Oksana is Probably Extorting Mel Gibson

August 4th, 2010 // 64 Comments

Oksana Grigorieva‘s former lawyer is reportedly meeting with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to discuss the mediation agreement she had with Mel Gibson. Legally, he can’t discuss any conversations he had with her but apparently it’s okay to detail what took place during the mediation like, oh I dunno, all the shit she conveniently left out. TMZ reports:

Our law enforcement sources say investigators are particularly interested in what Oksana is reportedly claiming now, but failed to claim during the mediation, notably:
- During the mediation she never expressed any concern that Mel was a threat to baby Lucia
- During the mediation she never said that Mel threatened to kill her, Alexander, Lucia, and himself
- During the mediation she never made any mention nor produced any photo of a black eye
We’re also told investigators are interested in any information related to the 2 text messages Oksana sent Mel during the mediation — saying she taped his phone calls because he was not taking care of her. Mel’s people claim they have hard proof Oksana left a trail of evidence showing she was holding the tapes over Mel’s head for a price.

At this point, I should probably make it clear, again, this does not prove Oksana used Satanic magic to make Mel Gibson hit her and demand blowjobs while flinging racial slurs on tape. For the last time, these two are both fucked up. Him for being a ticking time bomb that can only be defused with oral sex, and her for seeing dollar signs/shoes instead of immediately turning him in and protecting her infant daughter. Now, I know the easy route here is to say the Illuminati wants to prevent the release of The Passion of the Christ 2, but trust me, every Jew in Hollywood would shit themselves to make that bitch in 3-D. “Let me get this straight: The Jews are all vampires who look like Gollum while Jesus, played by Robert Pattinson, teams up with a dashing, swashbuckling Hitler, Hugh Jackman, but you’re still going to aggressively market it to the Christian market because they’re gullible cash cows? — Who do I write the check out to?”

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  1. Que

    Que typical.

  2. its me fuckers

    omg, you’ve gotta be shitting me! She wouldn’t do something like that! Money isn’t the issue here! Why would she want his money? Isn’t she a self-reliant woman? I mean it is 2010! Women have evolved into better beings then this. That’s like Mel was only joking with her when he said those things to her, he must have been practicing for a new script. No one would ever talk to another human being like that. Sheesh!

    • its me fuckers

      Que sarcasm.

    • Aussie Mama

      It’s me fuckers;
      hahahahahahahaha, why do i love that name so much?
      dunno, but it makes me laugh, anything that makes you laugh, is cool!

    • me

      I really hope you’re being sarcastic, and I will tell you why…

      I am a woman… And I KNOW we are NOT better than that. I mean, I think most of us try to be, but we are VINDICTIVE AS HELL! As for Mel… well Hollywood drives them all crazy eventually. I mean, he’s been a super star for them for how long now? Really… C’mon with this “it’s 2010, so it’s not true” BS. You know as well as I do that humanity is about as evolved as it’s ever gonna get. I mean, people think it’s creepy when you do nice things for them. No one is happy unless they’re able to sue someone for taking too long in the McDonald’s drive thru.

  3. Deacon Jones

    “a ticking time bomb that can only be defused with oral sex”

    C’mon, doesnt this describe *every* guy? Why do you think the Arabs in the middle east are always pissed off? They never drink, smoke, or get pussy.

    • human

      No idiot, they are pissed off because we are killing them.

      • Deacon Jones

        Oh. So how bout when they kill each other?

      • mar

        boo-hoo human. go do some door to door for support of that fucking mosque shit next to the towers. piece of shit.

      • kafr

        god damn right…and unfortunately, were not doing it fast enough, in quantities large enough and brutally enough. Maybe if we didnt have a “president” that was one, we could be doing a better job of eradicating them.

    • Hah

      Then they just say it’s us killing them

    • Aussie Mama

      they get plenty of pussy!
      the human trafficked type, bound and gagged, that can’t fight back.
      cos really, who’d do them any other fucking way?
      no one wants to see dick cheese, let alone play with it.

  4. Oksana

    All you bad men, you go home now!

    I not blackmail Mel, I just fuck his brains out and make baby to trap him.

    Wny that so bad?

    In Siberia, I have nothing. Here is land of opportunity. I am American dream.

