Oksana Grigorieva Thought Mel Gibson Would Kill Her. Yeah, We Heard.

October 6th, 2010 // 24 Comments
Mel Gibson in Disguise

Look at that mustache. That’s not the mustache of a killer.

For some reason, everyone seems to be shitting themselves over the fact Oksana Grigorieva gave an exclusive, self-serving interview to People where she essentially reiterated everything we’ve already heard since the start of Pack of Niggers-Gate:

“I thought he would kill me,” says Grigorieva. (Gibson, who declined to comment for this story, has disputed her account and a source close to him has said he intervened when she was shaking the baby.)
The Russian-born musician says Gibson often flew into jealous rages, talked about suicide and once brandished a gun in front of her.
She also discusses why she decided to tape Gibson’s angry phone calls. “I needed to document his threats,” says Grigorieva, who denies she leaked the tapes. She also refutes Gibson’s claim that she used the tapes to extort him.

Of course, the more revealing story is the fact that Oksana’s lawyer pulled the plug on an Oprah appearance because everyone knows Oprah can sniff out a liar. Eventually. She’ll call you out then sit back and watch as you make millions of dollar selling the film rights to your new young adult fantasy series proving you can build an entire career out of fraud. — Wow, I thought I was going somewhere with this, but somehow ended up horribly depressed and empty inside without even watching Teen Mom. I’m just as confused as you are.

Photo: INFdaily


  1. Dave ain't here man

    He DOES look a little like the Green River killer in this photo.

  2. The Real TAB


  3. Karen

    “everyone knows Oprah can sniff out a liar”

    well then explain Stedman

  4. Gallo

    I’m beginning to wish that he WOULD kill her. Provided it was step one of a murder/suicide.

    • mike

      She is so annoying, I think every one is ready to kill her

      • mensa

        mel’s a douche. go take a look at the trolls on TMZ, it’s obvious that she’s trying to do some damage control. 99% of the commenters there look like hired bloggers out to save mel’s $$$–they’re ALL pro-mel.

        personally, i hope she takes him for everything he has, i don’t even care anymore whether or not she’s a gold digger. racist child-beaters are way worse than a woman trying to collect $$$ on child support, even if she’s asking for way more than she’s ever going to get.

      • Murdock

        @ mensa

        Shaddup Darkie.

      • mensa


      • Wiley

        @mensa: I get it! Tall people are nicknamed Shorty and Mensa…

  5. She’s a bigger idiot than he is. Someone stick a big cock in her mouth and shut her up already.

  6. Agent Murtaugh
  7. Dank

    Best disguise ever! I can’t even tell he’s a psychotic baby killer

  8. JN

    What is this obsession you have with Mel Gibson? You’re singlehandedly keeping this story alive.

  9. Burke, Esq.

    I think Mel would do better in disguise when he was in the movie “Signs” when he played a Priest. That is more believeable than this gold digger..Kanye around, I think you found a bona fide one in this rough stretch of Oksana highway.

  10. Cock Dr

    “I thought he would kill me”
    Yeah, well he still might. Watch out little gold digger.

  11. I think everyone is getting more than a little tired of Oksana’s shit – her own people included considering the plug-pulling of the Oprah interview. I wish the court-issued gag order would include an actual gag. Or a jaw wired shut. I’m not picky.

  12. captain america

    maybe a more peaceful solution is buying her an estate in Iraq?

  13. Riggs is Luigi’s secret gramps?
    Does he have diabeetus?
    Either way, he looks too old for this shit.

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