O.J. Simpson wants to be a ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

April 23rd, 2008 // 48 Comments

O.J. Simpson is desperately angling to get himself on the next season of Donald Trump’s highly-rated The Celebrity Apprentice. But, get this, Orange Juice might actually pull it off. Page Six reports:

“Simpson really wants to do it. Trump and NBC are thinking about it, but are being very cautious,” our source said. “There’s a certain amount of heat associated with Simpson.”

While having O.J. compete for the Donald’s approval will mean big ratings, it’s obvious the Juice deserves his own reality vehicle. Something classy. Like a VH1 dating show called Knife of Love. O.J. will find his soulmate amongst the contestants then, you know, murder her out back. Fortunately, it’s a scientific fact that the chicks on these shows are really hookers, so it’s basically a victimless crime and everyone wins. High five!

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  1. Mo

    Trump says he’s fired, I bet OJ’d return the favor!

  2. LL

    Trump and NBC will probably do it. Last week’s episode of “30 Rock” featured a TV show called “MILF Island.” It was so close to how that unscripted crap really is, it didn’t even seem like a parody. In fact, don’t be surprised to see NBC announce “MILF Island” as one of their new fall shows.

  3. Mel

    The “heat” associated with O.J. is from the spurts of warm blood from Nicole’s neck.

  4. Lazy Fuck

    How about doing something other than copying material from Page Six. Every fucking day you copy and paste most of your shit from there you lazy hack. And I should know…

  5. Arty Fish

    He looks fat.

  6. Jade

    Not like I watch the show anyways, but it will be truly sad if Trump whores OJ.

    #5 if you pull the panties out of your ass crack, you won’t feel so angry.

  7. Rump Her Steel Skin

    Can someone put a bullit in this dumbass already?

  8. kilsD

    a ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ ??? LMAO~!
    seems he once appeared at one hott military dating club called
    __UniformedMingle.c o m__, was he seeking hot girls there??
    i wish i can hook up one hot girl there! LOL~

  9. NBC Press Release

    Dear Advertisers
    The next season of the Apprentice promises to be the sexiest, classiest, most entertaining programming since the invention of the medium. The show will sneak up on you with stabbing drama. Believe us when we say that The Apprentice will murder competitive programming in it’s time slot. The ratings will be a run-away success, much like a Bronco down an LA freeway. America will be seized and bound to the television when one Orenthal James Simpson enters the boardroom.

  10. Bigheadmike

    no way no way no way.

  11. THIS JOKER NEEDS TO DROP OUT OF SIGHT FOR AWHILE. He’s gone from Heisman Trophy Winner to Deadbeat Boyfriend. The stunt he pulled in MY city robbing some poor soul of some sports memorobilia makes me think even less of him.

  12. Hecubus

    I have to admit it would be really funny watching OJ bump off the other contestants one by one until it’s just him sitting in the meeting room and Donald thinking, ‘Damn, I’m sure I haven’t fired this many people yet’

  13. beesknees

    I hate OJ but just for humor’s sake…Trump should do a Celebrity Apprentice with the entire team from the trial – let’s throw in Marsha, Christopher, Judge Ito, F. Lee Bailey, who ever else is still alive from OJ’s “DREAM TEAM”, Faye Resnick, Denise Brown, Mark Furhman, the detective who found the body, and a few of those incompetent jurors. Now that’s a show!!! Ratings Gold! As Trump says – “Its gonna be HUUUUUGE!”

  14. daguz

    If the show is a hit, you must acquit.
    If the show is a hit, you must acquit.
    If the show is a hit, you must acquit.

  15. Time to Strike

    If this happens I say we eliminate whatever race of humans perpetuates this immoral filth down to the last child. You know,like God told his pets in Genicode I mean Genesis.
    This is the last straw and I can’t believe I am the only one here inflame with blood vengence. These fucks need to die.
    Unplug your TVs and read and find other things to do. Don’t expose your children to the brainwashing trash anymore.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    You know this might not be a bad thing.. He may wind up killing Omarosa. I’d also like to see the sidewalk glove vendor challenge.

  17. Anexio

    OJ is bonerfide celebrity and he shoudl be on the shows so that eveyone will be evene matched and its fariest to all. trump is funny with his hair and when he points at stuff I laugh becuase it funny everytime. and that blonde girl is really smart you can tell becuase she not talking all the time like trump. they should be puting brit on but that wouldnt be fairr to the otheres because she woudl win everythign every weeks.

  18. sla

    People used to get shunned for doing things that were socially unacceptable . If the law couldn’t confict this rat scum, why can’t society at least give him a good old fashioned shunning? Doesn’t knifing a couple of people to death — one being the mother of your own children — justify being tossed out by the rest of society?