    • Randal(l)

      In America you have American Dream, In Russia, Dream has you

      Yakov….er… um Randal(l)

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Have you ever been to Siberia, tool? It’s the land full of oil. You wouldn’t afford to stay at a hotel there, poor American slob. Typical Fox news arrogance propaganda.” Ameerican is the best!!! Yahoooo!!!” Now let me make my last credit card debt payment and shop on foodstams. YEEE HEEE!

      • Internet Inventor

        hey drunk, vodka swilling, ruskie internet k9 whore (yea you Doc Schweinstrudel)…shut the fuck up.

        Youre so stupid that you just did the same thing youre insinuating “Oksana” above did (stereotyping) by throwing “American Slob, Fox News, credit card debt & foodstams” in the mix, you commie.

        Face it , the real oksana is a piece of shit, uneducated, mattress backed drunken whore. Quit trying to defend her because she was your cubicle buddy for the internet K9 fucking sex video making company you work for now.

        Oh, and move the dogs balls for Christs sake.

    • Aussie Mama

      mwwwhahahahahahahahahahahaha, gold!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Internet inventor? Really? You personally? HA HA HA! How modest!
        She does have higher (University) education. Let alone that she composes music.

  5. Urbanspaceman

    It’s been clearly established what sort of woman she is. Everything else is just haggling over the price.

  6. Cock Dr

    If you’ll let me tinker with the casting of that screenplay I’d be first in line to see that movie.
    Hugh Jackman as Hitler; hell yeah, I can get behind that. Make sure he has a least one song & dance number to bring in the gays.
    But that smash faced Pattinson UK pussy as the big J? That’s pretty twisted.

    How many days in a row will there be Mad Mel postings? What are we on now…day 20?

  7. dude

    bitch is ugly.

    • Ugly! What was Mel thinking surley he could afford a hot bitch.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Dipshits, post your pics. Let me see what you look like. I bet you aren’t leaving burgerland fat asses!

      • Aussie Mama

        jeeeeezus woman! what is it with you and your fat obsession?
        who the hell talks like that, spewing shit 24/7?
        fat, ugly, dumb….are you 12 years old?
        just when i think you show some sign of actual intelligence, you go back to that other alter of yours and shit all over yourself again.
        grow up, stop takin everything so personally.
        weird, really fucking weird!

  8. JRS22

    Deport her already.

  9. Internet

    Fuck you, Pesce.
    Banned me again.

  10. Oksana Grigorieva
    Commented on this photo:


  11. Rick

    Nice banner pic. Are they casting another zombie movie?

  12. eatme

    Seriously, she looks like the walking dead. Her lips look sewn on. Looks like she’s from a Batman movie.

  13. LJ

    I still miss the new girl.

  14. Sobrietyisacrutch

    I thought the runners-up were each going to get a week on the banner? Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for only a couple of weeks.
    Although I’m sure you were privvy to a lot of nude pics you didn’t share with us.

  15. Lisa

    The proof that this is extortion is that Oksana did not call police, but instead she hired Steve Jaffe, a professional character assassin who engages in public smear campaigns for a living, and handed him the tapes to get them publicized.

    Steve Jaffe’s own website advertises his “expertise” in “media attacks on the reputation of individuals”. THAT’S who Oksana contacted first, not the police. THAT’s who she gave the tapes to first, not the police. Do the math.

    Oh yeah, and if the police look deeper they’ll find Steve Jaffe has been involved in extortion plots before, and used smear campaigns involving “domestic violence” to extort money.

    • Aussie Mama

      thanks lisa, nice to see you are awake and can see past the obvious lies.

    • Jon

      agreed, i dont care what anyone says mel gibson is awesome, everyone is so quick to judge when someone says something about blacks or jews or anything, whites curse blacks, blacks curse whites, jews curse christians christians curse jews,its not going to stop anytime soon

      • Aussie Mama

        thank you, so many hypocrites, but fact is in the real world, people swear, say all sorts of shit, people go apeshit everyday over child custody issues too.
        mel’s great. anyone that speaks from the heart and refuses societies politically correct sensors, is cool by me.
        fuck the lot, say it how it is, no matter what.
        he has every right to call her a using, fake titted, whore and liar. she probably is. the way she has handled this shit with the daily leaks with none other than a well known character assassin, instead of going to court and the cops, shows, she is out for cheap publicity and she is most certainly not thinking about the child, or future civil and healthy family relationships. she is scum, women like this should be seen for what they are. money grubbing skanks!
        yuk, that stinky, vag has been thrashed by anyone and everyone that matters or has a decent dollar amount to their name. common commie hooker.

