Olivia Munn Has a Controversial Groin

January 12th, 2011 // 138 Comments

Marking possibly the first time Maxim has ever been accused of showing too much, the February 2011 cover featuring Olivia Munn is apparently under fire for featuring her in see-through panties that reveal an entirely airbrushed pubic region that might as well be Barbie’s crotch. Hide your kids! FOX411 reports:

“It’s disgusting,” Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business & Culture at the Media Research Center, tells FOX411.“Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography.”
With America now privy to Munn’s personal grooming habits, Gainor predicts that retailers will race to put the offending issue under the counter.
“Any store could have children coming in. If I were a parent, and I walked into a store and saw that cover, I would make a scene until the manager hid it,” Gainor said.

Yes, because causing a scene wouldn’t draw your child’s attention immediately to the cover. “Hey, why’s dad freaking out about this magazine? And why can’t I stop staring at this girl’s underwear while feeling like it has the answers to everything? I’m dropping out of school.”

Now look what you did.

Photos: Maxim, Splash News


  1. LittleSocrates

    You know, I find this cover many times less provocative than the Maxim covers with topless women that don’t really show anything.

    • I find Maxim itself less provocative than Popular Mechanics. I don’t understand why it exists. Pictures of almost naked chicks is…almost interesting.

      It’s really funny that the guy is bothered by the panties, but not at all concerned by the “Threesome Operator’s Manual” headline.

      • Ed

        You see less girl crotch here than at the Miley Cyris concert, but he’s not all up in arms about that either.

  2. G&T

    Porn? Really???
    I find her underwear choice rather conservative…

  3. boing

    its whats for dinner.

  4. JRS

    How is this full-on pornography? Does this Dan guy even have the internet?

  5. Meri


    • Blondie

      I agree with McFeely…the huge headline on top of her overly Photoshopped face is the Threesome’s Operating Manual. That should be more offensive then Olivia’s beauty. Plus anyone who has ever seen Olivia Munn knows this photo is photoshopped to death! Her jawline is famous & kinda gives her face the personality that makes her look diff than all the other chicks out right now & they’ve cropped her face so much! Who knows what else they did to her body.

  6. Olivia Munn Maxim
    Levi Coult
    Commented on this photo:

    Where is the un-airbrushed version?

  7. Olivia Munn Maxim
    Commented on this photo:

    Olivia Munn is fucking hot. Dan is a retard.

  8. ironkitten

    Nudity is not pornography, ya idiot.

  9. nads

    are you people blind? you can see her god damn vagina

    • I don’t think you know what a vagina is.

    • trousers

      please point me to this unobscured photo of her vagina, I would very much like to see it

    • Marley

      Type vagina into google and educate yourself. You can’t see shit.

    • Noneya

      Lets hope that your “lil swimmers” have poor motility so you don’t spread this ignorance…there is no vagina visible in that picture

      • xanax in my beer

        Especially since a “vagina” is the inside part of a woman. It would be quite something if a vagina was visible on the cover.

    • JA

      You see what? since when is hair or no hair nudity

      • Rachel

        As long as you’re pretending to know female anatomy, can you please get it right? The *uterus* is the womb.

      • xanax in my beer

        Rachel are you trying to correct me? The vagina is the inside part of the woman BEFORE you get to the uterus. The part you see from the outside is the vulva. Are you seriously telling me that you are a girl and you don’t know this? AND you are trying to correct me in a condescending manner? Please, go type “vagina” into wikipedia and learn something about your own sexual organs.

    • The Listener

      If I remember my biology correctly, the vagina is inside. It’s the womb. Unless you’re conducting an OBGYN exam, at most you could see a female’s labia from the outside, and in this photo that’s not even visible.

      Can someone tell if that’s just a shadow or actual pubic hair showing under the panties?

      • Drew

        Who the fuck trims the middle and leaves thick sideburns on their twat? It’s a shadow dipshit.

      • xanax in my beer

        Close but no cigar. The vagina is inside, for sure, but it’s not the womb. The womb (uterus) is where babies hang out. The vagina is the long tube heading towards the womb, where the penis does the hokey-pokey. The vulva (including labia) is what you see from the outside. Class dismissed.

