O.J. Simpson, drunk off his ass, admitted to killing wife

May 11th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Mike Gilbert, a former memorabilia dealer and money-laundering partner of O.J. Simpson, is releasing a tell-all book Monday (above) where he outlines how he helped O.J. beat the murder rap. He also drops the bomb that Orange Juice got hammered and confessed to killing his wife. Damn, and here I thought I was the only one who drunkenly admits to be Nicole Brown’s real killer. Now what will I tell people at cocktail parties? Anyway, the AP reports:

He said Simpson had smoked pot, took a sleeping pill and was drinking beer when he confided at his Brentwood home weeks after his trial what happened the night of June 12, 1994. Simpson said he went to his ex-wife’s condominium, but did not bring a knife with him. Simpson told him Nicole Brown Simpson had one in her hand when she opened the door.
In a soft mumble, Simpson told him: “If she hadn’t opened that door with a knife in her hand … she’d still be alive.”
“Nothing more needed to be said,” Gilbert writes. “O.J. had confessed to me. There’s no doubt in my mind.”

“If she hadn’t opened that door with a knife in her hand … she’d still be alive.” Really? Because I always imagined that if you hadn’t, oh I dunno, FUCKING MURDERED HER, she’d still be alive. But I’m just a guy looking into magnifying glass while stroking his chin. What do I know?


  1. ZoomBoy

    FUCK OJ!

  2. isitin

    We all know he did it, so why bother denying it any further.

  3. farty_mcshitface

    gee whiz he actually did kill her? i never woulda thunk it!

  4. the real killers

    wait what?


  5. the real killers

    wait what?


  6. The only people who DON’T think he did it are the group of mentally challenged n i g g e r s who led his jury to the “not guilty” verdict. Yet another argument for all-white juries, at least if you want verdicts that show reasoning ability beyond the level of a monkey.

  7. This is like the people that made Michael Jackson seem to be a pedophile, and it is like the people that prey on him. This is like me being libelled, in the U.S.A., e.g. as “The World’s worst fraudster” (1999) and as “A mentally ill person.” (2005). This is like Dennis Norris alias ‘George W. Bush’, Mary Wallace alias ‘Condoleezza Rice’, William Harris alias ‘Bill Clinton’ and all the other fakes. In other words TOTALLY BOGUS. I always believed it was a ‘Scream-The-Movie’ serial murderer type character that crept in and murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and it was made to SEEM that it was O J Simpson that did it (note the word SEEM). Have faith in me, I have had a U.S.A. work permit since the late 1980s, I have a home in Bel Air, CA and a home in New York City, NY (but I am currently passport-obstructed in England). And, I have U.S.A. legal qualifications (1995/1996). Why not be really sensible and interview O J Simpson live simultaneously on many U.S.A. television stations using an infallible lie detector? But maybe Dennis Norris alias ‘George W. Bush’, Mary Wallace alias ‘Condoleezza Rice’ and Company will not ‘allow’ this.

  8. IKE

    #6, you’re on the wrong site. http://www.crazyshit.com seems to LOVE bigots like you. Go check them out….if you haven’t already.

  9. Chris Christopher

    Everybody knows that N I G G E R did it.

  10. steve martin THE JERK

    first off i belive o.j. killed his wife , but i deeply offended with frist and chris using the ‘N’ word…………… because sir and madam……………. I WAS BORN A POOR BLACK CHILD…….

  11. The White Urkle

    IKE, welcome to hypocritical world! It’s is OK for a N igger to say the ‘N’ word but not Whitey?

    Don’t squeez the Juice!

  12. RENEE

    He wouldn’t have killed her if she didn’t have a knife in her hands? Waaaah??? Didn’t he show up to her house wearing gloves…in June?

  13. A

    haha, I saw they were talking about this on Dr.Phil
    Apparently some guy that worked on OJ’s book
    “IF I did it”, says he couldn’t keep track of his bullshit lies.
    He’s really too dumb to pull this off on his own, but then again he probably
    had some damn good lawyers.

  14. hendero

    This sounds like so much BS. Why would Nicole Simpson be going into her own house carrying a knife? An ex-buddy of OJ – sounds like a credible source.

    Out next week – “I Saw the Whole Thing from the Pool House” by Kato K.

  15. Denise

    I don’t believe this story. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were outside of her home. Ron was there to return Nicole’s mother’s glasses. The knife was O.J.s because he liked to collect them. It always sadens me that this happened. When I lived in L.A. I had to drive by the scene of the crime to go to my therapist’s office. It was very eerie.

  16. ryan

    Chris Christopher; FRIST!!!

    you guys are f u c k i n g morons. If I had a knife I would kill both of you losers.

