Oh, Now Chris Brown Cries

June 28th, 2010 // 148 Comments

Because every pedophile should be honored by a moonwalking woman-beater, Chris Brown performed a tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards Sunday night where he broke down crying at the beginning of “Man in the Mirror.” Which would almost be touching until you remember Chris Brown was a goddamn robot during his public apology for bashing Rihanna’s face into a car door and trying to bite her ear off.

Then again, it’s not like she made Thriller. Amirite?

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  1. teambreezy


  2. Nathan

    Why the fuck do u give a shit about him crying ?? what counts was the show and the tribute to mj , u are all a bunch of dick heads

  3. hello

    I love Michael Jackson and he is NOT a pedophile.

  4. Lady Blah Blah

    Chris Brown. Get off this comment board trying to make us all feel sorry for ya. I know ya aint go nothing better to do now that you threw your career away, but damn n#@%a! stop having all these handles and get to the fast food joint you about to work at.

  5. Stacy



    at the end of the day chris brown and michael jackson are amazing, all of you need to shut the fuck up!

  7. Enchanted

    WOW, Chris you did your thing. We hope to hear and see more of you because we miss you so much. We love you. Your performance was the best we’ve seen a long time. Keep pressing your way because this your time, you deserve it.

  8. Enchanted

    We miss you Chris and we hope to see more of you. Great performance the best we’ve seen in a longtime. Lots of love for you.

  9. nattt

    okay okay okay first of all , michelle collins or w/e … WHO ARE YOU ! damm i swear theres so much haters in the world right now . who cares about the past now ! . what he did wasnt right but it was a mistake and ya act like u never made mistakes before . tryna make fun of chris brown or w/e is a DAM MISTAKE ITSELF !!!! lol nahhh real talk doeee ! i love chris brown and those tears were realll . so he cried and dont get mad cuz he gone be back on top nowww and u aint nuthin . haha he’s the one who’s gettin paid !!! lmao – yeah take dat take dat ! TEAM BREEZY . TEAM BREEZY . TEAM BREEZY !!!!! [ haters goin down for the count, lookin at the ground.... I THINK UR A HATER . HATERS EVERYWHERE WE GO !!!] LMAO ! @Nataliee305 !!

  10. ag

    I may be an asshole, but Rihanna deserved much more for molesting my ears with her disgusting shrieking for the last 2 years.
    Fuck it, I support Chris Brown.

  11. - iSUCK Dicc ♥

    Well I Agree His Dummb Asz Cryinq ; WTFF He Hadd Already Rehears`d Thee Sonq !

  12. Stand Up For Non-self righteous-ness

    Come on, lay off! If you beat up your girlfriend would you want to be a social outcast for the rest of your life? He apologized. It was very wrong what he did, but come on….. were you the one who got beat up?? No. So how about we all take a breather and stop bashing chris brown. He’s a person too.
    And didn’t your mother ever teach you not to speak ill of the dead? Michael Jackson has been dead a year now, and you still can’t let his memory rest? Stop throwing out the word “pedophile” before you find out there’s one in your family.


  13. Stand Up For Non-self righteous-ness

    I can’t believe how self-righteous you people are. YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT, if you plan to keep wasting your time bashing Chris Brown, he doesn’t know who you are, and neither does Rihanna, so lets all take a breather….. count to ten… AND MIND OUR BUSINESS. lol.
    Oh, and go get a life. Trust me, you’ll like it.

  14. dhillan

    folks like this…they’ll suck and ride on anything that makes for one extra hit. MJ bash, MJ praise…watever’s the flavour of the second…there’s no conviction of opinion…so its best we don’t get as pissed as we are.

    Fact remains that MJ towers over as an icon and genius…and despite decades of wankers like this hitting the bad biscuit for no damn reason, his death was still the most emotional outpouring in just about anyone’s memory. His greatness or innocence can barely be undone with a college reject like this…so, cheers and good work on your insignificance…long may you write…

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