Oh God, Aaron Carter Has A Message For Terrorists

Aaron Carter has come a long way from playing Mexican restaurants and Buffalo Wild Wings, this weekend he’s performing somewhere for the L.A. Pride Fest because gay bars love nostalgia music and bad boys who look like trailer park twinks. TMZ just released a video of Aaron being interviewed via FaceTime in his car or something (he’s really busy, you guys) where the interviewer somehow found it relevant to ask Aaron Carter what he would do if someone tried to pull a Manchester at one of his concerts. He had a clear message for the 23 people who were planning to actually come in his 11 a.m. slot (ZING! It’s a pride festival, after all).

Aaron Carter doesn’t want fans worrying about terrorism at his shows — like his L.A. Pride gig this weekend — and has a warning for anyone thinking about targeting him: He’s a big 2nd Amendment guy.
Aaron will hit the stage Saturday in L.A., and he’s well aware of increased security concerns all large scale events in the wake of the bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert.

Let’s just watch his ‘warning’ and find out exactly how big of a 2nd Amendment guy Aaron Carter really is…

There you have it- he has real guns… made of metal… and lead (what?) because they’re real. You guys seriously, he’s seen guns before and he even shot one once becasue he’s allowed to. As much of a scumbag you’d have to be to subjugate yourself to a life of terrorism, I feel like even ISIS might see the bill for an Aaron Carter concert and be like, “nah- we can do better”. It sounds like he thinks “terrorism” is a guy walking into a room and starting a bar fight against infidels in a south Tampa college bar, so I don’t think he actually knows what terrorism is. Either way he played to like a million people in Rio once (who is he, Norma Desmond?) so like, you guys, he’s anti-terrorism, seriously. Spread love.