O.J. Simpson has some balls

March 2nd, 2010 // 73 Comments

O.J. Simpson wants to give the Smithsonian the suit he wore on the day of his acquittal because apparently he believes his getting away with murder is part of our rich national tapestry. TMZ reports:

An official from the Smithsonian … who did not want to be ID’d … told TMZ this AM before accepting anything the item would go to museum curators for review. The curator then sends the item to one of the various museums — e.g., the National Museum of American History. A review is then conducted.
The official said no one has offered the suit to the Institution yet, but the official does not believe OJ Simpson’s acquittal suit will pass muster.

They’re going to reject it? But think of the learning possibilities.

KID: Oh, wow, it’s O.J. Simpson’s suit! Do you think one day I’ll be rich enough to corrupt the legal system, dad?
DAD: Maybe, son. Maybe…

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  1. Richard McBeef

    hope somebody breaks a broom stick off in his ass.

  2. Black Guy

    OJ is innocent, yo.

  3. McFeely Smackup

    If OJ is so fucking innocent, why is he so fucking in jail?

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  5. Irene Barcelo

    That was funny, Black Guy (directed to posting number 2). We all know he did it!

  6. Chris Rock

    I’m not saying what OJ did was right…but I understand!

  7. Redneck

    Hmmm I wonder what would make a guy drive down a freeway with a gun to his head? In the good ole days he would have been made into part of a swing set – his neck and a big oak tree.
    Funny how only the negroid subspecie believes this motherfucker is innocent. Of course they are legal experts, as most of them have been subject to prosecution at some point in their lives.

  8. Melanie

    Where is the bloody shrunken glove? If it fits, you must acquit

  9. LOL



  10. Blondie

    mmmmmmmmmmm he still looks fine as Hell to me I don’t care who he killed as long as he was erotic in his use of force!

  11. Big'n

    I miss O.J. Simpson’s stunning movie performances. The guy should have won an Oscar for his exemplary work in “Capricorn One.”

  12. justifiable

    God, you gotta love the crazy – it just never, ever, ends with this egomaniac.
    I bet what was supposed to come next was a gun-waving assault on the Smithsonian with a bunch of not-too-bright buddies in an attempt to reclaim his “property”. Of course, it’ll be slightly delayed and coming to you in 5-to-10 years’ time, depending on how much he gets off for good behavior.

  13. tard

    You get away with murder, literally, and because of some loop hole you get to live the rich life in Florida and play golf, and then somehow it seems like a good idea to take some thugs with guns to a hotel and rob some guys?. Almost seems like it was a carefully planed setup.

    Whatever, the Smithsonian can choose to do what is in good taste with the suit and what the public demands so who the f cares.

  14. noncom

    #7 Hey redneck? Fuck you. And that goes for you too, LOL #9. No one who thinks he’s a cold-blooded murderer wants you posting here. You make us look bad. Shit, you make the whole white race look bad. You bigots and racist tools are just as bad as the people who defend him blindly because of race. Enjoy your chosen company.

  15. Rich

    Now I know it is a super slow monday, we are talking about OJ

  16. jack

    Thinks 14 is obviously a negroid.

  17. faded

    First he’s acquitted of double murder.

    Then he’s arrested and sentenced for armed robbery of his old clothing.

    Now he wants to give his old clothing away to a museum.

    WTF, OJ?

  18. noncom

    Thinks 16 is obviously “Redneck”. Good luck with that extra chromosome thing, son.

    Sorry, you asswipe, but I’m as white as they come.

  19. Redneck

    Hey noncom, I am not sure if you paid any attention, but the fucking guy killed 2 human beings like an enraged animal. And a team of filthy high priced attorneys subverted justice and he was granted a pardon. Justice was served to the rich.
    I am not sure how I make a pussy like you look bad as we are two fundamentally different types of men. I will fight for what I believe in and you apparently suck cock for kicks.

    My chosen company? Would that be my family and friends, who are all white by the way. I live in a white community full of rednecks as we really don’t like homosexuals like you down here.

  20. Soupmanson

    sounds like a proper addition to the black American history section. I’m thinking of sending in my W-2… so they can see where all the ghetto welfare support payments come from. I think a few million of us should send in copies of our W-2′s to celebrate Black History at the Smithsonian. OJ’s suit will fit in just fine.

  21. Pete R

    OJ was bringing young Nicole to the Bills games while he was still married- he does have balls…

  22. who dat

    He beats the rap for a double murder….and still can’t stay out of trouble……. L O S E R

  23. Black Dragon

    You white devils can’t leave a brother alone. The man didnt do shit to your puny asses cut him a break. What he did to you? You got all the mans money what else do you need?

  24. noncom

    #19 Sorry but I’m not gay either. You really need to get a better comeback – if you can’t throw race you’ll throw the buttfuck card, right? Is everyone who sees you for the trash racist dicksmack you are a homo, too? Wow must be more gay people out there than I thought.

    Yeah, he did kill two people and got away with it. And what he did, not his race, lynching or any sort of genetic felony thing, all of which you had fun bringing up, are what matters. Scott Peterson cold-bloodedly killed two people and scammed everybody with a grieving-hubby act just like OJ, until his girlfriend busted him and the jury saw him for what he was. Since he’s not a “negroid”, how in hell did THAT happen? Sociopaths like OJ and Peterson come in all colors just like racists do. And rich people get off all the time because they can afford high-priced lawyers that the DA’s office can’t. Just ask Robert Blake. Oh wait, he’s not a “negroid” so how did he get away with brutally murdering his wife??