  17. i’m really glad that the only swear ever really used in a post on this site was here. in this context.

    SUPERB! i love it.

  18. englebertington

    I never heard about this OJ thing. When did all this happen?

  19. Auntie Kryst

    I hope the Goldman and Brown families sue this fucking prick for the proceeds of this book.. PS, that’s Frist’s troll making those dumbfuck comments.

  20. sla

    If you want to blame someone for OJ’s not guilty verdict, don’t blame the jury — blame the prosecution. Yes, OJ had good lawyers, but IMHO the prosecutors dropped the ball. Never should have let him put the glove on, for one thing.

    Doesn’t change the fact that OJ is a murdering, lying, ego-centric piece of sh**.

  21. Sponsor

    It’s awful that 2 people were murdered, but this case just futher illustrates the racial injustice that’s in this country. If Nicole was black, and OJ was white, this case wouldn’t even be discussed anymore.

    How would you feel if an entire country felt their lives were more important then your’s based on the color of their skin?

  22. kokofresche

    OKay you are all a bunch of dumb a s s e s…. the reason OJ got off had NOTHING to do with the jury. It was entirely the fault of the LAPD who botched their investigation, and f-ed up the evidence, therefore giving the jury reasonable doubt. If the LAPD had done a good job with the investigation, OJ would have never gotten off. That is that.

  23. kokofresche

    OKay you are all a bunch of dumb a s s e s…. the reason OJ got off had NOTHING to do with the jury. It was entirely the fault of the LAPD who botched their investigation, and f-ed up the evidence, therefore giving the jury reasonable doubt. If the LAPD had done a good job with the investigation, OJ would have never gotten off. That is that.

  24. Juryman #fuckyou

    Well next time you get a jury duty notice fucking go. Quite leaving it to the dumb fucking crackheads and poor dumb fucks that vote because someone is famous. Smart people use something called evidence.
    Anyone who has skipped out on jury duty has contributed to him getting off. Congrats.

  25. restingonlaurels

    21, maybe this case wouldn’t even be discussed anymore if O.J. himself didn’t feel compelled to rehash it in his own book! what the hell kind of a person would think of such an innane concept as “if i did it”?

  26. OJ did it

    Wait, the guy writes a book called “If I Did It”, was found guilty in a civil trial and perjured himself repeatedly during the criminal trial and people are still wondering if he did it? He’s got nothing to lose…he could post a video on YouTube confessing everything and the double jeopardy law would prevent him from doing a single day in jail. In the criminal trial it was hard to tell who was more inept and idiotic – the prosecution or the jurors.

    Look on the bright side…as long as he’s free, he can still do some more of those zany Police Squad movies!

  27. Seriously, how fucking long are we gonna make this moron the worst person in the world? Talk about white folks desperately trying to cling onto their bitterness… what? Obama fed me that line…

    OJ is such a fucking past tense story that at this point I hope he fucking stabbed Natlaie Hollaway too.

  28. anita

    there is a site on the internet with pictures of the actual crime scene with both nicole brown and her male friend and its frightening what he did to them. It was a very brutal killing. He belongs in prison for the rest of his life!!!!!

  29. mamadough

    #26, yeah i was wondering how that would work out legally if he publicly admitted it. reminds me of ‘primal fear’.

  30. Sponsor

    25, O.J. is an idiot! There’s No doubt about that. My point is that this case receives some much coverage because of the racial component. NO murder trail has ever received as much attention as the O.J. case!

    Nicole’s race and beauty is a large factor to why this case still resonates with so many Americans. Through-out American history, so many white people have gotten off for murdering black people and I’m sure no one has even heard of these victims.

  31. Co-Sponsor

    Nice try 30, but you’re wrong. No one ever heard of OJ’s ex-wife until she was murdered. Are you certain it’s because of her beauty that this case was such a big deal? Maybe it was the fact that OJ was a Heisman winner, NFL Hall of Famer, sportscaster, famous Hertz pitchman, and a some time movie actor had nothing at all with the high profile of this case. Maybe it’s the case that he beat the rap, and this asshole continues to flaunt it, and tries to stay within the public eye.

  32. mamadough

    my husband and i were arguing about this the other day. i was going off about how OJ should end up in the bowels of hell being the prick that he is and my husband spouts off some football mambo jumbo like #31 (a Heisman winner, NFL Hall of Famer, sportscaster, famous Hertz pitchman, blah blah blah). who the fuck cares that he is a big athlete? satan used to be an angel. and im sure hitler was a cute kid.

  33. andie

    I think he did it, but it doesn’t matter. The law is the law, and he got acquitted no matter who or what is the reason.
    The big guy upstairs will have to dole out the justice on this one.

