Olivia Munn in a Bikini For Carl’s Jr.

April 28th, 2011 // 88 Comments

Olivia Munn appears in the newest commercial for Carl’s Jr. which apparently is The Ten Commandments of fast food advertisements, necessitating it’s own behind the scenes/making of video (after the jump). Granted, yes, Carl’s Jr. discovered there’s an amount of money that will get Olivia in a bikini to endorse fast food burgers, they were also able to afford that amount. Also, you know who else used to do Carl’s Jr. ads? Paris Hilton. I rest my case and now defer to the bikini photos for your clicking edification.

UPDATE: Wait. Wasn’t Olivia Munn a spokesperson for PETA? Thanks to gigi for pointing that out.

UPDATE: The first six photos are now in delicious hi-res goodness.

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  1. Jeremiah

    Good God. The things I would eat out of her ass.

  2. For all you guys who always say she is average and ugly. You are fucking crazy. I would eat it and I’m not talking about the damn burger.

    • Finger licking good!

    • Drew

      I wouldn’t say ugly, but if I’m going to ogle a celebrity I’ll never meet, it’s certainly not going to be her mediocre self.

      Fun fact: The only reason she gets any attention whatsoever, is because she’s a small glimmer of hope to the worlds geek/nerd/socially-inept-loser population that someone that isn’t overweight actually have similar geeky/nerdy/socially-inept-loser interests as them. Except most of those people are so blinded with her sheer mediocrity, they’ve convinced themselves she’s in their league. It’s cute.

  3. Apparently some fucktard thought that a skinny chick, jet ski’s and burgers go hand in hand. That’s like saying Flavor Flav and fried chicken go well together.

  4. Say What?

    I don’t get it.. she is the most mediocre chick I’ve ever seen. Not unattractive to the point where any guy would pass on her, but not somebody that people should fall all over themselves for.. you see about a million better looking chicks walking around L.A. or Miami.

    • Richard McBeef

      Yeah but all those chicks walking around LA or Miami won’t fake it like they are into video gamer nerd dudes.

    • Plobes

      are you blind? she is gorgeous
      and i also think she’s a great comedian.

      so she’s not some boobalicious blonde blow up doll

      olivia is one of the most beautiful women in hollywood these days BY FAR

    • krutboo

      you are not making sense. I’d argue with you but you are probably too busy sucking your boyfriend’s dick to respond

    • homesickabortion

      i disagree, im not saying she is attractive, but man, i work in a club in LA, and there definitely arent a million better looking chicks here

  5. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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    I’ve seen that incredulous smile so many times when The Big Carl is about to go into a woman’s mouth.

  6. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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  7. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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    wonder if those earrings are real

  8. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    Commented on this photo:

    When your face needs to be captioned for anyone to know who you are, you’re probably not as famous as you think, and not a very good choice for spokesperson.

  9. Chicks always look awkward on jetskis…like they just touched a penis for the first time and don’t know whether to ride it, or jump off.

  10. Carl


    I’d like to introduce you to Carl Jr.


    What the fuck kind of name is “Carl’s Jr?” Those two words (yes, ESPECIALLY with the ‘s) just don’t make sense together.

    Besides, it’s far too close to “Hot Carl.” And we all know what that is.

    • Ed G.

      Carl Karcher’s first restarurant was Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue. Then he opened up two more restaurants that were smaller. That’s why they were named Jr. I suppose it made more sense in 1956.

  12. kj

    Whatever, she’s (was?) on the daily show. I’d bone any girl on that show.

  13. Bob

    I think she’s misunderstood what ‘motorboating’ actually means!

  14. Lets just say I definitely have some water sports in mind for her.

  15. tits

    meh. she looks better than she usually does.

  16. SIN

    They alsso have Kareem Abdul_Jabar i the video as well. Carl Jr’s paid alot for this commercial

  17. Randal(l)

    She’s pretty damned hot. but the fact that she is so unfunny actually takes away from it. I know that doesn’t make sense at first, because normally all pretty girls are hilarious (and smart, interesting, and deeply profound) when you can see them, but she is just so damn unfunny that your brain makes her seem less hot so can rationally justify that she would say something so unfunny.

  18. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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    Carl should eat her burger instead.

  19. Turd Ferguson

    I totally would.

  20. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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    i thought she was a spokesperson for PETA…

  21. Rico Jones

    Isn’t this the same girl that just last year did a campaign for PETA? Now she is doing cheeseburger commercials?

    • the Dude

      What, so now she can’t pose her breasts for anyone else? Getting paid to pose her puppies for peta means she can no longer whore out her breasts for meat lovers 2 years down the road!? You have some &#$^ed up values, dude! I don’t want to live in your world.

      • Rico Jones

        Are you a fuckin retard or what? She posed for PETA an organization against eating animals of any kind. She even said her boots were not leather. The ones she wore to the PETA campaign launch. Now she is doing burger commercials. It is a blatant hypocrisy. Are you to dumb to see how funny this is?

      • uncle ruckus

        Actually this is good news. Took 45 minutes before someone busted her on that shit. Shows that no one gives a flying fornication about those dumb ass peta ads…or maybe it’s just her? Either way…

      • the Dude

        “Are you a fuckin retard or what? She posed for PETA an organization against eating animals of any kind. ”

        If you believe those peta campaigns, it’s you that is retarded. You actually thought her puppies consituted a vegetarian spokesperson!? LMAO. Now you’re upset, why, because your walls of stupid came crashing down around you? Or are you jsut one of those ape-shit stupid peta supporters that thinks they are doing good work for the world and making “real change” lol.

