O.J. Simpson sentenced to 15 years in prison

December 5th, 2008 // 151 Comments

O.J. Simpson just got slapped with 15 years in prison today for robbing a sports memorabilia collector in Vegas last year. The AP reports:

A broken O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery by a judge who rejected his apology and said, “It was much more than stupidity.”
Simpson stood stone-faced Friday when Judge Jackie Glass quickly rattled off his punishment after he pleaded with her that he didn’t mean to steal from anybody when he tried to retrieve memorabilia.
He appeared ready to break down in tears as he told that he was “sorry and confused” before going into a rambling and emotional 5-minute declaration.
“I didn’t want to steal anything from anyone … I’m sorry, sorry,” he said.

He added: “It’s not like I killed anybody. Again.”
After receiving his sentence, Simpson engaged in a heated discussion with his attorney that ended with the football legend audibly shouting “What do you mean you ‘forgot’ my stabbing knife?”

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  1. Mal Gusto

    This afternoon OJ showed up at his lawyer’s place in a Hawaiian shirt with a suitcase:
    LAWYER: Err, Um. OJ, what are you doing.
    OJ (excited): Man, I’m goin’ to Cancun!
    LAWYER: No, No, you misunderstood…you’re going to the can, coon.

    Oldie, but a goodie.

  2. bd

    i must say, i do commend the black community for getting the gay marriage act repealed. GOOOOOOOOOOO BLACKS!!!

  3. p0nk

    43, troll points (3/10)

    speaking of “related”, i bet your mom and dad are related. i can tell by the mullet.

  4. Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD rescinded

    I’m concerned for his rectal health.

  5. Mal Gusto

    But seriously, when he first got acquitted I told my friends “Relax, don’t worry. OJ is young and he is not very bright. He will run afoul of the law before too long.”
    I had no doubt that he would end up behind bars eventually, not because he is a nigger (which he is), but because he is ignorant and arrogant- two great tastes that taste great together.

  6. justifiable

    #37 Balls to that, my friend. OJ had a stunningly crappy defense – bringing guns as “backup” makes anything armed as almost everyone over the age of 11 knows – his boohooing claim that if they didn’t turn over the goods he was then gonna call the cops on them is just lame on top of crap. Completely unbelievable – but he convinced himself when he did this that he could talk his way out of everything because it’s worked for him all his life – until now. He got that jock pass no matter what so don’t play the color payback card now. Anyone else here get to “phone in” your required therapy after a domestic altercation? Hands?

    Yeah. Didn’t think so.

  7. Racists Love Gossip Websites

    Ted Kennedy – I just happened to notice that a lot of posters like to mix in racism with the T&A, that’s all. OJ got what was coming to him, but why does his race matter?

    bottom line, I love fucking with degenerate racists (of all colors), basically because they resort to blaming other races for their own fucked up lives, shortcomings, and issues. I’d definitely use my rifle on them in a heartbeat

  8. Stan

    One thing undermines the standard issue, cut-and-paste internet racism here: O.J. has always been an enormous Oreo. The irony is that a long prison term will force him to live with other blacks for the first time in his adult life.

  9. Massa

    I hates the blacks!! Blacks stole my woman! Mighta had somethin ta do wit my small white dick, and me beatin her all the time, but goddam it…fuk them coons!!!

  10. grobpilot

    Hey #37: Why is it everytime you stupid fucks don’t get your way, you start screaming “racism”? I don’t always get what I want but I don’t go around blaming it on blacks or asians. People who cry “racism” are just trying to evoke this “white guilt” bullshit the media likes to drag out every now and then. White guilt? What the fuck do I have to feel guilty about? I’ve never owned a slave or denied any kind of equal opportunity to someone who was qualified to do a job. Fuck your racism shit.

    As far as OJ is concerned, motherfucker got what he deserved, based on what he did in that hotel room. If people want to attach a “retribution” tag to his sentence for killing two people years ago, that’s fine. Prison is prison, regardless of the reason you’re there.

  11. duh

    “We need to get more than political. We need to show some force to let people know that we are angry and that we are not going to take it anymore.”

    Yeah that usually ends well when the other side has overwhelming power.

  12. b

    HEY 61, during the revolutionary war. The americans were outnumber 3 to 1. The sad thing is men in this country are now all PUSSIES. We live in a meaningless generation. Its the same old thing everywhere you go, 2 troublemakers and a million suckasses.

