Oh, good.

May 25th, 2010 // 35 Comments

I know I shouldn’t be shocked by this news, but you always hope when someone dies they no longer have to deal with the bullshit they left behind. So on that note, Simon Monjack will be buried next to Brittany Murphy per her mother’s wishes. FOX 411 reports:

The insider said Sharon Murphy “may handle Simon’s arrangements.”
“He did want to be close to Brittany forever and he could be buried near her at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hills,” said the insider, adding Monjack and Sharon Murphy had “an amicable relationship.”

If she’s crafty enough, maybe Sharon can make it so Simon’s body reaches over and shovels dirt from Brittany’s grave over to his. He would’ve wanted it that way.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Kitsune

    That’s eerie.

  2. Kitsune

    That’s eerie.

  3. andy7171

    what’s the deal with all the hate towards this guy?

  4. Randal

    This is certainly a sad moment in the entertainment industry, to have lost such a great actress and now a great man. Having them rest side by side will help them in their journey as they move onward to the next existence beyond our known reality.

    A safe journey to you both, you are missed dearly.


  5. It’s bizarre but not that unexpected. I’d bet that all 3 of them in that house were all addicted to pills. It’s not so crazy that a guy who looked like he was 300 lbs and always sweating would have a heart attack and die, but the pills always play a rule…

  6. Armando

    Brittany was such a pretty girl, she had such lovely eyes and a wonderful smile. It is still a tragedy that people cannot balance fame and life. Without fame Brittany would still have those eyes and that smile.

  7. Reality Bites

    Dear Randal,
    the only journey these two will experience will be physical decay. And how was this fat slob a “great man”? Because he was a maggot in Doucheland?
    We need more celebrity deaths. We should be focusing our attention to the real people that make a difference in our world, not athletes and these assholes. They provide nothing.
    Want drama? Go to a playhouse where there are real actors and actresses.
    Or read a book. Get a hobby. Or a life.

  8. @5 As always, so true to our shared opinion. @8 you do not know the nature of Randall’s heart!.

  9. Brittany leaves a legacy of damn fine movies behind. Spun, and Sin City being my personal favorites. Love ya’ Brittany.

  10. captain america

    tell me: WHO IS LEFT?

  11. Irene Barcelo

    This is truly an eerie story. Brittany is sorely missed.

  12. B

    Gross. It is amzing how if you are in “showbiz” dying at 30 is natural. Stop protecting these people who destroy their bodies with pills and drugs! It might be a wakeup call to all those zombies out there that they are mortal. Some role models….
    These people are still trying to find out how MJ died! Wake up!

  13. HLM

    @Randall: A great man? His “claim to fame” is writing a movie that no one really watched anyway, and marrying a semi-famous celebrity who was probably far out of his league. Great man? Great leech is more like it.

    So sorry to his parents for his death. But I don’t see that his passing is some great tragedy to society in general.

  14. duh patrol

    How sad that people like #8 and #14 wouldn’t recognize deliberate sardonic irony if it fell on them. Don’t ever take the red pill, Randall.

  15. justifiable

    Of course, by “buried near her” Brittany’s mother means he’ll be in one of the cheap plots right next to the Ventura freeway.

  16. justifiable

    Of course, by “buried near her” Brittany’s mother means he’ll be in one of the cheap plots right next to the Ventura freeway.

  17. Badger Bob

    wow. i find myself in the unusual position of agreeing with Randal. The guy is dead, show a little respect. whatever he was or did in life, that is over.

  18. Iloveheidi

    OMG I just cried when I saw this on the news this morning, what a tragedy wife dies and then husband. RIP

  19. Bob

    if only he would of died first

  20. @ Randall: You are like an anti-troll, mate. Keep at it.

  21. WTF

    And this is news because?????????

  22. I guess this is one way to rise above suspicion. Simon wins!

  23. B. Clinton

    This Simon character looks alot like one of my interns. I once had her blow me while my wife was upstairs. I even stuck a cigar inside her. Oh God Al and I had good times back in those days…

  24. zik

    Why (exactly) is it now cool to make fun of someone even after tragedy and death?

    I don’t know this guy, but it is completely possible that he was sincerely in love with her and died heartbroken. If he made mistakes, he paid the ultimate price for them. Either way it is all tragic.

    It says a lot more about us as observers – and this site – that we find it so easy to mock rather than offer compassion.

    As for you Mr. Website owner. “Oh good”; that is your tag line? So, only people you like deserve a bit of respect, in death? Shame on you.


  25. Mama Mia

    She looks so anorexic in that photo – nothing to her but shoulder pads and bones. Poor thing, she was such a good actress and so pretty. Very sad.

  26. Brittany was such a beautiful girl, she had such beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile. It is still a tragedy that people can not fame and remaining life. Without fame Brittany still has those eyes and that smile is.

  27. I was actually very upset when I heard about her death and now he is dead as well. What a sad story and a very sad ending to their love.

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  29. l

    LOL, Randal is the best. This one was not one of his best ones, though.
    “Anti-troll”, LOL, like someone said upthread.

  30. BeefSalad

    YUK…he’s the most disgusting and retchid human being ever…I’m glad he fell over and croaked…he killed Brit anyway, what a pig.

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