Olivia Munn Has An Angry Vagina?

September 2nd, 2010 // 109 Comments
Olivia Munn in GQ

Is it because no one thinks she’s that hot anymore? Or is this more of a subtle critique on the unfair social stigma surrounding queefs? I’ve honestly never been any good at interpreting art. *looks at painting of dogs playing poker* WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME?!

Full Size version here.

Photo: Courtesy of GQ.


  1. Ivanna Munn-ch on that

    yes please

  2. Ivanna Munn-ch on that


  3. lauren

    unoriginal photoshoot. nothing great.

    • Mr. Photoshop Man

      I believe if we look up the word buttaface in the dictionary we should get a pic of this chick. It really is a much better definition then any words could ever express.

      • meagain

        I believe if you have to look up the word buttface in the dictionary you:

        1) Have no common sense whatsoever. It’s ” butt” & “face”. You’d think anyone could figure it out without looking it up.

        2) Have nothing to do. No one looks anything up in dictionaries anymore. We have Google.

    • meagain

      Unoriginal comment. Nothing to see here.

    • Mr. Man

      You need to change the filter on your lens cuz you’re not seeing straight, or you are really a woman and jealous.

  4. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:


  5. Bmurphy72


  6. eatme

    this is like one of the hottest pictures of a woman I have ever seen.

    • Sam

      you need to get out more

    • Drew

      Have to agree with Sam. I can’t help but laugh at people that think Olivia Munn is anything but mediocre. Is she sort of cute for a (so called) video game loving geeky girl? Sure why not. But in regards to being “beautiful” or any synonym you want to come up with, hardly. Her personality is complete shit, and she is one hell of a butterface. I also have an extreme disgust for freckles.

      • commonsense

        i like Morgan Web more. Olivia is a media whore and tries to make the most out of her popularity on that show. She’s a fucking bitch and i don’t like her.

      • juice box

        oh, wow!
        how can you NOT find her smokin hot?
        her personality is hilarious!
        and freckles are sexy!

    • Axe

      you’ve definitely never seen a woman before.

      • eatme

        lmfao all you pansy ass munn haters. women i understand, otherwise you are a pathetic excuse for man. do you seriously have so much a problem with outspoken attention whores that you deny their sex appeal simply because you are too boring to keep up? this chick would be mad crazy in bed and would rock your world. i guess that that’s what you are afraid of. go back to the meadow, sheep.

      • God

        I agree
        OK She IS hot, Yes She Is, ok She has an amazing body, amazing abs and awesome little boobs I would LOVE to do her, her face is really cute
        Her personality SUCKS, she is such a prep, like arrogant thinks is better than anyone else type of personality, it just sucks, and her humor sucks, is very sarcastic and odd, like uncomfortable silences and sarcastic remarks type of humor, She is not funny at all, any time they are doing a funny sketch I have to either Mute the tv or Fast forward, I cant stand her jokes,
        Also she has a realy whinny High pitch voice, kinda reminds me of Jackie Burkhart From That 70′s show, That high pitch annoying voice, That is Olivia Munn, so annoying to hear her, OMG
        She came to G4, came to attack of the show and ruined everything, she belongs on E ENTERTAINMENT Channel, Not G4 Morgan Webb is so much Hotter and cooler, I Love her, she is one of my favorite hosts
        Plus Alison Haislip Is really amazing too, She is so funny and beautiful,

        besides Layla Kayleigh is the hottest woman on Earth, why she got fired?
        totally the worst thing G4 could have done

  7. Compound9

    Amen to that Amen.
    Fuck I love being human.

  8. Whoa. It looks like she forgot her pants.

  9. rockin bod but the face does nothing. and that expression will take hours to get out my head :(

  10. Rutabaga

    This bitch is tired.

  11. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    If she would let me, I would definitely pee in her butt.

  12. Could someone explain magazines like “GQ” to me? why do they exist? what’s the point?

    Mens fashion? seriously? photos of women who aren’t naked? what?

  13. TigOleBitties

    Who are these people that think she is not that hot anymore? I’d let her rape me.

    • Johnny Cage

      I’d let her queef on my face.

    • Vito

      I hate to be critical…(no I don’t)…but you really ought to do something about your screen name. TigOleBitties is not particularly clever and it goes all the way back to the 40s, if not before.

      Try something like “TITS — Breakfast of Champions” or “FUCK ME — I’m So Gay I Shouldn’t Even Be Here.”

      Just a couple of suggestions…Now run off to school.

      • umm...

        coming from someone who’s named after a disgusting 400lb dick sucking homo from the sopranos…it doesn’t mean much…you should try COCK–I’ll have 2nds please or… actually your second choice fits you like a glove…douche bag

      • Johnny Cage

        I wanted to call myself Northland-Nutsack because I shave my scrotum every night.

      • Mohammed's Taint

        It was this or Mohammed – Just Gay, or Man-Boy Love Gay?

  14. anonymous

    meh she wasn’t that hot to begin with— that picture’s makes her look worse….

    • Liz

      Her face makes it look worst. Asian have the roundest heads, I should know :(.

    • Vito

      I must say, “umm…” is much more original and whimsical. But I’m wondering if maybe it should be capitalized. Well, maybe not.

      Just for the record, I didn’t/don’t watch the Sopranos so I’m not familiar with Vito “a disgusting 400lb dick sucking homo from the sopranos.” But I suspect his depravity didn’t dissuade you from being a fan.