      • Demacsspider

        you tell ‘em xanax. Honestly It’s really not that difficult, but really scary how misinformed it seems everyone is. Don’t confuse them by telling them that the labia actually has a majora and minora and also located down there is a separate urethra hole. They probably think the pee comes out of the hokey-pokey area

  10. nick

    wowww, i’d love to see her peach! haha

  11. Olivia Munn Maxim
    Commented on this photo:

    Is Dan gay? Has he never seen a woman naked?

  12. mm

    I think it’s funny she bitched about the Playboy thing, that she was coerced into posing nude, and yet she has no problem posing in lacy panties. I wish she would just admit enjoying being a sex figure, instead of playing the role of the wide-eyed innocent doe. Her body won’t look that tight forever, better to enjoy it now.

    And if this is the greatest fighter that dude Gainer has, he needs to seriously re-prioritize things to advocate for and against.

  13. Olivia Munn Maxim
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s just nice to see Olivia Munn doing what she does best, standing around and letting men stare at her. At least this photo shoot kept her from ruining another episode of The Daily Show. Olivia, thank you for not trying to be funny and just showing us your goodies instead.

  14. ?

    God this man is a pervert. How hard do you have to look at her crotch region to see that??

  15. Drew

    And her face still looks worse than my hairy ass.

  16. LJ

    At least she’s not saying that they had to airbrush because her lips were puffy due to the flu.

  17. Nate

    holy fuck. :P

  18. Rough moves the crowd in unison

    The only way ill be impress with this chick is, if she re-enforce the five senses like she did *I just broke up with my girlfriend Timberlake*

  19. ““It’s disgusting,” Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business & Culture at the Media Research Center, tells FOX411.“Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography.”

    If he considers this to be full on pornography, he’s going to shit the bed when he looks at the saved photos on his daughter’s cell phone.

    • Cock Dr

      Dan Gainor is a publicity seeking douchebag.
      So what if you can vaguely see her Photoshopped mons thru filmy panties?
      So what?!
      “Full blown pornography” indeed.
      I’d love to see Dan’s own computer history. But such types will always say that they were on that site watching an underaged Chinese girl have sex with a dog for research purposes. They do it for the children.

  20. Ksurfiws

    My Nose is a Bicycle Seat as far a Olivia Munn is concerned.

    • Atsushi

      Awesome pics & awesome tits !! Love Olivia Munn from hair to toe. Would love to seen her in even more darnig shoots like this & better. Thanks a lot for the awesome post. Plz continue the good work.

  21. Hash

    My Cock is a Bicycle Seat as far a Olivia Munn is concerned.

  22. xanax in my beer

    People have to be offended by something, otherwise nothing will be taboo anymore and that takes all the fun out of everything.
    P.S. Not that she is ugly or anything but I can never get over her weird small eyes.

    • xanax in my beer

      Oh wait i just read she was half chinese or some shit. I guess she’s entitled to it then. I thought she was just a white chick with weird eyes. Oops now I’m a racist!!!!!!

  23. JR

    I’ve seen more snatch in photos of Miley Cyrus concerts than on the cover of this mag. I really don’t think this conservative moron knows what porn actually is (hint: it’s not watching GI Joe dry hump your daughter’s Barbie dolls)

  24. It doesn’t matter. Stupid address label is gonna cover it all up….

  25. Kimia

    That lacy underwear is hot as hell. I want one. And she looks very sexy; I see nothing wrong with the picture.

  26. Deacon Jones

    I like how Walmart is all proud of itself that it banned Maxim in its stores, yet god forbid someone gives them shit for selling hollow-tipped bullets…..they conveniently pull the-
    “They’re trying to take our freedom!” card…

    • Superduper123

      Funny how that prudish conservative crowd talks about losing freedoms all while they ask stores to ban magazines with hot girls on them.

      Sorry asshats, freedom means I can see a copy of Maxim at Wal Mart while I buy my uzi. You dipwads can’t whine about freedoms while denying my right to look at beautiful half naked women.

  27. burton

    she has a nice body, even though its photoshopped to look so perfect…but her face leaves alot to be desired, she always looks drugged up or drowsy.

  28. I say we should get this Gainor character to put on a t-shirt and fold his arm in real tight, then look down at his elbow. At this point, we should all raise a fuss until he cuts off his arm.

  29. Deve

    met her once at a party – shes actually pretty awesome – however I had to hide my erection every time we spoke

  30. Beer Baron

    Mmm, I’m thinking Arby’s.