  13. Pete

    All other groups who have come to America have eventually prospered. Some right away (Japanese), some after very long periods of time (Irish & Italian). The key has always been developing a ____-American subcultural that works to promote success in this country, not to impede it. Guess which group has NOT done that? Yeah, I know, it’s because of slavery. *YAWN*

  14. Kate

    Anyone else finding the ridiculous advertisements on the pages that play no matter what if God forbid you click outside the box completely fucking annoying to the point of pissing you off?

    Makes me consider not coming here.

  15. BOA

    One thing is for sure……he will have to get a lot of ass-lubricant cream…..

  16. American Public School Education at Work Again

    Americans made themselves enough of a hassle for England to decide to give up on its colony. It wasn’t more than that, no matter how heroic American textbook fantasies portray the event. Before and since, countries with empires have done exactly the same thing when the losses outweigh the benefits. These regional conflicts are nothing like real wars.

  17. grobpilot

    #37: I’ll plagiarize a little bit so I can make an additional point and expand a bit on #61:

    “We need to get more than political. We need to show some force to let people know that we are angry and that we are not going to take it anymore.”

    You’d better believe there are a lot of whites and others who will not sit back and let you walk through our neighborhoods, destroying everything in your path just because you’re pissed off at Whitey. You’re not the only ones who can “show some force”. I can guarantee if you start shooting up our neighborhoods and threatening our families, you will be met with force that you’ve never seen before. Sure, you get out into city streets and act like a bunch of fuck-up retards. But if you do your little dance in white suburbia, you won’t make it back out with your asses in one piece.

    You sure you want to start this shit, using OJ as a lame-ass excuse?

  18. Lola

    This fool is the dumbest nigga alive. For getting off on murder, he should have been the most cautious person out there… And then you do some stupid shit like get arrested… For trying to steal your own shit. WOW…
    OJ, you’ve been stripped of ALL your nigga rights. For being the stupidest nigga with no common sense alive

    But I’m sure his sentence is more them murders he got away with

  19. truracism

    #67 grobpilot. I would be happy to organize a little marching party right down your lily white street. My guess is that the sight of miltant blacks coming in your direction would cause you to slam shut the blinds, close the drapes and cower under your canopy bed. Let me know where you live and we will come and say hello to you. Perhaps you may want to start now making a little fortress outside your subdivision with some expensive patio furniture and an armada of Volvo cross-over vehicles. Don’t forget to load in the supplies like the Coleman lanterns and the emergency crank radio (want to keep those cellphones a hummin) and maybe a few tins of back-up caviar and foie gras. You are scared, aren’t you, Mr. Weekend Warrior?

  20. samyybaby

    @8 you are a sick F@ck..

  21. samyybaby

    @8 you are a sick F@ck..

  22. white folks

    #69 – we’re only scared of the smell.

  23. p0nk

    #69 and i bet you want government subsidized bus-fare to get there too.

    internet tough guys always leave me trembling.

  24. FRIST!!! Has A Tumor

    I was going to say that it was amazing how out of 60 comments 5 were by racists but then I realized it’s actually FRIST!!! doing all those posts under different names. Oh you sad girl you.

  25. ummm...yeah

    Hahaha, We all know that asshole got what he deserved.
    Although the majority of seriel killers are white males…

  26. Dang…racist people kind of make me feel bad about being happy that OJ is getting locked up.

  27. Lola

    @67 You’re saying “whites” are actually more violent, aggressive, and easily angered than “blacks” but I think it might be just you. You’re also dumb and paranoid but that has nothing to do with race either.

  28. Ardgelina

    racism is so lame
    get over it
    next issue
    can’t we all just gang up on the terrorist and make this world a better place?
    I know u guys need 2 feel macho and manly so y not use all of that testosterone 4 good. Not ripping apart our country.

    Whats up with the guys planning a interracial neighborhood orgy?

  29. Ardgelina

    not that there is anything wrong with that… have fun guys!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hey Frist has a Tumor

    Frist aint a girl she is an old woman.
    Truracism I will not tell your ape ass where I live but I will meet you in the middle and gladly pound that monkey face flat pussy.

    Ha ha ha ha militant blacks marching in the streets and pixies and unicorns anad pink elephants – sort of like Chronicles of Narnia!

