O.J. Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison

December 5th, 2008 // 151 Comments

O.J. Simpson just got slapped with 15 years in prison today for robbing a sports memorabilia collector in Vegas last year. The AP reports:

A broken O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery by a judge who rejected his apology and said, “It was much more than stupidity.”
Simpson stood stone-faced Friday when Judge Jackie Glass quickly rattled off his punishment after he pleaded with her that he didn’t mean to steal from anybody when he tried to retrieve memorabilia.
He appeared ready to break down in tears as he told that he was “sorry and confused” before going into a rambling and emotional 5-minute declaration.
“I didn’t want to steal anything from anyone … I’m sorry, sorry,” he said.

He added: “It’s not like I killed anybody. Again.”
After receiving his sentence, Simpson engaged in a heated discussion with his attorney that ended with the football legend audibly shouting “What do you mean you ‘forgot’ my stabbing knife?”

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  1. jennyjenjen

    @10 You have no idea what you are talking about, as usual. You are just an ignorant hillbilly racist. There are a disproportionate number of blacks in prison, not due to their proclivity to commit crime, that theory is false. The fact of the matter is, the U.S. justice system is racist. They target poor neighborhoods (where the people have less job opportunities and worse schools, therefore limited options.. their options are to sell drugs to the white people who flock to their neighborhoods to buy them). The arrest are disproportionate as well as sentencing laws and mandatory sentencing enhancements. The court system is racist and it is undeniable. The penal system is merely and extension of the former bondage system known as slavery and it was designed to keep a section of the population deemed undesirable (by racists f*cks like you) in control and also to control the migration of a necessary labor force. This is all true and any sociology student can back me up.

  2. jennyjenjen

    @43.. another uninformed idiot. All humans have the same genetic makeup. The Human Genome Project was able to determine that ALL humans, both BLACK and WHITE descended from Africa about 50,000 years ago. You listening FRIST? You and O.J. are related.

  3. Jen

    @88 Check your history, the whites rioted in the North during the period of industrialization. Blacks were migrating North to escape the brutality of the Klan and seeking a better life in the North. Whites didn’t want to share their jobs in the factories, nor did they wish to live in the same proximity.. Whites are just as prone to riots..Uniformed=Racist Superficial Reader.

  4. Jen

    @88 Check your history, the whites rioted in the North during the period of industrialization. Blacks were migrating North to escape the brutality of the Klan and seeking a better life in the North. Whites didn’t want to share their jobs in the factories, nor did they wish to live in the same proximity.. Whites are just as prone to riots..Uninformed=Racist Superficial Reader.

  5. AdamYYZ

    OJ you dumb cunt! I laugh at you!

  6. inthejoint

    Once OJ is in the joint they are going to skin him alive, then, hang him
    by his balls.

  7. skinnyblack

    They taken numbers on The Juice. Everyone gunna want a piece of that

  8. WTF

    #21 your right we have gone backward! Your ignorant post is evidence of that. Drug across the asphalt huh! Its good to know that people like you still exist. You give fuel to the fight that still exists. Oh and by the way. since we are pointing fingers at a particular race, you should include your uncles and the good old boy system that they’ve used to literally ruin this country financially and morally. Since when did white people patent civility? Nice concept in theory but historically you’ve failed miserably. Your no better than any other race and honestly a very good argument can be man for the downfall of man in your honor.

  9. Buttplugger

    I am in Ely prison right now. I have not had sex with a woman in 14 years. After getting corn holed the first 4 or 5 times, I started getting used to it. After the rectal bleeding subsided, I actually started enjoying the daily butt rapes. So now that I and other nellies on the cell block hear OJ may be our new neighbor, we are tickled pink to get some new black crack. I can hardly wait to hear Orenthal cry my name in agony (or is it ecstacy?). I guess we’ll find out when we squeeeeze da juuuuuice!

  10. So I just got the latest breaking video about OJ check it out here:


  11. pollypickle

    all the racist shit aside, because everyone knows that is complete bullshit….the court and John Q. Law couldn’t wait to get their hands on the proverbial “N that got away” I mean, come on, fucking paraphernalia? Please. This is about the verdict in the Kidman trial. I know OJ is a an arrogant prick, and very possibly a murderer, but I hope he gets probation just to show up all the racist pieces of crap everywhere. Don’t blame him because your justice system completely failed you.

  12. Oh, but there is more breakin’ news from da hip hop hooooorays…

    check er out here boyeeeee….