  31. Parker

    I don’t get the controversy over showing her snatch. Don’t all chicks do that now? I just want to stick my weiner in Olivia’s butt.

  32. One click of the mouse and any kid can find a cock being fingered and THIS cover is a problem?

  33. It’s just nice to see Olivia Munn doing what she does best, standing around and letting men stare at her. At least this photo shoot kept her from ruining another episode of The Daily Show. Olivia, thank you for not trying to be funny and just showing us your goodies instead.

  34. m

    maybe this guy should realize that taking his kid to the BEACH makes one privy to EVERYONE’s personal grooming habits since these panties cover more of her than ANY BIKINI SOLD NOWADAYS.

  35. $50 says if he checked his daughter’s cell phone, he’d learn what real porn is.

  36. Aj

    Okay first of all she’s not being penetrated, so it’s not pornographic. Second, if that dipshit were in a store with their kid(s) and they were freaked out by a girl in their underwear… I hope said kids turn into XXX superstars as a result of their ridiculous parentage and oppression.

    • there’s no pornography without penetration?

      • rgersge

        Better definition would be “no deliberate sex act is being performed”, cause pics of people masturbating, even alone, still count as porn. Auto-manual sex is still sex, just with oneself. Nudity and posing nude however are not sexual acts even if they are intended to be erotic. The nasty looking tribal people in National Geographic, which you can buy in grocery stores as well, with their tits drooping all the way to their knees and the men with their dicks bound in these weird wooden cone pieces of shit with their equally drooping balls showing are way more nekkidy nekkid than Olivia Munn, but because their pics represent their cultural attire, and her pics have a teasing aspect they’re somehow “full-blown porn”?

        This country just loves demonizing women, that’s all it is. This guy clearly never gets laid since he has no idea what porn even fucking IS in the first place, and just needs to exert that frustration elsewhere. He’ll probably be a rapist in like three more years. The Upper West Side Bed Intruder strikes again!

      • rgersge, don’t demonize the entire country because of what a single ultra-conservative jesus nutjob says. The vast majority of the country didn’t even NOTICE this Maxim cover.

        Also, could you do some more describing of National Geographic? I got some awesome wood off that last post.

    • JR

      “I hope said kids turn into XXX superstars as a result of their ridiculous parentage and oppression,”

      Maybe Laurence Fishburne freaked out over a quasi-salacious magazine when Montana was young?

  37. Kevin

    This country is far too uptight, if it had been a murdered body on the cover I’m sure that sales would go down for that issue but it wouldn’t be news worthy. What is pornographic about a woman in her underwear (or nude for that matter)? The only thing messed up here is the way these people think. The real problem on this planet is hate, not scantily clad women.

  38. Olivia Munn Maxim
    Alan Smithee
    Commented on this photo:

    She has no belly button, therefore is a clone. Alert the media; no wait, alert Twitter, the media is useless.

  39. AteIsEnough

    Hey, maybe they should just put mailing labels over it so that it’s totally covered… like they did to MY subscription copy!! Damn labels!!

  40. nisro

    Causing a scene in the store is far more damaging to the child than it seeing some naked flesh. Parents need to get the fuck over themselves. The world does not revolve around your spoiled little mistakes.

  41. Doof

    Haha Dan thinks that female pubic regions are disgusting.

  42. Olivia Munn Maxim
    Commented on this photo:

    Im more concerned about where her belly button is?!

  43. “It’s disgusting,” Dan Gainor, Vice President of NAMBLA, tells FOX411.

  44. RebelMinion

    No belly button.


  45. Maybe he found the lack of camel toe disgusting.

  46. Jeff

    The ‘shop is really bad on this one. It looks like both her tummy and her thighs have been unnaturally slimmed and the aforementioned labia have been shopped out so she looks like a barbie. I don’t understand why magazines and women like Munn think this stuff makes them look good. You can tell from the other pictures that she SHOCK! actually has hips and her waist/crotch look NOTHING like that cover image.

  47. Needs more photoshop on the face

  48. Eric

    I wish somebody would hire me to airbrush her snatch, and by airbrush I mean wet it with my tongue.

  49. me_damnit

    Translation: “When are all you non-Evangelical Christians going to realize that nudity does not exist except between a man and his wife, for the two minutes they spend while conceiving each of their 8 children?”

    • American Meatgoat

      Or between a man and another man in a public restroom. But it’s not gay, it’s just the temptation of Satan.

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