  31. Will

    While some of these posts have been crude, I will acknowledge black Americans have utterly failed at assimilating into traditional western culture. That said, I found it funny during OJ’s first trial that he ran out and courted the black community. That guy didn’t associate with black people for 20 years until he was arrested for murder and venue was established in a predominately black community. If black Americans want to succeed they need to mimic the behaviors of other successful people; not blindly follow the liberal, black victimology doctrine. I don’t relish saying this, but it’s also possible that some people aren’t wired for civilized culture. It’s not like any country in Africa has demonstrated significant cultural/scientific advancements.

  32. You're an Ass

    C.J. Stewart got 15. O.J. only got nine. Read, fool.

  33. Doggy Style

    I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

  34. KILL N1GZ

    @81: Will I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  35. Ardgelina

    Oh dear! It’s just so awful that all these racists are verbally abusing that murdering shitskin!

    You’re all just terrible terrible inbred mullet-heads. Please, for the love of God, leave that poor stupid misunderstood groid alone because, really he’s guilty of nothing more than TNB.

  36. Ardgelina

    actually dear, i was referring 2 the racism not oj

    i don’t know if you can read but i’ll try to make this simple for you, in my earlier post I already mentioned how i feel about oj. He is an idiot and deserves 15 yrs and more. But there is no need 2 blame an entire race b/c of one man being a complete loser. U seem to like pretending to be a woman. Is that apart of your performance for the interracial orgy? yeah it prob is. I can help you pick out an outfit sweetie. I know where to get a kick ass outfit to match ur mullet! if you need help babe all you have to do is ask! btw great impression! cute : )

  37. Homer Simpson

    OJ got his wish…he wanted to hang out with more black dudes. Now we need to find new words for “O.J.” like:

    Open for Jackhammering
    Oh Jesus!
    Overflowing with Jizz
    Oral Jailbitch
    Oral Joyriding
    Oreo got Judgefucked

  38. grobpilot

    #77: You need to understand (and I’ll try to use small words) that I was responding to a very thinly veiled threat. The problem most people have is, when they are challenged, they will back down. I don’t have that problem.

    I can goddamn guarantee you that if anyone (doesn’t necessarily need to be black) threatens my family and my security, I will meet the threat. People have had enough of “tolerance”. I certainly know I have.

    You said “whites” are actually more violent, aggressive, and easily angered than “blacks”. I don’t recall seeing thousands of pissed off white guys rioting in the streets and looting stores because OJ got off after viciously murdering two white people. If the roles were reversed and a white guy murdered two blacks and, after the same show-trial OJ got, was acquitted and walked, can you really tell me that blacks across America would not sieze that opportunity to protest and burn the fucking city down? You know goddamn well the race card would be shoved up everyone’s ass and your buddies Al and Jesse would be right in the middle of it, fanning the flames.

  39. Cartman

    Fuck OJ.

    He should’ve quit while he was ahead.

    Hope he dies in prison.

  40. bootlips

    Americans are more likely to be killed by a negro in the USA than a soldier being killed in Iraq. The feces throwers killed all the white people in Zimbabwe and now the simians are begging for our help.

  41. Urbanspaceman

    If I was the judge, I would have given OJ the opportunity to make full & truthful confession (for which he can not be prosecuted) for the two murders that we all know he committed in exchange for the minimum sentence (suspended) for this latest thing.

  42. eastcoastgirl

    i am so happy that he finally got nailed. I hope you rot you murdering shit bag.

  43. jUICE MAN

    why is this such a big deal? people get murdered all the time. no one would care if it were a black woman who got murdered by O.J

  44. b

    i must say, I would rather kill britany spears and paris hilton than anyone else. But, at the same time your right about a race war. Blacks only make up about 15% of the us population and thats mostly on the east and west coasts. If they ever started some serious shit they would be hanging from trees like the old days.

  45. b

    By the way, Has anyone heard the ron goldman interview right after the trial today????? There was some ignorant nigger yelling at him in the backround “ill kick your ass old man” . Are you fucking kidding me.

  46. burungi

    I agree with you 37.

    43, you do know Orangutans are from Asia, right? Another brilliant mind at work..

  47. Stanky


    I know I wouldn’t care!



  49. johann

    #95 It would be amazing if they interviewed Ron Goldman today since OJ killed him 13 years ago

  50. Finally a little justice is served on a suedo-celebrity!

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