Olivia Munn Choking a Chicken

January 21st, 2011 // 85 Comments

To promote her new sitcom Perfect Couples, Olivia Munn stopped by AOL offices yesterday where she apparently consented to posing for the photo up top. Had I known her promotional appearances included just showing up places and firmly grasping random objects, I probably would’ve made more of an effort to defend her vagina from conservative watchdog groups. Or just lied and said my basement is a soundstage for Oprah. Which it is. Where do you think all the porn, LEGOs and malt liquor comes from? She literally can’t get enough of the stuff, and frankly, we’re concerned it’s affecting her work. I’ve said too much.

Photos: Ben Trivett, Getty, Splash News


  1. ick-abod

    yes please

  2. sweettitsmcgee

    What do you see in this girl? she’s sooooo boring to look at zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. JR

    You had me at LEGOs, Mr. Fish.

  4. It’s like looking into her future… what she’ll be reduced to doing to feed herself in a few years.

  5. Cher X

    What a terribly uninspired and boring photo op.

    • Silly Mama

      And that dress is hideous!

    • The Listener

      The photographer probably realized she’s cute enough to not need distracting pretty colors in the background to take away from her choking the chicken. LOL :) I’m not an expert in photography, but I believe sometimes it’s just best to keep a photo simple.

  6. I really do appreciate the funny photo…but this gal is meh.

  7. 1hguoreht

    Why is she sitting on a pile of azz…

  8. Sugar

    Her shorter hair is much more flattering. Her skin doesn’t look very good in that pic though.

    • Bucky Barnes

      Looks like an outtake from some photo session taken when most of the lights were off. As a result her skin look like that of your average mortal. Somebody probably tossed her the rubber chicken. Personally I think she was a good sport to play along.

  9. That Guy


  10. AteIsEnough

    This photo does nothing to help her sexy status, or my genitals. Bad choice Oli!!

  11. Rico

    Really tired of seeing her everywhere. I do find her attractive but she isn’t funny and she can’t act at all.

  12. Olivia Munn
    I'm on my Period.
    Commented on this photo:

    I dont see why everyone thinks this girl is so hot. Shes average at best.

  13. This isn’t one of her more flattering pics. You can see every blemmish, freckle and unflattering bloch on her body, but at least she didn’t fake it by photoshopping it…

  14. GravyLeg

    Can you imagine how many rubber chickens auditioned for that role?

  15. Shlongface

    Must be a personal taste thing. I’m borderline obsessed with her. The freckles, the mixed ethnicity, the sultry curves. God she’s hot. I would lick her pooper clean every day of my life to be with her.

  16. Lady Blah Blah

    TV movie: The Tyne Daly Story starring Olivia Munn.

  17. Sausage Nipples

    I think she’s pretty hot but I had the misfortune of watching some of the Perfect Couples episode that aired the other night. Shouldn’t last a full season.

    • iamhomosquirrel

      I had hopes for the show because it had The Waitress from It’s Always Sunny in Philly but the show sucks donkey balls. primarily because Munn can’t act for shit. Everytime she is on screen it makes my head hurt because she is so terrible. UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE.

  18. zeke

    does this dress make me look fat???

  19. They must have brushed out the Josten’s logo at the bottom of the picture.

  20. Drew

    yawn. Mediocre looks and a shit personality. /twirlfinger

  21. Hey! That’s MY chicken!

  22. Rev Rick White

    So over-rated. Not funny. If she wasn’t cute and skinny she would be working retail.

  23. Cardinal Fang

    Mediocre comments and shit taste in women most of ya’ Munn Haters. Go back to your minefield game.

  24. GrandDragon

    This should be the advertisement for the new sweet N sour chicken at Panda Express.

    Cause she’s part chinese, get it? ok i’m going to go set myself on fire now


  25. Mypiot

    Does Perfect Couples have anything to do with Perfect Strangers? If so, I am so in.

  26. good, she knows how to use her hands. that could come in.. handy

  27. Senior Pepe

    A sense of humor that rivals Sandra Bernhard, with the jawline of a Marine recruiter. Where do I sign up to break off a piece of that?

  28. josh

    Boring boring boring all over the place.

  29. Olivia Munn
    Commented on this photo:

    I would love to have sex with this girl. i just can’t place my finger on why.

  30. Spoiler alert: “choking a chicken” is a euphemism for male masturbation. The more ya’ know…

  31. She’s cute … attractive in some ways … unfortunately, she’s also pretty drab. She could light a fire under me, if I gave her matches and kindling.

  32. She only performs erotic asphyxiation on free range chickens.

  33. Colin

    When did she turn into Shannen Doherty?

  34. Olivia Munn
    Commented on this photo:

    She can choke my chicken any time…

  35. Can this useless twat please disappear back to obscurity? OIiva Munn is what you get when you give a chick who has moderate GOTIS television exposure…

  36. anonym

    she looks so fucking ordinary

  37. anonym

    olivia munndane

  38. Olivia Munn
    Commented on this photo:

    She comes with an instruction manual now.
    [ 1. wrap hands around neck]
    [ 2. squeeze]

  39. Kent Davis

    Hahahahaha, fail, I wouldn’t let her choke my chicken even if I was to drunk to stand

  40. GravyLeg

    That pic is just like I have always imagined her….. With a handful of pecker.

  41. Her eyes have the same life behind them as a dead fish.

  42. Olivia Munn
    Commented on this photo:

    Olivia Munn demonstrating how she rose through the ranks of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

  43. FancyPants

    That’s awful, who gave her a show. That picture is like one of those bad 30 rock scenes that’s too bad to be real.

  44. Ned

    She’s not gorgeous, but there’s something about her I find insanely sexy

  45. Ponkur

    Talentless attention-seeker, nobody is falling for her ‘girl-next-door’ act.

  46. Olivia Munn
    Commented on this photo:

    Definition of cock blocking

  47. JOE

    I stand by my previous comment. Do ya need anymore evidence?
    Would make an excellent “happy ending girl.” I’ll consider this an
    an interview, of sorts.

  48. Yes please

    you are all stupid if you wouldn’t want to do her. you guys are gay.

  49. Johnny Cage

    Ahhh yessss! Ohhhh, strangle that cock you bitch!

  50. Olivia Munn
    Commented on this photo:

    The “trying too hard” thing used to be kind of endearing, because I felt bad for her, but I can’t “feel bad” for her if she’s making an asston of money to take a job from someone who could actually act. She was pitiful but cute, then just boring, now she’s actually getting annoying.

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