O.J. Simpson convicted of robbery, kidnapping

So this is what it feels like to see O.J. Simpson get convicted of something. The Juice and his accomplice Clarence “C.J.” Stewart were both found guilty of robbery and kidnapping after they targeted a group of Las Vegas sports memorabilia collectors in Vegas. The AP reports:

Both Simpson, 61, and Stewart, 54, face mandatory minimum sentences of five years behind bars and could be sentenced to life in prison.
The star-athlete-turned-actor appeared somber and emotional as the verdict was read late on Friday night, and winced as he was handcuffed by marshals and led from the courtroom into a holding cell.

I think it’s safe to say that, no matter what the charges were, O.J. Simpson was going to jail. Jaywalking? Life with no parole. DUI? The chair. Murdering Heidi Montag? … Two to three years with time off for good behavior.