Oliver Stone & Mel Gibson Should Hang Out

July 27th, 2010 // 98 Comments

Oliver Stone stepped in shit over the weekend when he blurted out the infamous “The Jews control everything” line during an interview with the London’s Sunday Times. The director also backed up his favorite pet theory that poor “Hitler was a scapegoat.” Via The Huffington Post:

“Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein,” Stone said (via The Telegraph). “German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support…
“Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than [to] the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed].”
The reason few people know this, according to Stone?
“The Jewish domination of the media,” he said. “There’s a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy for years.”

Not wanting to join everyone’s favorite fiery fellatio demander in Hollywood Jail, Oliver Stone has since walked back his remarks:

“In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret. Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry. The fact that the Holocaust is still a very important, vivid and current matter today is, in fact, a great credit to the very hard work of a broad coalition of people committed to the remembrance of this atrocity – and it was an atrocity.”

Of course, it should be noted Oliver Stone was under direct pressure from the Anti-Defamation League which kind of proves his point doesn’t it? because they deserved an apology please don’t make me go back to Applebee’s. I’ll be good.

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  1. gogo

    no I don t wanna be first this time

    • gogo

      cuz I don’t wanna upset Linda again..she has a bad temper!!

    • Roughlikethejobmarket

      Where is loud mouth Doc swimdoodle. Shes old enough to remember all of this and shes supposedly “Russian”. Or is she too scared of the jews?

      • xxx

        However, “German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support…” THIS is the really troublesome fact.. discuss that!

  2. dude!

    socialist bastard-stone that is

  3. Belisario

    He’s right. This is common knowledge, just sayin…

    • Nordane

      One messed up dude. Stone’s father was Jewish and his mother a Roman Catholic of French birth, and he was raised an Episcopalian as a compromise. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Stone#cite_note-2. Better quote I guess would be (with apologies to Pogo), I’ve met the enemy and it is me. Or maybe its simply Freudian (Oedipus complex and all that). Who knows (and who cares).

      • Belisario

        Why is he messed up? Please read his first statement. Do you still have “Freedom of speech” in America ? When someone starts to criticize the Jewish establishment on whatever he/ she is directly blamed to be a anti-Semitic. Well here a jewish descendent is critizing them, so this usual denunciation practise won’t work.

      • Nordane

        Ok. Try again. In English. Nouns, verbs, subjects and predicates.

        Thank you.

    • There is some truth to what stumbled out of his mouth. I’m not trying to say that Jews control the media, or finance, because that shit is just not true and to say such is irresponsible and reeks of anti-semitism. But there are a number of wealthy Jews out there in positions of power. The guy also retracted his statement pretty damn quickly, so, doesn’t that say something as to the pressures to do so? And as far as US Foreign policy and Israel, don’t get me started. It’s a shitty situation for both groups–a situation of two displaced peoples really. But most of what’s shown is suicide bombing and acts of terror, not the bull dozers demolishing Palestinian homes in Gaza. Should you commit acts of terror because someone takes your home? Of course not. Would you be pissed as fuck? Well…yeah, especially when the western world turns a deaf ear. And for all those that wish to comment, please don’t unless you are seriously informed (or unless you just want to drop a nice joke to lighten this shit up).

      • Oh, and he is right about shear numbers of lives lost. Where he was wrong was to use the word “damage”. Yes, more Russians lives were lost, but the “damage” that the Holocaust did to the Jews was far deeper than something as quantitative as death toll.

      • eatme

        “Palestinian homes in Gaza. Should you commit acts of terror because someone takes your home? Of course not.”

        Sorry, here is where you loose me. If ANY group came illegally by all accounts and forced me from my home I would be the first to fight back. You seriously wouldn’t?
        …and what you call “terrorism” would be a TRUE act of war, whether officially declared by my government or not. Ain’t semantics a bitch?