    (shun: expel from a community or group; syn: banish, ban, ostracize.)

  19. boo

    Isn’t he going to be busy serving a jail term for the shit he pulled in Vegas?

  20. The Poster Formally Known as Ted from LA

    I could see OJ and The Donald’s daughter hitting it off well. I wonder how he’ll have time to do this AND look for the real killers.

  21. mimi

    FISH-GUTZ doesn’t have an original bone in his FISH-HEAD.


    OJ will never set foot on the set. Too many people will send hate mail to the network… the Browns… the Goldmans… ME… NEXT!

  22. pinkies

    It’s racist not to have OJ on the Apprentice

  23. TV Exec

    We here at the networks have been kicking around some shows for OJ for some time:

    -Gin Su Simpson – the timeless art of cutlery or-Hackers (whichever does better with the test audience.
    -RAID! – a how-to show about getting your shit back when it’s stolen
    The Bachelor Jail Pen-Pal Edition.

  24. nipolian

    #14 – you forgot the star of the show…….Brian “Kato” Kalien.

    #17 – Auntie…..How about the Palace Station memorabilia scavanger hunt?

  25. mamadough

    he’s just out to make a few cents, the fucking bastard, especially after the book “yeah i killed them and here’s how i got away with it” was cancelled. denying him would be like denying charles manson from being on the apprentice, because come on, he didn’t REALLY kill those people.

    unrelated, i think it be hilarious if OJ came out with his own glove line….

  26. OJ is a riot, I hate that show, but if OJ gets on it, I would watch every week.

    Ok, or I’d at least tivo it..

  27. “Doesn’t knifing a couple of people to death — one being the mother of your own children — justify being tossed out by the rest of society?”

    Not if she was a real cunt.

  28. John

    It’s Kim Kardaskanks idol ha! ha!

    Poor fat Kim.

  29. beesknees

    Thanks, #25 …typing too fast..how could I forget Kato?? Everyone’s “favorite” houseguest..

  30. sharpeidude

    Nice try, but no fucking way this happens. The majority of NBC’s viewers and sponsors would skewer them and even Trump wouldn’t be able to fix that.

  31. NY Ted

    O.J. heard the the “real killer” of Nicole and Goldman actually works on the production of Trumps program…so he is doing his private-dick work and is planning to arrest them during an episode of the Apprentice…!!

    Either that or he will fucking slice the throat of the first whitey that gets in his face on the program!


  32. Ginsu

    That would be killer! Would be wear gloves the entire time?

  33. joss

    Knife of Love Rules! Can they please get the same cast as Rock of Love? Because I would love to watch those bitches die!

  34. Dee

    Just when you think Trump can’t degrade himself any further, he proves us wrong! Another loser with too much money and influence!

  35. Grunion

    No way this happens. Juice is too busy looking for the real killers.

  36. the juice

    o.j. and the donald… donald duck orange juice.

    anybody… no?

    (cricket, sniff)

  37. Anastasia

    Why am I not surprised by the lengths NBC will go to for ratings? This is the same NY network that once broadcasted a commercial with a humping dog in poor taste.

  38. #37, no, that was pretty good. That’s the kind I buy. It’s cheap and goes good with vodka..

  39. The Poster Formally Known as Ted from LA

    I’ll bet he would kill to be on that show.

  40. InternetToughGuy

    LOLOLOL what a fucking picture. It says “Don’t fucking try me motherfucker, I’m quick with the blade” or “I’m a psycho mothefucker” That is my new background. Whoever captured that moment should win whatever awards there are for photojournalism.

  41. OJ is guilty

    Unless the first test is who can kill two white people the fastest, he’s out on the first round. The only reason this dumbfuck murder is walking around is that the LA prosecutors are dumber than he is.

    Ivanka, just be careful when he says he’d like to shank that white ass he’s talking about sex.

  42. betenoir

    OJ? Really? Is that the best they could do?

    Won’t Obama be available?

  43. betenoir

    Crap!!! Freakin typo… I meant OSAMA as in Bin Laden!

  44. I first heard about this cause my boy Juan blogged about OJ and the Apprentice over on Highbrid Nation. He brought a good point. It would be great for ratings. The Aprentice is pretty played out at this point and bring OJ on could see the rating sky rocket just because of the controversy. Though many don’t like OJ and think he is a killer, he was found not guilty and thus can not be discriminated against based on his murder trial.

  45. lb

    Hey, why don’t you make a crack about OJ’s age like you do every single woman you post on this site? Fucking asshole.

  46. Matthew McGurn

    He’d KILL for it!

  47. edgar suit

    ……….and in the mean time fine young American men and women are getting killed in Iraq.

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