    OJ bought his way out with that highpriced Dream Team and they used the race card unashamedly, and guess what? It’s people like you that helped him do it. The DA and the entire CA legal system was so afraid of looking like – well, YOU – that they moved the trial from whit(er) Santa Monica to downtown LA to seem “fair” and proceeded to help tank their own case. The prosecutors were sloppy and overconfident and stupid. They deserved to lose. The only good thing that came out of it was that OJ thought he was untouchable after that. Good thing the state of Nevada proved him wrong.

  25. L.A. Woman

    Yet another lowlife, stupid and narcissistic trOJan.

  26. Gives new meaning to the term “monkey suit”.

    Thank you folks, I’ll be here all week.

  27. Redneck

    Hey noncom (faggot)! You say people like me helped O.J. get off free? As I told you but you were not bright enough to remember, people like me would have swung him from a tree back in the day when the white man ruled this nation.
    You put words in other people’s mouths like you put other people’s dicks in YOUR mouth! Hahahahahahahahahahahaah!

  28. Mike

    Not that I love OJ or anything but he has nothing to do with this and maybe you should update the article. Fred Goldman, the father of the guy OJ killed, won the suit in a civil settlement and has had the suit since 1997. He’s still trying to get the money from OJ. I don’t know why he thinks the Smithsonian should have it. I know you’re just giddy about posting some OJ Simpson news like its 1995 but please get the facts straight.

  29. Where is OJ at again? Oh, he is in prison.
    Right where he belongs. Go Juice.

  30. how come this sociopath doesn’t kill himself? Few do, I guess.

  31. Chris Jones

    OJ is innocent….. and Obama won’t raise taxes on the middle class!

  32. Lisa

    Redneck is an idiot. Obviously he can only find a platform posting anonymous comments in a celebrity gossip website. I don’t think he makes all white people look bad- just makes himself look crazy. Nutcases have a way of making themselves stand out.

  33. lol anything for a quick buck!

  34. mafme


    To be fair, most of the serial killing sociopaths are white. Watch out for white people. :-S

  35. justifiable

    #32 Amen, Lisa. Whenever I read one of these limp and defensive little missives that harken back to the Glory Days Of When White Men Ruled The World I instantly know it’s written by some unemployed, shit-kicking, tick-scratching, white-bread-and-ketchup sammich-chomping inbred pinhead who thinks he’s entitled to some sort of inherited manifest destiny just because he’s got a set of tiny pink balls. Redneck could be taken as a general embarassment to white men everywhere, but as you pointed out, it’s clear he’s just a sad and pathetically bitter, insecure, faggot-obsessed douchebag who claims to speak for all but is just airing his own shortcomings here . Next on the list of people keeping him in that bubbafied trailer park and away from his Designated White Male Ruling Glory will be “wimmen” or “feminists” or “lesbians”.

  36. Priam

    @ 34: Most crime against blacks is done by blacks- go figure…

  37. apple9436

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  38. cisy

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  39. justifiable

    #34 Uh, what you really mean is most of the ones that the FBI and Interpol have CAUGHT are white men. A large amount of serial killings go unsolved. Sort of makes you wonder if that profiling assumption – which was primarily made by white guys – is causing everyone look in the wrong direction some of the time.
    After all, psychopathology is a HUMAN trait – which means it cuts across gender and race and everyone is capable of exhibiting it. There have been women who were serial killers for financial gain, and others who killed with sexual sadism as a motive, like Karla Homolka and Rose West.. Sipho Thwala, the Phoenix Strangler of South Africa, was black and raped and murdered at least 16 women.

    So basically, don’t trust anyone.

  40. It’ll be a deal made in hell if OJ squeezed a glass of OJ and then gave it to the smithsonian with his Suit. COME ON, SMITHSONIAN TAKE IT!
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  41. Perfect Double Tapered

    That crazy Nordberg is at it again.

  42. A Sanchez

    The funny thing is that if the kid asking the question to his dad is white then yes, most likely he will be able to. I mean, based on his whiteness alone he’ll be able to.

    I LOVE how white people just HAPPEN to ignore the larger amount of other white people who commit murders (on an even larger scale such as unwarranted wars) and get away with it.

  43. OJ Simpson had balls you have to admit. He was arrogant until the end, but without Johnny Cochran and the dream team in his corner he was bound to go down in more ways then one.

  44. Jeff

    typical nigger behavior

  45. velvet23

    #14…don’t worry about #7 redneck. he’ll eventually end up on mydeathspace.com after a Southern Comfort-fueled flip of a Ford truck into a bayou. Fuck that guy. And another thing is…

    Happy Birthday to the Superficial writer…you’re an ICON and I am so glad you paid tribute to yourself by getting Good and fucked up on your big 30. I’m a little disappointed you didn’t carry it on thru and go to jail, but I respect you nonetheless. Your blurry and barfy birthday postings are still gems compared to the sea of tard-blogs that try to compete with you.

    take some vitamin b. or just start drinking again. both are excellent cures.

  46. The Laughing G-D

    If the L.A. Police department had not falsified testimony on the witness stand, then maybe some of their “evidence” would not have been looked on in a tainted light.

  47. Darth

    Who is designing these prison clothes? They look like you’re thrown back into The Middle Ages.

  48. Gando

    I don’t think they’re designed at all.

  49. Galtacticus

    The only things what he’s missing is this spiked leather mask and an axe.

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