      • mar

        yeah, 6 mil lives lost vs. 20 mil… geepers, we know who wins this contest dont we? because 6 million sure IS worse than 20 million. what a fucking retard. so what your saying is, those 14 million other russians that were killed, those human lives, are worth less than the jews that were killed? just trying to understand

  4. havoc

    Revisionist Hack.


    • mafme

      Whoa! What he said is factually true! The Soviets lost 30 million people in the war against Germany and the Germans were more than happy to kill Slavic civilians (Hitler thought that the Slavs were slightly less horrible than Jews and were essentially squatting on land that belonged to Germans).

      Also, as far as the horrors of the Death Camps– 11 million people were murdered there, that means 5 million non-Jews. The holocaust was a horrible thing that was done to Jewish people AND a LOT of other people, too. I don’t think that there is anything malicious in presenting the holocaust and german atrocities from a Jewish perspective; it’s up to other groups to be sure their stories are told, too.

  5. cristina

    ya, he is right. far more Russians were killed in those camps than Jews. Several of my family members, actually.

    • Franksinatrastein

      Nazi atrocities against all former Soviet countries, including Russia, are well documented – but also too forgotten for many people. Russian atrocities against Ukraine are largely ignored, even though they are every bit as horrible as what the Nazi’s did.

      There are key differences between these acts, the largest of which is: the camps were built specifically as part of the “Final Solution.” What was the problem that needed solving? Jews. Were the camps used for other groups? Absolutely, and terribly. Catholics, homosexuals, gypsies, etc. were all herded up and sent to Buchenwald, Dachau, Aushchwitz, etc.

      but the camps were built to exterminate Jews, primarily. That’s the biggest difference.

      Did Nazi’s round up Russians and torture and/or kill them en masse? Many times. The Nazi’s were animals,

      But they reserved their greatest hate for Jews. Period. Russians weren’t exterminated in the same systematic way that the Jews were. Most Russian, Ukranian, etc. deaths were from the war. Starvation, disease, direct casualties of bombing/shelling/etc.

      When Stone says that the Jews “control everything,” that’s when he tips his National Socialist apologies. I don’t know why Socialists hate Jews. I can’t figure it out, especially since Marx and many other key “thinkers” in the Socialist movement were Jewish by birth. But they are. Whether National Socialists or International Socialists, anti-semitism seems to be a large part of their repertoire.


      • eatme

        Anti-semite? Huh? He said:

        “The Jewish domination of the media”.

        And you mis-quote him and call him anti-semetic? For a bright person you fail the “common sense” test. Besides, he is half Jewish himself you ignorant twat.

      • Franksinatrastein

        Then why did he apologize, Genius? If it’s not anti-Semitic, what is there to apologize for?

        I mean, there is the SECOND half of the quote, where he says that the Jewish control of the media has led to an f-d up US policy in the Middle East. That’s obviously pro-Jew as well, wouldn’t you say?

        He apologized. Do you take the time to read, before you spew shit all over the internet?

      • Mike Walker

        He apologized for his clumsy wording which over-generalized the situation and somehat implied that there is some sort of central jewish organization that implements this “control” – that’s the old straw man used to discredit anyone who points out inordinate jewish representation in the media, for better or for worse.

    • eatme

      Ummm, well, prol not a good idea to offend the very lobby groups that can/will make things very hard for him if he doesn’t. I once apologized to my mom for sneaking cookies into my room but do you really think my apology was sincere? Was is “racist against moms”? Is that why I apologized? To be non-anti-Semetic one must be PRO-Israel? Is that how it works?

      He is ssaying that Jewish influence in the media (which is a fact) has led to a bias American population which is easily swayed by a pro-Israel US government. You seen many mainstream (ie. widely viewed) movies (his industry of which he is speaking) about the Holocaust (capital H as I want to not offend any Jewish lobby groups) which does not center on the impact on the Jewish population? Gee, I wonder why? Oh, am I racist against Jews now too? Or am I allowed to voice my opinion that is decidedly NOT PRO-Israel, NOR ANTI-Israel: simply objective.

