one with good sense can figure out. It’s like Olivia Wilde wanted to say shit for the heck of it.

  16. freaky

    Fish, you’re sure hung up on black penises and watersports. Is there something you’re trying to tell us?

  17. Juaquin ingles

    This chick is so fucking stupid.

  18. Frank Burns

    Dear Ms. Wilde, while I am very interested in things going into your mouth, I’m not so interested in things coming out of it. Just stand there and look pretty, honey.

  19. Olivia Wilde
    Commented on this photo:

    Coco has really slimmed down.

  20. Steelerchick

    Another dumb fuck!!

  21. See Alice

    She has loose chipmunk cheeks! . I apologize to chipmunks everywhere .

  22. well she sure put that square peg up a round hole.

  23. Olivia Wilde
    Commented on this photo:

    Sooo… Hoes before Bros?

  24. My Darling Olivia…

    You know I’m mad about you and think you are as lovely as a Utah landscape, but just a word of wisdom…as you progress through life you will find that umbrellas are way more functional if there is water actually falling from the sky. Just saying…

  25. Luhle

    Stupid square jawed non talent hag

  26. Ugh, she was married to her husband for like 8 years. That’s enough time to try and make it work every which way possible and in the end, if it isn’t going to work..well it isn’t going to work. No one could possibly say you didn’t try to though.

    Nobody would have made a peep if this degenerate and Humphries were like a year or so into this and it just isn’t going to work…but a little under a month or so?

    Knowing that family?

    Fucking disgusting.

  27. me

    Same old pattern. Attractive young female celebrity. Fappers drooling on their keyboards. Later- she’s a slut. She gets old – duh.. everyone does. Okay, we hate her, next…

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