Of course they are.

April 19th, 2010 // 45 Comments

Q: Why do all these mistresses keep coming forward and admitting to being gigantic whores?


TMZ has learned a new reality show is in the works that would be hosted by Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Jamie Jungers — and according to the creator, it’s all about celebrities who cheat on their loved ones.
The show was created by Bobby Goldstein, who created the original “Cheaters” — and would, according to the pitch, try and “catch celebrity cheaters with their pants down.”

On that note, if you’re famous and banging 500 women on the side, now would be a good time to take them on a romantic car ride to the landfill. (Promise them shoes.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. bar room hero

    I’m sick of seeing the tatooed slag, (almost as much as that tranny Heidi).

  2. xylus

    Sounds classy. Too bad Audrey Hepburn isn’t around to host it…

  3. Howie

    Its called “Whore wants to be a Millionaire”

  4. Sara

    It’s nice to know that if my career doesn’t work out I could sleep with some famous person and then turn around blabbed about it and then either sue them or get my own show…Women like this don’t even deserve a boo….I hope to god that one day they meet KARMA….because seriously, they are pretty much ignorant to begin with..>Any person who believes the words of a cheater deserves to be treated like crap….Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame because you will always be that slut who slept with a married man….

  5. small asian penis

    I would think this would be a huge conflict of interest in Hollywood. What is their idea of a “celebrity”? Carrot Top? Screech?

    What’s Linda Hogan up to these days? And how hard is it to remove spam from your site?

  6. Sport

    Brilliant idea. Let’s reward the sleazy fame-grabbing whores with their own show and an income. Hollywood sucks. Every talentless chick with fake tits or a questionable past gets her own E! show.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Wow…I used to date a personal trainer with make-up like that…

    If I fucked her face down in her pillow during the summer, half her face would come off on the fucking pillow cover…I laughed so hard the first time it happened

  8. Rough's $5 ft long

    Here’s a pitch. How about a reality show in search of SHAME.

  9. It's Me Fuckers

    there is a special place in Hell for women (and men) like this. They have no problem fucking a married man, breaking up marriages, destroying homes to get their 15 minutes in the spotlight. Then they object to being called whores! Yes the men involved are at fault as well! But these women who seem to PREMEDITATE what they are doing are beyond disgusting.

    The worst thing is the fact that so many ‘reality TV’, trailer park, red-necked fucktards suck this shit up and give people like this a chance at a show! They should be shunned and NOT given the spotlight.

    Fucking whorish cunts.

  10. doogie

    Proof that life isn’t fair.

    These bitches lie, cheat and break up marriages. For that,They are rewarded with their own tv show,.

    F*** that. I will break necks if people watch this piece of s***.

  11. A Regular Joe

    It’s times like this that I have to ask what the Vitality Blue Guy would say?

  12. Shift

    And people wonder why everyone else in the world hates America…

  13. justifiable

    Fish, take all the time you need on the new site if you can keep writing stuff like that last para. Priceless.

    #8 You silly thing, no one pitches a show about something that doesn’t exist.

  14. abby

    I’d rather watch Paris Hilton count her money.

  15. JIm

    Great idea. This show will be #1.

    Gotta love this sluts.

  16. lol

    “The show was created by Bobby Goldstein”

    so a jew is giving a known nazi a tv show?

    oi vey! Anything to make $$$$$ huh!

  17. patriot

    a pity there isn’t a network created by real americans rather than scum

  18. Jake

    Jamie Junger/ Sarah Palin 2012:

    Whores for America!

  19. David

    uhhh, same reason you’re posting about them, $$$$$$

  20. Taz

    I’d let her suck me

  21. dingle

    their pussies smell like yeasty fish farts.

  22. immune

    i don’t want to sound stupid, but junger’s make-up is HORRIBLE. what the heck is up with that color on her cheeks? does she WANT to look like an idiot?

  23. Coming up on E!, Entertainment Television:

    “Gossiping Cunts ” – the true story of walking, talking cumrepositories who bang famous men and then bleed them to death

  24. A SHOW about this irreverent tripe?

    Yeah, so I’ll probably watch it.

  25. rubbish

    I bet producers sit in a room and bet each other what stupid, pointless shit they can put on tv and get people to watch, eg: I love $, rock of love, jersey shore.

    All of those shows are drunk white trash degenerates Americants acting like animals, No wonder the rest of the world hates that septic tank of a country.

    Stop watching these shitty shows and they’ll stop making them, 1/2 you idiots whine on here then go watch the latest episode of “Americants are drunk, dumb trash” or “rancid whore of the week”.

  26. A SHOW about this irreverent tripe?

    Yeah, so I’ll probably watch it.

  27. CocoK

    Note to Jungers…the blonde on top/brown on bottom hair style went out in 2003. You look like the neighborhood skank. And your makeup is terrible.

  28. Stupid Skanks

    Q: Why do all these mistresses keep coming forward and admitting to being gigantic whores?
    A: Because they’re gigantic whores; it’s all they’ve ever known and all they will ever be.

    Dumb question.

  29. ing

    23 – yeah, I think it’s airbrushed. I mean physically airbrushed onto her skin.

  30. ALTdel

    Make a REAL wish!


    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will b granted..


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  35. She look so sexy in this photo and the pose of this photo is very nice and cool I am very glad to watch her.

  36. captain america

    please tell me: why does everyone wanna meet the faking american celebrity?

  37. Dread not

    Make a reality show about these hard core, home wreckin’ whores, but make it like, Scare Tactics. They think they’re going about their everyday lives, but the jokes on them. Follow them to public places with TONS of people where they’re going to be, but stack the crowd with planted hecklers. Then just have everybody start verbally abusing them, calling them every name under the sun and exposing them to what they SHOULD be experiencing, instead of trickle down fame. That’d learn ‘em! And throw Paris Hilton in there, just for good measure.

  38. Mr. Nice Guy

    Let’s get real. Whores don’t break up Marriages. Men & Women stopping doing what attracted their partner in the first place, Kids, Boredom, Anger, Frustration Break Up Marriages.
    I cheated two years into my first marriage; I have a lot of friends who cheated and we all spent time looking for a women to cheat with.
    I have been married over 10 years this time and never even looked at another woman.
    Once again, Whores don’t break up Marriages. Boredom, Anger, Frustration Break Up Marriages.
    Easy to blame the other person, Tiger, Elin, JJ, Sandra, Me, You, all need to own our actions

  39. guesty mcguesterson

    Maybe in 20-30 years there will be a reality show called “WTF was I thinking?” starring Bombshell McGee and her faded, sagging, blurry tats as she tries to give $5 blowjobs and gets laughed at…by horny blind guys.

    Must see TV!

  40. bitch PLEASE

    A. Because that’s what a no account, non-working, money hungry driven skank will do…

  41. Disgusting

    Jungers face down in a pillow will leave 1/2 her face on the pillow; way too much makeup. And, the 2 color hair stupid skank skunk look went out about 10 years ago; get a makeover, stupid…

    Look at her smiling in those pics; she’s addicted to the publicity. In other words, she’d say she ate her own sh*t if it made people notice her & they took her picture. It’s a sickening personality flaw, and she’s got it in spades. A double tap to the cranium will fix that right up…

  42. fdafeiaofeija


    Hm, Tiger Woods, or whoever the MAN in the relationship that CHEATED should be blamed more then the WOMAN, for HE is the one who made the COMMITMENT. Dumbasses. Even had to capitalize a bunch of shit to make sure your stupid asses would read it.

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