    • HITLER

      There isn’t a single thing Stone says that isn’t true. It’s not anti-semitism. It’s merely a statement of fact.

      I LOVE KIDS!!!

  6. Carlos

    He is right, of course. Why is it when someone says something negative against a Jewish person, they are condemned? If that isn’t an example of Jewish-controlled media, then I don’t know what is.

    Mel Gibson is a kook. Oliver Stone is literate and well-practiced. Two different people.

    • Adam

      Seriously? Condemned? Hardly… They ask for an apology, just like anyone would…

      I am a jew by birth and by religion… and you can say anything you want about jews. I find it amusing. But when Holocaust deniers and sympathizers. Thats where I draw the line.

      When someone says something bad about Jews, Its news for a day… But god help someone who utters the word “nigger”…. Might as well drag him out back and shoot him.

      Bottom line. Who gives a damn…

      And FYI… Russians were actually engaged in a declared war against Nazi Germany, Thats what makes it different.

      • eatme

        “They ask for an apology”
        …more like drag you to court and/or blacklist you.

        “And FYI… Russians were actually engaged in a declared war against Nazi Germany, Thats what makes it different.”
        …Civilians don’t go to war, they get sent to war when the “government” declares war. Russian civilians did not go willingly and were shot if they “declined”. And we all know what happened to the Russian people after the war: more good times.

  7. stinky mcpoop

    The difference is:
    - Russia was a warring nation
    - Jewish folks are a religious sect

    It may sound like simple semantics, but when you kill people in a warring country it’s a casualty of war. When you go after a distinct religious sect with the intent of extermination, that’s genocide. There’s a big difference.

    Oliver Stone is a dangerous idiot.

  8. Just A Horny Dude
    Commented on this photo:

    The claim that “the Jews” control the media and industry and entertainment, etc., is one of the classic anti-Semitic tropes. So is belittling the Holocaust and the Nazi effort to wipe out worldwide Jewry. Stone is an effing anti-Semite. Anyone who sympathizes with him is a fucktard. Anyone who jokes about this is a fucktard. What is wrong with you people???

  9. just cos your paranoid doesnt mean theyre not out to get you..

  10. Tom Cruisin for a bruisin

    What he said is pretty accurate actually, but of course people love to shout THAT’S RACIST!

  11. Nordane

    Hey Carlos – You ask, “Why is it when someone says something negative against a Jewish person, they are condemned?” Because when someone says something negative about a Muslim person, they are killed. It is safer to bash Jews. That is why cowards do it.

  12. Viv

    I see my neighbor being picked up only to hear from him again in the news, he’s been killed execution style, I see bodies dumped all over the city, beheaded, mutilated, executed. I hear gunshots almost every night. My country is at war, for all the f**d up reasons people go to wars.

    I come here to sort of forget about that you guys get all worked up and engage in heated debate about the scars your wars have left you, I am sure that was not Fish’s purpose when he posted this note.

    This site is for being silly, have fun, joke around.We got enough of the other things in everyday life.

    Just saying

    • rÜger

      where the fuck do you live that you see this daily? and if its in the middle east, why arent you out there being a good human and executing as many shitstain muslims as you can? and if youre muslim, how did you find time to stop molesting boys, barnyard animals and dogs to find time to make a post?

  13. Must admit, a Jew

    Historically, Jews sort of started Holywood. Quite natural it still feels like a family business in a way, hardly a generation later.

    Jews in WW2 were citizens of European countries, stripped off whatever they own (quite a lot in many cases) and sent to death camps.

    As for the Anti-Defamation League, they sure are annoying at times. But as someone who’s father has a serial number tattooed on his arm and all of his family killed, i can understand why that generation tends to be less patient about things.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      I understand too. I’m not Jewish but grew up in the 50′s in a poor section of Manhattan with a lot of Jewish friends and neighbors. The memory of The Holocaust was ever-present in the atmosphere. I don’t agree with Foxman (ADL President) on a lot, but I feel that I understand him.