  16. captain america


  17. Aussie Mama

    watch out captain america,
    doc will call you a jealous, ugly, poor, fatty, fuck for saying that.
    because according to her, oksana is the dream woman.
    nice to see not everymna out there wants, the collgen lipped, botoxed, thin, pale, pvc boobed, blow up plastic pool toy as a woman….nice!

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Shut up, Meg! Or post your own fucking picture, cunt.
      By the way Oksana has a huge fucking *mouth* I doubt her lips are collagen.

      • Aussie Mama

        wait a minute….i know russians are known to be piss heads….but are they all so agressive and hateful like you too?
        cos if they are….mel didn’t smack her out enuf!

    • Aussie Mama

      angry women like you, could give the best head, if you were gummy, no teeth.
      that sort of agression, should be taken out on a hard knob luv. stop wasting your talents, on dirty talk. anyone can do that.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Oh Yeah? Fuck you, ass kisser and fuck your hero Mel. Finally it became obvious you aren’t a woman just some guy with vicar orientation pretending to be woman.
        I started to already be worried that a woman can be like that, zero sympathy to other woman, violence enabler. Now I know it’s because you are part of this…cavemen mentality “manhood” thing. HA HA. I’d talk back to Mel any time any day -just wearing a helmet so that he a. won’t put his old rotten dick in me. b. punch me in the face like Oksanky

      • Thank U ladies…how I love a bitchfight first thing in the morning. From a comfortable distance of course.
        Fish, keep those Mad Mel posts coming.

      • Aussie Mama

        you cannot be an enabler, when there has been no abuse ok stoooopid!
        he hasn’t done a thing, nothing has been proven. there is a lot of talk about dodgey, tampered with evidence, nothing more.
        she will lose, she will be proven to be a liar and a money grubbing extortionist and you will have to admit you were wrong all along.
        i think when she is proven WRONG, he should be allowed to beat the fuckin shit out of her in time square, live on national television!
        for wasting his time, for all the false accusations, defamation and for stress.
        there’d be a line up to hold that bitch down!
        but we don’t live in a fair world, so that won’t happen.
        and you are wrong yet again dicksack.
        i am a woman, the best kind, a feminine, nice smelling, tight assed, soft olive skinned, blonde, hair always gorgeous, makeup done 1st thing in the morning, never caked on, there to enhance, i trim, i shave, i maintain, i love being a chic, i love sucking my mans cock too.
        i reckon you wouldn’t be such an angry bitch, if you got fucked properly on occasssion, you are sexually deprived and frustrated clearly luv. as hard as you try, your own finger is just not the same!
        i love men, not the confused pussies that women like you want men to be these days……be strong, be my lover ,partner, best friend, lie to me and tell me i look fab in size 20 jeans, with my massive obese froglike neck, because even though nature made you turned on by what you see, you can see past the ugly and find the beauty in me regardless, do half the housework, cry with me, cook, be in touch with your feminine side, hell wax and shave all that manly hair too. because i am a feminist, i don’t know what the fuck i want, all i know is i want totally opposite of what you do or say at any given time. i’m really not insane, it’s just i am empowered, i am a woman who has the right to change her perogative, like a psychotic frothing hayeena anytime, anywhere, so watch out. and as a girl power woman i am totally exempt from having to control my behaviour, manners, emotions and gluttonous cravings, because i can have pmt for 10 days a month, so i’m really not an asshole, i’m just bleeding for jesus and have a name for a condition which i will use fas an excuse from puberty to menopause.
        gimme a hunky, hairy mans man anyday, that mows the lawn, works, loves what i cook, goes down on me like a fucking demon, slaps my ass when he comes home, winks at me when he’s had a drink or too, bailing me up in bed as soon as we get home, great father, champion burper, makes sure my car is up to scratch, respectful, opinionated, aware and beautiful, because of all the above and more!
        i have that and i fucking love it!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Aussie Mama, I’m 100% sure you are an American man. Only a man can be so vile, shallow and STUPID.

