OJ Simpson commits more crimes


OJ Simpson was questioned today after he allegedly broke into the Palace Station casino last night and stole some sports memorabilia at gunpoint from memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley. OJ admitted to the AP he took the memorabilia (which he once owned and claims was his) but denies he broke in and used a gun. TMZ reports:

[Beardsley] he had arranged to meet with someone last night who was interested in buying the suit and other Simpson memorabilia. Beardsley says the man was actually a member of Simpson’s crew. He says the men stormed the room, two of them with guns drawn.

Beardsley says the men claimed to be police officers. OJ and others demanded that Beardsley and two other men surrender their cell phones. Beardsley refused to do so. Beardsley says the group stole every piece of memorabilia in the room, including items signed by Joe Montana. They also took a case of never-released leather editions of Simpson’s book, “I Want to Tell You.”

OJ Simpson is living just the classiest life imaginable. I’m surprised nobody has written a children’s book about him. You know, to inspire kids. Dare them to dream!