      Saw a great documentary recently via Netflix instant watch called Defamation, by an Israeli filmmaker. He interviews Foxman, etc. When it ended I sat there and cried for about an hour.

      • someguy

        Anti-Semitism has plagued the Jews since they exist. I wonder when the Jews will
        finally accept their little share of the responsibility…

      • Jen

        Maybe if they started behaving themselves they wouldn’t keep getting into trouble. Just a thought.

  14. LittleSocrates

    I still think the most dangerous thing Oliver Stone’s proposed recently is the prospect of a Wall Street 2 with SHIA LABEOUF. Urgh.

    But seriously, I wonder what leads him to believe they’re in charge of the media. Wasn’t he pretty much in control of the media for a little while in the early 80′s?

  15. The Observer

    I love how in today’s twisted society, you can say whatever ignorant crap you want about Christians wherever you want to say it, but when you step on a Jew’s toes, it makes you a bad person. Ironically, this ridiculously blatant double-standard lends support to the theory that Jews control the world.

    “Racism” is the same way.

    Black guy: “Cracker.”
    White guy: “Nigger.”
    Liberal idiot: “The white guy is racist! Destroy!”

  16. rusure...

    That’s Oliver Stone? He must be the opposite of Clark Kent. When he wears a red hat with an M, he’s Super Mario. When he doesn’t have a hat he’s Oliver Stone. Awesome disguise, dude.

  17. Viv

    I see my neighbor being picked up only to hear from him the next day on the news, he’s been killed execution style, the police is not called because who knows? maybe they’ll come for you for being a snitch. I see bodies being dumped on the street, beheaded, mutilated, executed. I hear gushot every night and sometimes during the day. My country is at war, for all the f**d up reasons people go to war.

    When you guys get this serious it’s hard not to think about what I came here to forget. This site is for being silly so have fun, joke around, we got enough of the other things in everyday life.

  18. Blurgles

    looks like he’s starting to drum up press so people will pay attention to him and that turd called Wall Street 2 he’s working on.

  19. oh uh

    Honestly, with his last name and appearance, I always assumed that he was a Jew (and that he was, in part, controlling the media).

  20. The Observer

    …this is considered bad while Hollywood types say whatever ignorant and defamatory crap about Christianity whenever and wherever they want to say it.

    It’s no different than “racism” really. The white guy says something that offends any non-white and he’s racist. The non-white guy offends whites and he’s a hero.

    lol @ 21st century madness

    • Admiral Buttcrack

      You mean like how the Evangelical fanatics who believe Jesus rode on dinosaurs are trying to say that Obama is an African Muslim terrorist/ the Antichrist?

      • Walker

        that would be Indonesian muslim terrorist, dumb ass (or like someone else said here…shitstain muslim) ..and Evangelicals arent the only ones that think that. Most of the rest of us do as well, minus the anti-christ part.

  21. Eric

    Oliver Stone is an anti-American douchebag.

    • eatme

      Oliver Stone has made some of the THE best, most patriotic movies of all time.

      • Admiral Buttcrack


      • Walker

        name one that didnt have a hidden agenda or far left doctrine

      • eatme

        Any Given Sunday, World Trade Center.
        Good point though, although I’m sure that even he wouldn’t argue that he is a lefty. The point is not that we can’t have agendas, it’s just a matter of whether we should be allowed to point it out or not without being blacklisted. Besides, his “leftist” movies are more about humanity rather than pursuing leftist international relations. Case in point: is “Born on the 4th…” about a patriot or a subversive? The answer: that’s the whole point of the movie really, to raise those kinds of questions that don’t have simple answers.

  22. Rose

    OLIVER STONE IS JEWISH!!! His mother is of Japanese descent and his father is Jewish. He’s a compassionate man, as one can tell from all the movies he made. I think his motive is to educate people. I love the Jewish race by the way. They do dominate the media but it’s because they are smart.