  18. August Teen

    I have no idea what’s true here and don’t care, but anything that happens in mediation is confidential and can’t be used against anyone.

  19. Deacon Jones


    Is this why you guys, for the most part, sell women like cattle over there, because they do THIS can of shit when they’re given rights?

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      No, it’s because nobody would pay to see your sister or mom naked- a Russian chick, yeah.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        But yeah, from my perspective American women DO tolerate a lot from many American men. Look at Mel’s example, he is a fucking caveman! Even a muslim man won’t do “normal” things like that to mother of his children!
        Just goes to show you can’t fuck with Russians, too smart. Although when I see more and more yourng American women in Europe and even here in Moscow luring Russian men – now I see they finally getting it. ONLY you yanks can go as far as badmouthing your own women in front of other women talking shit about them with NO CLUE whatsoever what it says about you, I mean what a foreign woman thinks about you when you whine and badmouth your own women (to me AW are perfectly fine). Ask yourself when you last time gave a woman diamonds for her birthday or shown up on date with heap of roses? Russian guys do it quiet often. Pay for shopping etc -no questions asked.
        Go travel some and learn. Oh wait, you are bankrupt and own shitloads money to Chineese….Nevermind!

      • Aussie Mama

        yes acid attacks, honour killings, public stonings and a life behind a fucking veil, covering everything apart from hands and shoes, is a much nicer way of life.
        you are such a stoooopid woman!

      • Aussie Mama

        fuck me.
        90% of the population is poorer and more miserable than any other nation on earth. i have told you before fool, the no hope, greyness, the poor russians are subjected to, makes brazil, china, africa and the asian countries, look like fucking bliss, compared to you. at least in those countries people smile are happy with what they have. apart fro travelling freely, we also see doco’s and real life, that is sensored on your own screens. you just don’t know any different that’s all. do not compare life in russia, to the u.s.
        no bastard from fucking anywhere on this planet, dreams of one day immigrating INTO russia!

  20. Jon

    how do we even know its mel gibson on those garbly shitty phone tapes

    • Aussie Mama

      jon nothing has been proven. to this day the man hasn’t had a say. he will in court, not through radar on line. that’s what civil people do.

  21. Cate

    Ahhh! I Accidentally posted my resume above and it needs to get taken off immediately! I meant to post it to a job website!! PLEASE HELP!

  22. CakeSnifferer

    No Russian would ever be involved in shady dealings like this.

  23. me

    to the “women” who are battling over idk what… u both need to STFU. seriously? Do you even know each other in real life? this is why humanity is going to die out eventually. no one cares about anyone else. it’s all about “me, me, me” and maybe you, but only if it benefits me. gawd, u all suck.

  24. Ari

    They, meaning Hollywood, have had it out for Mel ever since he made The Passion. This is easily documented. Google the article “The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson.” See the YouTube video “The Real Mel Gibson” and you’ll get your answer. Then Google Joel Stein’s LA Times article about the jews run Hollywood.

  25. Aussie Mama

    ari, i’ve been saying that all along and getting attacked the whole time. goodluck dear. good to see, that you can see!

  26. Costi

    three points seem to be clear.

    1. mel gibson is a not very nice, a bit violent person, who left his wife for this woman. leaving your since wife of 30 years for a sexy russian woman doesn’t speak great of him as a person..even less as a christian…
    2. the girl probably wanted him to marry her or something, but he, after tasting freedom, decided not be tied up again in a marriage, so hooked up with other women. The russian is not in love with him of course, she only wants his money- and now there is only one way to get it. The fault is all his- he is the one who left his family to have sax with that female.
    3. the passion of christ has nothing to do w/ this. First of all it’s a beautiful, realistic movie. Second, it is NOT anti-semitic. Think about it, according to the Gospels, the Jews condemned Jesus to death. What’s the problem with that? They thought he was practicing blasphemy, which at the time was not acceptable; they thought he was politically dangerous, so they eliminated him. The movie simply reports the truth. I don’t see why should we consider it offensive. I mean, us christians should be pissed off because those guys killed our Lord, instead the whole thing is turned upside-down and they are the ones who get offended? please.. .. .

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