  34. Co-Sponsor

    32 You missed the point genius. The murder case is still in the news because he’s famous, not because his wife was.

  35. andie

    34, 35, and 36 suck. Hate that.

  36. sla

    #37 — Yes, his fame had a lot to do with it, but the beauty of his wife and the good looks of Ron Goldman sure helped. Here’s a formula:

    Fame + sports hero + beauty + possible sexual liason with cute waiter + candles + domesic violence + murder + slow ride in a Bronco down the LA freeway + interracial relationship + accusations of police racism + bloody glove + (the real icing on the cake) beach bum Kato Kaelin = NEVER ENDING INTEREST.

    God bless the US of A.

  37. mamadough

    #37, i wasn’t disregarding your point, only using that portion of your message in mine because i wanted to give you credit. so fuck you.

  38. Sponsor

    31, I’m not ignoring the fact that who O.J. is was a factor in the fame of this case. What I’m pointing out is how this case divided the country on racial lines.

    I don’t think a majority of black people assumed O.J. innocence’s, but were disgusted by how much apathy went out for the Brown and Goldman families when absolutely none is given when the same thing happens to black people.

    It’s hypocritical; and many whites finally saw the flaws in the justice system – something that blacks have experienced since this country’s inception.

  39. Big Black man kills (supposedly) pretty white girl.

    That’s enough to evoke the horrible stereotype that the black man is just a sexual beast hell bent on fucking, raping, and murder, without ever addressing th efact the white chicks keep fucking the black dudes because they want to. And how could anyone ever let the OJ story die when it started sooooooooo many careers.

  40. Jury #2

    @20….your whole argument is bullshit.

    If you know he is “a murdering, lying, ego-centric piece of sh**.”

    What does that tell you? The prosecution did it’s job…maybe not a stellar job but the job is done.

    The one that dropped the ball was the JURY!

  41. Master Of The Obvious

    What kind of justice system are we governed by, if this dude can write a book on how he helped hide a murder? You and I get screwed, but this guy gets to make some cash on his stupid book.


  42. Co-Sponsor

    41 I’m sure you meant “empathy”. I won’t argue with you though, but I would like to see if your theory holds true, but I can’t think of another case as high profile as this with the color lines reversed. 40 Credit? Riiiight, dumb bitch.

  43. Sponsor

    45, You made some valid points also. Please google Emmit Till whenever you get the chance.

    This was the first productive internet conversation that i’ve ever had that didn’t end with “Boy, don’t ever let me catch you south of Alabama!”

  44. ???

    #27 you’re a poor excuse for a person. Look at you condoning OJ’s actions. You’re just as sick as he is. Keep telling your racist self that’s it’s all just “white people bitterness”. Hope this doesn’t happen to your black family you sick FUCK. You deserve everything you’ll get.

    It’s the jury’s fault because the majority of them think the same way just like our wonderful friend #27.

  45. #47 – Uuuhhhh… it’s impossible to be “racist” against white people. Bigoted, perhaps. I mean, I know white people are all excited about trying to be able to call minorities ‘racist’, but technically speaking, it’s inaccurate. That said, do yourself a huge favor and look up this word: SARCASM. Face it, if the colors were reversed, most white people wouldn’t give a monkey lovin’ banana eatin’ shit. Can you picture if it was a white dude supposedly killing a black chick? All you would here are fucking crickets. Spare me.

  46. sla

    #43 — Not exactly. It wasn’t up to the prosecution to convice me, you, or anyone other than the peeps on the jury. I can base my opinion on the trial, the bronco chase, the media, the Internet, yahoos on forums, the quality of his car rental commercials or whatever I want.

    The jury had to decide based on the case presented to them by the prosecution. I think the prosecution had enough material to make the case, but they didn’t.

    Although I am willing to go along with you and put some blame on the jury, as I think they were a little cracked out and maybe mesmerized by Johnny.

    There’s enough blame to go around, no need to give it all to one group. :-)

  47. my comment

    Why, oh why is this double murdering MOFO still breathing oxygen?

  48. SMD.

    Whatever. Everyone knows he did. Known it since the day it happened. The only reason O.J.’s fellow brothas (black people) say he didn’t do it is because he’s a nig too. If was was white..they’d all be like: “THAT WHITE BITCH DID TO IT!” Don’t deny it..

  49. @48

    Wrong you fucking moron. Anyone can be racist. If you are arguing that racism is a misnomer since we are all part of the human race, fine, but then don’t call whites racist on the back of it. Die in a fire soon.

  50. my comment

    48. I’ve met plenty of black and spanish, chinese, jewish, italian, racists.

    Racist is racist. Whites don’t have the market cornered on this crap.

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