    • Jovy

      Rico, I wish more people would realize this. I hate this chick, she seems like an idiot and what you pointed out confirms my beliefs.

    • Ed

      Once the check clears it’s on to the next one.

  22. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d stick a straw in her and suck a fart out—she’s that banging. Girls stop throwing her shade…she’s gorgeous

  23. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    Commented on this photo:

    Man if I had a nickel for every time I ate a cheeseburger while jet skiing, oh, right…

  24. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    Mr. Racist
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    She supposed to be a Jap or what? I don’t get it.

  25. Aggie

    Ooooh, NOW I see why she’s on the Daily Show. Her comedic wit is really on display here.

    • Deacon Jones

      Duh. Everyone knows female comics are the best. Just look at….look at….Kathy Griffin….., uh, Margaret Cho. They’re fucking hilarious.

      • Ambika

        Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Sarah Silverman, Kristen Schaal, Samantha Bee-there are talented female comedians out there. Olivia Munn is just not one of them. She’s more of a….how do you say?….Talentless skank.

  26. right

    Take her out on that jet ski and bend her ass over.

  27. LJ

    I don’t care what you all say. That girl is welcome to wrap those legs around my head anytime.

  28. Plobes

    Olivia is a unique beauty. Not your standard cookie cutter blond bland girl. And her body is beyond fabulous.

    No I am not Randal in disguise

  29. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    Commented on this photo:

    Olivia Munn…Actress…Hot Model…Smiles like a five year old…

  30. Joe

    Munn has always and forever will be about Munn. Once you figure that out, it all makes sense. When she was on AOTS, she hacked up a side of beef with a sword and mutilated all sorts of carcasses. So then she gets on an NBC sitcom and suddenly wants to go all PETA on us with campaigns against circus animal treatment. No that PETA usefulness has waned and she’s on TDS and Couples, she can start earning cash with Carl’s Jr. Its the American dream!

  31. ThisisnotTigerWoods

    I’m PO’d they cancelled her new show. She was bangin’ on it.

  32. Ponkur

    Yeah she’s cute, but she’s still a dumb, talentless fame whore who gets by on her “nerdy chick” image, which is as shallow a shtick as that of the Hilton or Kardashian skanks.

  33. Keyser Ballsy

    She can wrap her lips around my meat anytime.

  34. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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    Eh, I’d eat her burger.

  35. See Alice

    Olivia tries so hard to be successful . It’s like success has a restraining order on her .

  36. Muffy the Lesbian

    Who in Hollywood does she have blackmail dirt on? She’s got no talent and she’s so blah in the looks dept. yet she keeps being forced down our throats. She’s ruining the Daily Show with her lack of comedic timing and stiff (reading off the prompter) delivery.

  37. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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    I’d eat something there, but it ain’t the burger.

  38. kareno

    maybe because i’m a girl. but carl’s jr. is so damn good i don’t need hot people telling me to eat it. i’m on the east coast for law school missing carl’s jr. back in california. someone ship me a famous star, plz! all they have are boring “Friendly’s” here and McDonald’s that are too spread out. halp.

  39. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
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    JESUS! now i want a sandwich…

  40. B

    The guys on here must not get out much (it is always the same group in every post). She isn’t hot or unique. Not at all.

  41. the captain

    I’m terribly sorry for all the americans.

  42. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    dick swells
    Commented on this photo:

    im sorry but ill have to bag it…

  43. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    dick swells
    Commented on this photo:

    and when i say bag it, i mean drop a sac over that face of hers… perhaps if i glue a cut out of a hot chics face i can get thru it…

  44. Brandon

    Advertising for Carl’s Jr. and PeTA? Hypocrisy?

  45. Jack King

    I hate that untalented teaser bitch! She ruined the terrific show Perfect Couples and even the Daily Show comes to a screeching halt every time she appears. And who in the HELL poses for Playboy but doesn’t get naked? SHE DID! She joked in a recent segment on DS that if not for her mom, she’d have ended up “on a pole.” Based on how her career is swiftly imploding, I’d say that is still a very strong possibility.

  46. Splorch

    You either love her or hate her.
    I LOVE Olivia. I hope she doesn’t get all serious, though. She’s hottest when she’s being goofy, like on G4.
    But I think she’s a complete babe, and I blast buckets of prostate gumbo when I see her hot body.

  47. Olivia Munn Bikini Carls Jr
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s very pretty, don’t get me wrong. But did she gain weight since she was on G4? I gotta wonder. She looked much trimmer in some of the tight outfits she would wear on AOTS…

    Also, the shorter hairdo isn’t doing it for me…

  48. Ed

    What an OVERRATED cunt! My asshole is better looking than her face!

  49. Empire Carpet Guy

    Ed, you must have a sweet asshole, ’cause she’s purty

  50. The Lord Almighty

    Sara Underwood (Playmate of the year 2007) did a better job than this no talent hack when she was filling in on AOTS…. yes that’s right… a blonde playboy bunny is a better comedian and has more acting ability than Munn. Oh and about 900x hotter too.

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