  13. It doesn’t matter if you rob someone with a gun over memorabilia or a snotty rag… robbery is robbery and if you’re that big of an idiot to use guns to try to get some useless junk back, then you get stuck on da cell block with me and da bitches

  14. Hey dumbass, da JUIIIIICE was never accused of killing Nicole Kidman… but he probably did try…

    Yer just mad because yer a darky and can’t get any of that sweet ass from the Juuuuuice because his tangy rectum belongs to me


  15. jennyjenjen

    @43.. another uninformed idiot. All humans have the same genetic makeup. The Human Genome Project was able to determine that ALL humans, both BLACK and WHITE descended from Africa about 50,000 years ago. You listening FRIST? You and O.J. are related. *sticks out tongue*

    And another thing, since all humans have the same genetic makeup (and especially the same genetic lipstick), all humans can exchange blood, tissue and other organs without rejection any more, because the human genome project says so, so there! *sticks out tongue*

    Now, I’m done (timpor, tempror . . . for now . . .) trying to teach you igornant raycists what to think. I have to go star in my porn movie. I’m a professional three-holer, so there! *sticks out tongue again*

  16. The first verdict in State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson was the classic example of JURY NULLIFICATION, textbook crim law 101, where the jury (mostly black) says OHHH HELL NO! and they find the creep NOT GUILTY, not on the merits of the facts or the law, but simply because blacks don’t want to see their MORON IN CHIEF go to jail for the rest of his life. Kind of like blacks blindly following OBAMANATION merely because he is dark like them. Prime example, in Alabama they already made a holiday for Obama and in St. Louis they are trying to name a street after him. So, you see blacks band together (very infrequently) and react with their emotions rather than with a logical train of thought. So, society steps in from time to time and CORRECTS this faulty logic and sets everything straight. So this is yet another example. Obama will probably end up getting impeached TOO! HA!

  17. bootlips

    Negroes don’t have the ability to reason. They are emotional creatures, not logical. They bring crime to any neighborhood regardless of income. They blame whites, they blame poverty, they blame society, and they blame poor education for their history of violent behavior. They never blame themselves. Every black run country in Africa is a shit hole. Their poverty stricken, crime ridden, and chaotic. Zimbabwe killed all their white farmers and they know are starving to death. I say great. Let the feces throwers suffer. You now see the apes in their natural habitat. Chaotic.

    It’s time we let the American negro know what life would be like without white people. They seem to want a black planet. How long do you think they’d last without handouts?

  18. Ummm errr, not every single person can exchange blood and organs without rejection

    SO #115, think we can put that correction aside and get goin’ on the 3 holin’ tonite? I got a bottle of Courvoisier…

  19. Jennyjenjen

    Thanks 115, I’m honored you think I can make it on the big screen, you would know, your job jizz cleaning qualifies you to identify new talent.

  20. Wait til Obamanation gets goin’ there will be a Bucket of KFC on every porch and a new ’79 Caddy in every yard

    That’s what you all wanted in the first place right?

    Funny when you read about a 98 year old black granny who never voted until Obomber came zootsuitin’ down da street….


  21. Will

    @102. With regards to the Human Genome Project. There were genetic variances. They were reported as: “modern humans (i.e., black/white) share 99.9% of the same genetic material.” Everybody felt great. They didn’t say that modern human share 99.8% of the genetic materiel found in advanced apes. Those tenths of a percent count.

  22. This discussion is rather hackneyed. We all know that black people feel crappy because they think that got shafted by whitey. And whitey is like, :well you use that as an excuse, you loser.” And then there are the whites who want to be black and the liberal whites who feel white guilt (that’s how we got Obomber). I say the whites are bigger dumb asses than the blacks. Why?
    1.) They took the blacks over here in the first place and exploited them.
    2.) Instead of letting them go back they let them loose in their own back yard.
    3.) They felt bad for them and whipped them at the same time.
    Too wishy washy I say. We get what we deserve. We did it to ourselves.
    4. Now all the young white kids glorify this trashy violent black culture because our country is depraved and morally and culturally BANKRUPT just like our economy. We are a self loathing nation that reaps what it sows. Nobody wants to take responsibility for his or her own actions. Just like OJ.

  23. Spagett!

    what the hell fish? deleting my comment? what the fuck i thought this was america


  24. Umair

    I wonder if Johnnie Cochran was alive, could he have save OJ ass again.

  25. Umair

    I wonder if Johnnie Cochran was alive, could he have saved OJ’s ass again.

  26. JaidenPaidIn

    Finally the Juice is JUICED!

    Dude deserves to be in jail.

    Karma is a motherfucker…in O.J.’s case…Karma is going to be a served up his ass!

    Hopes he gets pounded every day until he dies.