  23. favor

    Jews calling themselves the “chosen people” is very dangerous and should be addressed. Go to Israel and you will see how racist Jews are. The media has to be run by Jews for not showing these atrocities on television.
    And I still don’t understand where Israel came from? can someone answer that for me?

  24. Jen

    So he stated the obvious. The writer for this site really is a greasy little shabbos goy.

  25. John

    you don’t have to be an “anti semite” to realize jews own the media. its clear as day.

  26. TJ

    There was only Dr. Frankenstein and the monster. Read the book Stone.

    • eatme

      ummm, I think most people affectionately refer to the monster as “Frankenstein”. Thx for being so very pedantic.

  27. Brad Hallston


  28. JPRichardson

    It is easy to make a case of Jews having control (specially in the entertainment industry) after WWII: Aaron Spelling, Adam Brody, Adam Goldberg, Adam Goldstein, Adam Sandler, Adrien Brody, Alan Greenspan, Alicia Silverstone, Amy Winehouse, Ann Landers, Anne Bancroft, Art Garfunkel, Arthur Miller, Artie Shaw, Ashley tisdale, Barbara Wlaters, barbara Streisand, Barry Manilow, Ben Stiller, Bernard Henri-Levy, Bette Midler, Bill Kristol, Billy Cristal, Billy Joel, Billy Wilder, Brian Epstein, Brooke Burke, Calvin Klein, the Marx Brothers, Cindy Margolis, Corey feldman, Cynthia Nixon, Danielle Staub, Danny Kae, David Arquette, David Blaine, David Copperfield, david Horowitz, David Lee Roth, David Schwimmer, Debra Messing, Demi Moore, Diane von Furstenberg , Donna Karan, Dustin Hoffman, Eddie Fisher, Edward G. Robinson, Elizabeth Banks, the Coen Brothers, Evan Rachel Wood, Gene Zimmons… OK, you get the point and I stopped only in letter “E”, with how many jews still going before Kissinger, Trump, Spielberg, Springer, Zuckeberg, Goldblum, Seinfeld, Silverman, Jacobs, Broderick, Brooks, Douglas, Diamond, Sedaka, Tarantino, Wolfowitz, Lauren, Miller, Dreyfuss, Downey, Shapiro, Murdoch, Kubrick, Allen and, yes, Zac Efron. Pretty good for only representing less than 3% of the total US population and less than 1% of the global population…

    • Eric

      The same can be said for Canadian-born entertainers: Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox, Seth Rogan, Peter Jennings, Neil Young, Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, Dan Aykroyd, WIll Arnett, Tommy Chong, Elisha Cuthbert, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Paul Anka, the entire cast of Kids in the Hall, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Gosling, Tom Green, Alex Trebek, Céline Dion, Natasha Henstridge, Monty Hall, Joshua Jackson, Nelly Furtado, Eugene Levy, Howie Mandel, Sandra Oh, Catherine, O’Hara, Barry Pepper, William Shatner, Donald & Kiefer Sutherland, and, yes, Justin Bieber. Pretty good for only representing just over 0.5% of the total US population and just under 0.5% of the global population…

      You’re an idiot.

      • eatme

        heh, this is pretty funny. but the difference, of course, is that Canadians don’t take you to court and/or blacklist you any time you say something bad about Canada/Canadians and they don’t constantly influence Hollywood to make sympathetic Canadian content movies like “Billy Beaver and the electric snowshoes” or “5440 or fight was unjust” or “Please buy our maple syrup”.

      • Carolyn

        You’re saying all these people are Jewish? I don’t think so.

