Oh, Good, They Remembered the Burrito

Twenty years in the industry, yet poor Carla never made it past burrito-stuffer. “But she’s got a crammer’s hands,” they’d often say…

I know I just posted pics from a Marvel movie set, but I’m a giant nerd and this is my blog, so here are the first stunt shots from Captain America in London today which apparently stays true to the hero’s comic roots as well as his more-impressive, real-life quest to touch a boob using cleverly-stored Mexican food. Via WFTV Orlando:

On Saturday night, when a costume party full of medical professionals stopped at On Tap Cafe, police said Adamcik had a burrito stuffed below the waistband of his [Captain America] costume and was asking women if they want to touch it. When one refused, he allegedly took out the burrito and groped her.


Photos: INFdaily