  27. HALLELUJA…………………………………………………and justice for all, folks!!

  28. Humans are comprised of different subspecies

    Jennyjenjen, I would imagine you are a n!ggerlover? We are not at all the same and common sense should tell you that. Africa is comprised of two subspecies – negroids and capoids. We decided to be simplistic (as society has been dumbed down by the Overmasters who own everything) and eradicate the capoid division in an act of idiocy, but the two are quite different.
    As indeed are the Australoids. Look at them. You want to tell me that an Australian aborigine is the same thing as a Swede?
    Have you every heard of the Negritos of the Phillipines?
    We are seperated by alot more than 50,000 years as well.

    If more time had passed on this earth before the ages of Industry and Technology we would have all evolved into different species. But that didn’t happen and we developed so fast (well some us did and others were more or less left behind) that we have used up most of the natural resources on the planet.

    OH, have you ever heard of the Pintubi 1 skull from Australia?

    Go back to bed and satisfy you mate’s “animal” cravings for more white meat!

  29. johann

    This is about a n!gger robbing people. It doesn’t matter if it was for fried chicken, ribs, collard greens, or a crackpipe. Stop trying to justify n!gger crime just because he is a n!gger

  30. Borat

    OJ is sitting in a jail cell with no blond white women around for him to fuck and beat up afterwards.. only that old black man’s arthritic fist. Make love to that and punch the wall, convict.

    Time to place ad for new town rapist.

  31. Rome

    Karma is a bitch, asshole!

  32. Racists Love Gossip Websites

    Hey 117, this country is about to be a black-run country in about a month. The US is in the shitter right now thanks to who….GWB, the whitest man in America and one of the dumbest presidents in history. And now an “American Negro” has to clean up the mess.

    And people have the gall to ask if racism is over now that Obama has been elected…the answer is a resounding no. However, I am glad that fucksticks like FRIST, johann, buttplugger and all the other racists idiots above are on the fringe of society. Thats why I love this country – racists and their moronic theories about the intellectual inferiority of blacks are completely out of the mainstream.

    You neo-Nazis fuckers have no true power – you can only spew your ignorant vitriol on the internet where you can be protected by anonymity. You are racist because you are incredibly insecure about your own self-worth and you want to hold on to the power that being white used to provide. Well too bad – this country is becoming more and more racially diverse by the day, and soon everyone will be a minority. The day you’ve dreaded (because your inbred parents taught you to dread it) is here.

    All you hatemongers can do now is cry about it on thesuperficial.com…pretty pathetic, but feel free to continue your internet KKK/Hitler rallies. I’m sure that will bring the “good ole days” back.

  33. First of all I just want to say that justice has been served. For two…for all of you that just can’t get enough of blaming “crazy” peoples’ crimes on blacks you have much to learn. LMBAO. Im black and I don’t kill or steal, but instead I help heal. Im in the medical field, and am not capable of hurting a fly. I make too much money to steal, and I have my security clearance card. How about everyone who has posted here? Are your records clean? Look! The simple fact is OJ did these things because he’s crazy, but not because he’s black. I would never say something stupid like “all whites are capable of murdering minorities just because of the pasts of some caucasian setlers, or that all German men are dangerous people just because of the Holocaust.” Let’s keep it real ya’ll…we all know OJ is just nuts.

  34. el ces

    Ron Goldman’s sister is hot.
    Did she ever show her boobs?

  35. LOismyBFF

    #101 Oh so now it’s the cops fault! OF COURSE! Thanks so much for enlightening us!

  36. LOismyBFF

    #101 Oh so now it’s the cops fault! OF COURSE! Thanks so much for enlightening us!

  37. venom


    Start with OJ, now get all the other blacks and toss them in to prison too. In 15 minutes they will all have raped, murdered and killed each other.

    THEN the world will be a peace.

  38. my comment

    Good. I hope he dies in prison.

    As for the blacks in this country. Why do they get behind all the wrong people? OJ, Obama, Rev. Wright, Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Kobe Bryant…etc.. The list just goes on and on.

  39. #’s 137 and 138 haven’t got a clue. Neither one of you know enough about black people to make a judgement if these comments are your thoughts. @138…Im only behind one of those people you’ve mentioned. Guess who? @137 the world would still be just as evil as it is now even if that event took place. Then someone will be wishing that on Mexican people next. The two of you need to lighten up, and realize that this isn’t always about black and white. In this case…it’s about a crazy man sweeties.

  40. Juice on ice

    Hey 132–GWB isn’t the whitest man in America…Obama’s whiter than a Carlton Banks with a side of Bryant Gumbel. The only HOPE he’s bringing is the hope that arugula doesn’t go above $4 / lb.

  41. Jaquebelle

    OJ is a victim of his own very bad choices. As an actual member of the black community, I can honestly say that at best there is supreme indifference about him. The media is about ratings and selling their product, so it certainly would be more profitable to focus on the fringe segments than the vast majority of African-Americans who detest criminals such as OJ.

    Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson no more represents the black community than Richard Simmons or Kathy Lee Gifford represents white folks. There are bad apples in every group and I would be more than willing to trade Flavor Flav for David Hasselhoff…etc.

    If you define assimilation as wanting good schools for our kids, breathing clean air, good jobs, safe places to live..ect, then so be it, because I would like to think that we all desire this on various levels. Those who fall short of these goals should not be used as a reason to espouse reckless generalities about groups of people, even on a gossip site, eh.

  42. my comment

    #139- I grew up in Harlem, USA. I most definitely have clue about black people.

  43. #142 if all the black people in the world lived in Harlem I would believe what you’re saying. There’s a much bigger world out there than Harlem jack. I have never stepped foot in Harlem…so it could be that the people are just crazy there period. You know nothing more about black people than what you know of Harlem. I can clearly see that from the comments you made.

  44. @ #118: Oh my dear dear Buttplugger, I thought you’d never ask! Of course you can come over and we can get going on the three-holing! There will also be a film crew present to memorialize the occasion so that I, I mean we, can make some money off of it.

    Forget the Courvoisier though, I have something much better! After plugging and unplugging my butt numerous times, I will honor you by letting you drink from my Fountain of Youth!

    Click my name to see my Fountain of Youth! It will be so nice to have you drink from it on film! You must understand though, that you will only be allowed to do this once. You can’t do it more than once until we’re married!

    I’m so excited! I’m already planning our wedding, Buttplugger! I have dried stool handed down from my grandmother as part of my trousseau! And all of the guests will throw feces rather than rice!

    Just think, Mr. and Mrs. Buttplugger! jennyjenjen Buttplugger! Oh, I can’t wait!


  45. Hey all you stupid mindless racist motherfuckers! You have no power. You need instruction in multiculturalism in order not to offend spics, shitskinss, gooks, ki.kes, and fags and so that you can survive in the multicultural workplace of today. You need to understand diversity.

    Click my name so that you can be educated in multiculturalism. I have a special program at my website to educate racist motherfuckers like yourselves in how to interact with groids, wetbacks, slants, hebes, and buttplugs.

  46. OJ's perineum

    Actually (minus the racist comments) Frist is right. Blacks voted for OJ due to years of unfairness. It was their revenge for whitey.

  47. Massa'

    If you look throughout history, the only time black people were useful and organized is when they were slaves. I say we bring back slavery and let the people who own the porch monkeys use their own discipline to keep the animals in line.

    Every other ethnic group has been able to come to America and thrive within a generation, (Asians, Indians, Arabs, Germans, Russians, Jews etc) with little or no help from anybody, especially the government. But blacks are just incapable of success, even with more help available to them from the gov’t then any other minority group. So the sooner we realize that Bobo’s are just an inferior species and stop trying to let them control their own lives, the better off we’ll be.

  48. #147 you’ve never been useful, and never will be with that attitude. Must’ve been born in the wrong era, because that’s old news bruh. You most certainly have no place for God up in his kingdom, and he’s the one you should being trying to convince these things to. What a weirdo, and I tell ya that there are so many of your kind all over the world. Too bad for all of you if you don’t make the neccessary changes. This includes any racist loser be it white people, black people, Russian, Mexican, Native American, etc. You name it. All I can do is pray for you then sit back and watch. Hopefully great things happen otherwise people like you will never be worth anything even if that includes millionaires and billionaires. With no common sense and no wisdom you have nothing to live for.

  49. RightRobot

    I say OJ is 100% innocent, and this can be proved just be interpreting things PROPERLY. I know it SEEMED he murdered his wife/friend but it honestly was someone else (I know who, so do many other people) and this someone else really did slither in commit the murders then slither out leaving OJ in a mess.

    I say that it SEEMS OJ did wrong in that hotel room. Just SEEMS.

    Do the two nuclear bombings in the U.S.A. in 1995 that many people died in say that OJ is innocent? Does all that stuff on the radio/TV in the U.S.A. in 1995 say OJ is innocent? Does the reign of George Walker Dennis Norris Bush (a rogue President) say OJ is innocent? I think the judge was not knowledgeable enough and was being like a malfunctioing robot in the case, a slave to false laws.

    Lets get a failsafe lie-detector like there has been used in the International Court, Holland and lets get OJ live on prime-time U.S.A. TV and interview him. But I do not think this will happen because there are some very nasty people that do not want to be found out as wrong.

  50. Southern and not stupid

    62. Wrong. Americans weren’t outnumbered 3 to 1 in the Revolutionary War. Where the fuck did you get those figures? Oh, I forgot, you’re a fucking troglodyte who probably “don’t read too daggum much,” and get most of your “knowledge” from conversations with granpappy. Fuck you prick. Just so everyone knows, not everyone from the South acts this way (I’m sure this was the overwhelming assumption.

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