    • favor

      maybe they don’t let anyone in

  29. Eric

    Stalin killed over 20 million Russians during the Holocaust. America just didn’t give a crap because as long as the genocide was within his country’s own borders (as Hitler’s was before he invaded Poland), the Western world didn’t see it as a threat. By the numbers, Stalin may have been worse than Hitler, but by way of shear evil, Stalin killed to control Russia, whereas Hitler killed to control the world by way of eradicating anyone that reminded him of his own perceived inadequacies (he was 1/4 Jewish, not blonde, not blue-eyed, not tall, etc.)

  30. Roughlikethejobmarket

    I want to work in this town again, there wont be any comment from me.

  31. Now confirmed pussy.. Apoligize for telling the truth… WTF!

  32. Kerouwhack

    Looks like Dr. Mengele from the movie “The Boys from Brazil”

  33. josh

    he is a fool.. he is mad over the eye brows and hair color somebody fucked him up !!! old ass……….

  34. “heh, this is pretty funny. but the difference, of course, is that Canadians don’t take you to court and/or blacklist you any time you say something bad about Canada/Canadians and they don’t constantly influence Hollywood to make sympathetic Canadian content movies…”

    Ha ha fucking *HA*. =D Native Americans don´t tend to whine if people bad mouth them, either. Do you know why? Because 95% of them were exterminated from what would later become the U.$.A. by means of plague and outright genocide. Someone whine to me about the Holocaust (I´ll capitalize that word because that´s what society expects me to do) and accuse me of being an ´anti-semite´ now.

    I´m waiting.

  35. The real history

    You’re an idiot. Oh, and a semite.

  36. captain america

    this is a one hundred percent COCK SUCKER.

  37. Adam

    I am probably the only one here who has been to Berlin, Poland, Israel, Moscow, Latvia, Belarus, Palestine, Lebanon and every other place you people have hit upon. I also know that I’ve seen the things you take a cavalier attituded about and regurgitate what you have read in the New York times….

    98% of you are full of shit and know nothing….

    The other 2%…. Good on ya!

  38. NoMoreIsrael

    Ben “Bernanke”
    Timothy “Geitner”
    Alan “Greenspan”

    Need I go on? If this isn’t a Jewish financially controlled nation, I don’t know WHAT is!

  39. Mugato1

    That’s really not the kind of shit you say if you want to continue working in Hollywood.

  40. amy

    This is the vibe I’m getting here: “You’re free to insult any race, any religion, or any country… But say one word of criticism against the jews or the holocaust and your screwed. Thanks, bye! And enjoy your right to freedom of speech! :)”

    bleh, i hate hypocrisy.

    ANYways, who wants to hear a sexist joke?? :D

  41. NoMoreIsrael

    I heard that throughout history, Jews were persecuted because they were the nicest, coolest, financially giving race of all time.

    i mean surely, no one could hate the jews just out of thin air and for no reason at all? It’s everyone else’s fault!


    Ari FinkelGoldRosenBlaumStein

    You see, I, unlike others, have researched the “persecution” of Jews. I think they did deserve their atrocities, as many other groups did in the past as well. Jews are arrogant, self centered, and they created the credit system. Jews are notorious at back stabbing people and cutting deals that no one can pay back. All jews? NO of course not. Just all the pricks in Israel and Jew York!

  42. Lech Bajan

    Mel Gibson has to make a new film about Polish King Sobieski
    Jan III Sobieski (1629 – 1696)
    Jan Sobieski was an excellent king for the period during which he was elected. His father wanted to educate both his sons well and first sent them to study at the University of Cracow, in the Faculty of Philosophy. Later, he sent both of them abroad, where they could complete their education. Subsequently, the future king had the opportunity to learn the art of war on all the fronts where Polish armies fought. He took part in the Battle of Beresteczko in 1651 (in the Ukrainian rebellion led by Hetman Bohdan Chmielnicki), during the Polish-Swedish war (1655-1660) and in the Battle of Warsaw, where he commanded Tartar units fighting on the Polish side against the Swedes. Next he fought against the Transylvanians, Russians, Cossacks and Tartars, as well as against rebels who, led by Prince Lubomirski, rose against King Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki in 1666. His special success was the defeat of the Turkish army at Chocim in 1673. It was this victory that helped to get him elected king of Poland a year later.