      I’m actually named after myself and I’ve been around much longer than the Sopranos. Not that it really matters. I’ve actually been around longer than color tv and remote controls. The point being, I’m hetero. No gay Vitos in my neighborhood. Not that it matters.

      Now that I think of it, there was an old guy named Vito who owned the PIzzaria/Italian Deli down on 2nd Street. But I’m fairly certain he was straight. His 38DD daughter made the best damned meatball sandwiches, and if it was close to closing time she’d occasionally throw in an afterhours blowjob…

      I wonder whatever happened to her. Oh wait, I married her.

      So, where was I? Oh yeah. I remember: Go fuck yourself.

  15. Mandi

    *sigh* I just don’t know how I feel twords Ms. Munn anymore. I used to have a girl-crush on her, but I got a little burnt out on her a while back. No doubt she is a gorgeous lady, but I think I just enjoy her more on AOTS, that’s it… no sexy photo shoots, no lame camoes in movies. Just a good host of a good show.

    • scott

      Agree with Mandi. She’s definitely way over-exposed and over-hyped. I wouldn’t even miss her on AOTS anymore. Let her have her pie and eat it too. Enough Munn already.

    • Liz

      Oh really? Sad that she sold out? Is it that much of a surprise that she used a bunch of geeks to rise to fame? And you just found out that she isn’t so much as a geek after all when she’s on her knees with a movie producer. Yeah, when you’re in LA and you see a prefect 10 supermodel working at a Starbucks, the competition can be a little stiff. Oh please, come on men are smarter than that.

  16. Deacon Jones

    Looks like a good candidate for a throat fuck porn…

  17. Queef

    She’s ugly but I’d still rape it.

  18. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    I still think she’s hot and awesome. She’s much better than the standard bimbo out there.

  19. God I am so sick of this bitch.

  20. Marcus

    she did playboy but not naked, what was the point of that?

  21. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Mr. Charm
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like she hasn’t washed her vag in awhile and she just discovered how bad it smells.

  22. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Mr. Charm
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like she hasn’t washed her vag in awhile and she just discovered bad it smells

  23. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    At least it’s not Paris, have to look at positive side of things.

  24. Marcus

    Feel the heat from the bowels of hell releasing.

  25. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, I just wanna fu*k that asian that is above.

  26. Not just her fanny, even her perky little boobs are angry. 3 days ago she was pictured by beachgoers doing a tanning session at west coast beach all topless and with a thong thats barely visible. I guess she was just reminding us her boobs are way curvier than the wanna be slutt lindsay.

  27. Nico

    She’s getting that “not so fresh” feeling.

  28. future ex-boyfriend

    yea well my penis is “pissed” too maybe we should let them be in a abusive relationship together…ovlivia whadaya think?

  29. Liz

    So she’s still relevant? Any guy who thinks she’s hot needs to get laid. You can throw a rock and hit a chick that is more hotter than this cunt.

  30. Mama Pinkus

    her knees are as wide as her waist

  31. A single hot female

    Why can;’t she just look normal?

  32. Smaug

    i’d let her piss all over me

  33. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d lick her feet in a heartbeat.

  34. jumpin_j

    Hot anymore? Don’t remember when she was.

  35. Parker

    Maybe her vagina is angry because her ass gets all the attention. She’s an anal only girl if I ever saw one. I want to marry her.

  36. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    You people are just sounding stupid,trying to find something mean to say for this site.She is very pretty and also sexy.If you could get a date with her you would be out spending your hole paycheck to be with her.Crying to your mom how much you love her.

  37. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    shes hot. idk what a lot of you are talking about. you’d be lying if any of you said you had a better looking girlfriend. its always the ones that have nothing that are quick to judge. bottom line, olivia is HOT. if i met her, i’d give her a nice surprise……………sex.

  38. Would it have killed her to try smiling and/or looking sexy in some way in this pic? Yeesh!

  39. swollencolon

    I really question how much pussy any dude calling her ugly is getting. I mean you’re on the internet religiously commenting on blogs about famous people. If you’re stud enough to deny her, then why arent there pictures of you on this blog?Someone replied to a another person that they need to get out more if they think she is hot. Really?

  40. Objac

    She’s attractive, but mostly physically. I think it’s funny that she isn’t even on the show that got her “famous” anymore. I wonder how long until Alison Haislip is announced as her replacement?

  41. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    The few times, I have seen Ms Munn, face to face, she has acted like a total bitch to her fans, the people she claims to be open and available to as she would not be where she it today with out them…

  42. What a dumbass

    Hmmm… nothing special. Gamers are nerds, so it makes sense she’s the “gamer girl”, but nothing special…

  43. Balls McCoy

    Munn is the girl that talks a lot of shit but when it’s game time, she can’t back it up. Talking about her sex life, being a cock tease on camera, but when Playboy called, she suddenly found her “dignity”? Appearing clothed in Playboy really sunk her career, it would’ve been smarter not to have appeared in it at all.

  44. Ernesto Dyce

    Angry Vagina?!? More like Dyced out wrist. The Muse @ http://www.rollthedyce.com

  45. Axe

    NEXT !!!

  46. Jesus tits

    ^try it, it might help.

  47. Kiska

    She looks constipated.

  48. Lady Blah Blah

    Last time I saw a face like that its mouth was asking me if I wanted fries with my Big Mac.

  49. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:


  50. Olivia Munn in GQ
    Commented on this photo:

    What does she do?

    Or has affirmative action gone so far as to dictate and Asian chick I am supposed to get a boner for?

    I never got the memo.

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