Oksana Grigorieva Offered Playboy Spread

Jesus. Now we’re just playing with fire.

While Mel Gibson becomes more and more of a Hollywood pariah, his ex Oksana Grigorieva has been offered a spread in Playboy who apparently heard all that talk about her “fakers.” TMZ reports:

Sources close to the offer tell us Playboy is willing to fork over a cool $75,000 for her trouble — and to sweeten the deal, they’re even willing to give Oksana the cover … a pretty enticing move for a struggling musician looking for some non-Mel publicity.

Keep in mind JWoww was offered $400,000 for a similar deal, but I think it’s safe to say Jersey Shore is somehow a tad more popular than some gold-digging Russian singer Mel Gibson threatened to light on fire because apparently we live in a cold, humorless world. That and I’m pretty sure JWoww would never jacuzzi first. You don’t want to reward that kind of behavior.

UPDATE: She turned down the offer.

Photos: Pacific Coast News