    The experience he gained on the battlefields came to fruition in an event which was significant not only for the history of Poland. By the late 17th century the Turks were attempting to penetrate deeper and deeper into the heart of Europe, threatening Vienna. Realising that should Vienna fall, Poland would find herself in a very difficult position, in 1683 Sobieski set off to relieve the besieged city. On 12 September 1683 Polish hussars (heavy cavalry with characteristic plumage on their backs) under Sobieski’s command gained a victory, thus definitively stopping the Turks in one of the greatest and most significant battles in Europe at the time. Nowadays that march to Vienna is referred to as the Relief of Vienna. Sobieski wrote numerous letters to his French wife, Queen Marie Casimire d’Arquien (‘Marysieńka’), describing the battle which decided the fate of Europe. His letters make up a fascinating chapter in Old Polish epistolography.

    Sobieski’s great love for his wife also had political consequences, as it tied him to the French court. Thanks to that, he understood the need for domestic reform and a change in Poland’s foreign policy. Thus he wanted to strengthen Poland’s position on the Baltic coast by taking East Prussia, and to retrieve Polish Silesia from the Habsburgs. In his home policy, by trying to make Poland a hereditary monarchy and to abolish the principle of liberum veto (viz. statutes were passed in parliament only by a unanimous vote), he attempted to enhance royal prerogative, which had become too dependent on the magnates. However, these reforms were not implemented due to the opposition by part of the noble estate, which had become too accustomed to the enjoyment of significant privileges.

    Sobieski was not only a great military leader, but also an excellent politician. He died on 18 June 1696, leaving a memory of the great glory of Polish military prowess.

  43. Chris Jennings

    “Jesus says: Unless you are like a small child there is no hope
    for you. Again he says: Unless you become like small children you cannot
    enter into my kingdom of God. Again and again he repeats one of
    his most famous beatitudes: Blessed are those w h o are the last in this
    world, because they will be the first in my kingdom of God. He is teaching non-ambitiousness—to be the last. He says: Blessed are the meek, for
    theirs is the kingdom of God—the meek, the humble, the people who
    are standing last in the queue. It was natural, very natural, that the society
    he was born in was against him, because he was destroying the very roots
    of their ambitiousness.

    And Jews have been very ambitious people, so much so that for centuries,
    against all hazards, they have carried the idea in their minds that
    they are the chosen people of God. A thousand and one calamities have
    happened because of this stupid idea; if they can drop it they will be
    more accepted in the world. But they cannot drop it—their whole ego is
    involved in it. And it is an ancient ego, at least three thousand years old.

    Since Moses they have been carrying the idea that they are the chosen
    people of God. And here comes this man who says, “Be the last!” We are
    meant to be the first, and he says, “Be humble and meek!” And we are the
    chosen people! If we are humble and meek then those who are not chosen
    will become the first! And Jews are earthly people; they don’t bother
    much about the other world. They are worldly: ” Who knows about the
    other world? He is saying, ‘If you are the last here you will be the first in
    my kingdom of God.’ But where is your kingdom of God? It may be just
    a fiction, just a dream.”

    Jesus looks like a dreamer, a poet maybe. But he is destroying their
    very foundation. They cannot forgive him; they have not even forgiven
    him yet. They still carry the idea that “we are the chosen people.” They
    have suffered much for it; the more they have suffered the stronger the
    idea has become—because if you have to face suffering, you have to become
    more and more egoistic, more rock-like, so that you can fight, struggle,
    so that nobody can destroy you. But they have also become very

    Jesus was creating an opening for them; they refused him. He was
    telling them to come into the open sky. He was telling them to be just
    ordinary: “Drop this nonsense of being special.” If they had listened to
    Jesus their whole history would have been different, but they could not
    listen.” – The Indian Mystic Osho.

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