OJ Simpson Staged A Paparazzi Run-In… Maybe

This is weird, and I’m not sure how I feel. On one hand I feel like TMZ is slagging O.J. Simpson because he is refusing to sign any exclusive media deals for his interview. On the other hand, Ron Goldman’s dad is trying to shake him down for $100 million in wrongful death settlements, so it makes sense that he’s trying to make some quick cash…

Right out the gates I’m conflicted, but here we go.

From TMZ:

O.J. Simpson staged a paparazzi run-in with a photog Wednesday night so he could make (and possibly sell) a video commenting on the Vegas massacre.
Simpson was having dinner at a posh Vegas country club where our photog overheard him planning a TMZ-style video shoot. He was going over the shoot with the people at his table.
When he got to the parking lot, it was lights, camera action and O.J. offered up his “thoughts and prayers” while his friend recorded.
Our photog fired up his camera to ask some questions, but apparently that really screwed things up. O.J.’s photog tries to run our guy out of the shot, but Simpson realized his plan had been foiled and beelined it for his car.

None of this adds up for me… How did the photog overhear O.J. at dinner inside the country club? Was he inside a private country club with all his gear?

Notice… At the end of the video, the pap has security called on him by O.J.’s buddy. The friend says, “This guy isn’t a member here.” That leads me to wonder how this country club would have let this greasy, hairy paparazzo sit within earshot of a high-profile member like O.J. Simpson.

Their story gets shadier when they call themselves out for paying for pap shots…

The situation is almost identical to the paparazzi “run-in” at a Nevada gas station after O.J. was released — when Simpson acted shocked someone had found him in the middle of the desert, yet still gabbed away.

It all begs the question … is O.J. getting paid for the pap shots? How much? And will the money get to the families of the people he killed? And, if Simpson’s taking money under the table, that could violate federal tax law and O.J. could go back to the big house.

That “run-in” in the desert was nothing like this, but it was still odd that both a reporter and cameraman caught him at a gas station in the middle of the night. I think TMZ knows exactly what’s going on here and are trying to bully this 70-year-old dude into a media spot by raising rabble about under-the-table deals.

Shit, I wouldn’t pay for this garbage footage. The big money is going to the one who can get him to open up in an interview about how many cigarettes it costed to get him to do the Heisman pose for you in the pen.