Ohhh, She’s The Yolk… I Don’t Get It.

February 14th, 2011 // 72 Comments

Lady GaGa arrived to the Grammys last night inside an opaque egg carried by her entourage which she later emerged from in a yolk dress only to start touching herself. Or in other words, she’s entirely out of ideas. In the meantime, if Lady GaGa thought she could interpret how I enjoy a Grand Slam breakfast into dance without my permission, she’s going to be getting a nasty letter from my lawyer. *picks up phone* “Hey, Phil, how are ya? Remember that time you said you’d never meet me at Denny’s again then whipped a coffee mug at my jugular? You’re never going to believe– Oh, you saw the Grammys, too. — Exactly like that day. — Yes, I remember the restraining order included phone calls. — Jesus, Phil, it was only a penis. An erect penis, but– Then why do they make the pancakes so delicious?! — Fine, call the cops! We’ll let them decide how sexual a value-priced morning feast is and then maybe you can join us in the 21st century, Miles Davis. — Ooh, Phil fucked a robot once, everybody. Whoopity doo!” *hangs up*

He thinks we have a case.

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  1. Jill

    Just another Madonna rip off. Song, style, all of it. I used to like her, now she’s just so damn full of herself it’s not even funny.

    • Stickyheels

      Madonna “ripped off” The Staple Sisters song “Respect Yourself” (circa 1972) when she sang “Express Yourself” so…eh…your complaint doesn’t hold much water.

      • Richard McBeef

        STFU perez.

        the music, the outrageous antics and costumes, everything. It’s all a copy and it was much better the first time around. Hopefully in 20 years Gaga looks like the goddamn crypt keeper too.

      • Mike Walker

        True. Always thought Madonna was a boring, unsexy poser who tried to hard as well.

  2. Eva

    I noticed a glaring grammatical error in this article, you wrote She in reference to Lady Gaga instead of He.

  3. Snuffbox

    Didn’t Spinal Tap do something similar?


    that whole concept is so… ova.

  5. GrandDragon

    Muffin Top of the Year

  6. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
    Commented on this photo:

    why are her shoulders soo pointy … someone is going to loose an eye!

  7. Just Cause

    Can we start calling her GooGoo now? She needs to crawl back into the rotten proverbial egg she came from. Oh, and Eggpress Yourself!

  8. MrsEllis

    She can do all the theatrical shit she wants, it won’t make her new single suck less. Seriously, I’m not being pompous or closed-minded. I like dancing to a good pop song. But seriously, her single SUCKS.

  9. jojo

    Chlamydia , not just for breakfast anymore.

  10. James

    Lady Gimmick is getting played out.

  11. Pope

    Suffering from explosive diarrhea from the salmonella she gave me.

  12. This proves it. Gaga is the lovechild of The Alien and Predator.

  13. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    Haha that’s pretty special!

  14. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    what’s THIS ?

  15. Dee

    Boy she did put some weight on compared to what she used to look like. She shouldn’t be emphasizing her mid section!

  16. Cock Dr

    Looking more & more like Amy Winehouse on acid….which is NOT a good thing.

  17. She’s so weird but I’m not gonna lie, I love that rubber dress.

  18. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    She looks like a klingon. She must be popular wit the Trekkie.

  19. slappy magoo

    The last time I enjoyed someone pop out of an egg, he was from Ork. And I was 7.

  20. slappy magoo

    Chicken? Egg? After that picture, who’s coming PERIOD?

  21. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
    Average Woman
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    Someone plug the hole.

  22. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    You can totally see her oddly shaped right nipple in this picture. Yikes.

  23. Mortimer Duke

    Its enough with this one. Song sounds like Madonna, speech thanking a Whitney was weird. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end.

  24. Lady Ga Ga… Brought to you by the makers of Cocoon.

    • IttyBittyTittyCommittee

      I thought her sponsor was Popeye’s Chicken?
      See chickens lay eggs, ohh forget it.
      I’ll be better on Wednesday, promise

  25. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
    Double D
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    Why is Todd Palin in a dress carrying a giant egg?

  26. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
    Double D
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    Some like their eggs scrambled. Some like them sunny side up. And some like them with love handles.

  27. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
    Double D
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    Great. Now eggs can not only give you salmonella, but chlamydia too.

  28. lils

    She wanted to express that she was “born that way”… get it? get? No, me neither.

    Ok, seriously, I turned on the tv while she was performing and I thought it was Madonna. So, Madonna is performing that same song Gaga just rippe… oh, shit…!

  29. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    I don’t get it either. This is how I show up to work every day – but as a lychee.

  30. First she plagiarized Madonna…now she’s plagiarizing Mork?

  31. Sharkbait

    Life Cycle of a Parasite: The Musical

  32. Make mine scrambled.

  33. First the meat dress, now the yolk dress… How is she getting away with this?


  34. dennisdamenace

    She looks like she wearing the Jolly Green Giant’s busted condom.

  35. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    When did Marilyn Manson grow boobs? Just kidding, he’s always had them.

  36. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
    Erika H
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    This has more vagina and titty diddles than a Miley Cyrus post.

  37. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    Aaaaaa…. lady gaga! *runs away scared ch!tless!!!!

  38. Anyone else find it slightly ironic that a person alleged to have been born a he is coming out of an egg? Ova … reeeeeeeeeeelly??? That could be as close to an ovary as He’s been since birth.

  39. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
    Egg Man
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    I would like an omlette!! First?

  40. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    I think she looks like shit, but she’d be beautiful if she wanted to

  41. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    I feel like the only one around here who thinks she awesome. She doesn’t her own weird little thing. Different is good, at least for me. And doesn’t anyone else get sick of the same female cookie cutter looks that we see saturated in the media? Oh gawd she has a big nose and small tits, SHE MUST BE A MAN! That’s such bs.

  42. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    Wow, how typos can ruin a good point. My bad. :(

  43. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    Ewww she is so fugly its unreal.

  44. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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  45. E. M

    Only thing lamer than her are some o th jokes in these comments, http://www.wikio.co.uk/video/ed-mcmahon-hiyo-1298384

  46. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    I’d lay the pipe to her sexy ass.

  47. perhaps



  48. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    wtf is wrong with her shoulders??¿?¿?
    she looks evil! Monarch programation all over!

  49. Lady GaGa Grammys 2011
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    and wait! is that a cross underneath that egg on the red carpet? could this be more satanic????

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