Of course they are.

February 3rd, 2010 // 48 Comments

And this makes absolute perfect sense when you think about every shitass decision that brought us to the point. Via RadarOnline:

Two days after his March 1 return as host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno may get a ratings boost thanks to some tanned reality stars. RadarOnline.com has confirmed that the cast of the Jersey Shore will appear on his show March 3.
The cast, who will be in Los Angeles this week to tape their segment, will be missing one member. Vinny Guadagnino is feeling under the weather and will not make the trip, an agent for most members of the cast confirmed. The details of their latest Leno appearance are being kept under wraps.

JAY: Operation: Conan went according to plan, but for some reason, I just don’t feel like we’ve completely choked the life out of The Tonight Show yet…
BUTLER: Yes, Mr. Leno.
JAY: *thinks* Wait, I’ve got it!

Somewhere on the East Coast:

SNOOKI: *opens eyes* Oh, my gawd, it worked, youse guys! Gang bang?

Photos: Splash News

  1. quincypeppercorn

    there is a white stain on her shirt.



  2. mondo270

    Hmmmm. How could Vinny know that he will be ill at the beginning of March when it’s only February 3rd? Maybe these kids ARE talented! No, no they’re not.

  3. Jade

    J-Woww needs to learn how to stand if she is going to walk the red carpet. Her legs look deformed, wearing spandex isn’t helping at all either.

  4. Hal Jordan

    She’s such a fat sack of shit. It looks like she has a set of nuts in that picture.

  5. haha

    I think when this douchebag started working out on his biceps and triceps he totally forgot the rest of his body. He’s got a Popeye thing going on here. A twig with giant upper arms. And I don’t have much to say about the goblin next to him.

  6. Leggings are only cute if paired with a cute dress or a long shirt (that covers your ass). She looks ridiculous! I thought she was too thin to have a damn FUPA…

  7. Rough--does it all for the "children"

    When you look like a young Linda Fiorentino, you dont need any talents. She just need to soften those fall cushions and antics…

  8. THIS is who Jay Leno decided to re-open the tonight show with?

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    Must be a desperate time for that lame ass.

    MTV is single-handedly breeding a nation full of downs syndromic twits, and it’s even spreading into Jay Leno’s unfunny brain.

  9. stu

    hay hay America…YOU SUCK!

  10. Sport

    go away.

  11. God of Thunder

    Although he kinda looks like Popeye, the Situation rules.

    Whats up with those ugly smelly looking shoes on that chick. What a turnoff.

  12. President Palin 2012

    Wow! Paulie Shore looks great for his age!

  13. joe smallcock

    Man she has a faaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. testington

    Actually Jwoww looks pretty good with this toned down look.

    #5, it must just be the pics or outfit, if you ever see the show the dude like never wears a shirt and pretty clearly works out more than just his arms.

  15. testington

    She looks pretty good with the toned down look, kinda cute girl next door with big fake tits.

    #5. If you watch the show dude always has his shirt of, its pretty clear he works out more than just his arms, dude is obsessed with his abs more than anything

  16. NachoGuido

    I predict “party muslims” will have the next 15minutes of meaningless airtime.

  17. Gary B

    Leno must be desperate if this is his “draw card”.

    “party muslims” you mean MTV will come to Dearborn MI? There we actually have the arabic version of the Jersey Shore. They are like the Guido’s bastard retarded cousin. They are just like the Jersey Shore, if they ate no pork and bathed even LESS and more 3x more Brut cologne.

    Then CAIR will whine about islamophobia when Arabs get further dragged through the mud by their own brand of douchebags.

  18. Doc Schweinstrudel

    She looks like a mannequin assembled from the spare parts, with her legs inside out or two left legs -I don’t know. Is she pregnant?

  19. MTV

    We have been dumbed down by reality TV and shit like this. All goes according to plan.
    Have any of you numbskulls noticed that your country has been looted right before you cowardly eyes?
    Nah just change the channel you flabby dumb fucks.

  20. Dr.

    J-Wowww has quite the mound there – and I’m not talking about her top.

  21. Dr.

    The Situ’s head is too big for his body. Not to dump on him too much but if he thinks he is attractive, God help us all. Talk about your twisted reality.

  22. urmom

    Hey #10: we may suck, but you will swallow every last drop of jizz our pop culture shoots in your face. Drink up.

  23. HLM

    Not that I was going to ever watch The Tonight Show again, but this just confirms that I made the right choice. Seriously, 15 minutes is up for the twats from the Jersey Shore. It’s time they go away. Snooki & The Situation are not names, they are slang terms for sexually transmitte diseases.

  24. david

    does this bitch remind anyone else of the grand high witch or whatever from that movie the witches?



  25. JPRichardson

    Popeye arms = synthol

  26. HuckyDucky

    Those aren’t Popeye arms, they’re *reverse* Popeye arms. Popeye had giant forearms and skinny upper arms, remember?

  27. FFF

    I dig those open-toe shoes. Very sexy with those pretty toes poking out!

  28. undahpresha

    One of the all time greatest moments on television would be The Situation calling Leno out for being a douchebag for what he did to Conan. The Situation would be legend.
    If anyone knows that guy please forward this idea to him.

  29. me

    So glad I don’t know what the fuck a “JWoww” is.

  30. Don

    Wait, that’s the same chick in that blue bikini? Damn. There should bwe a law against her wearing clothes because she looks HIDEOUS.

  31. True! they are talented young man and woman… But the shots are not that good…

  32. Treen

    ayyyy fupa

  33. Dude of Dudes

    Free hair gel and popped collars to the first 100 audience members mayhaps? Gotta keep the show classy.

  34. Pal

    That kid needs to start including more to his workout than just high rep/low weight dumbbell curls.

  35. thank fuck this show isn’t on in new zealand. We never got John & Kate plus 8 either. Who approves these shit stain shows?

  36. I think she is looking pretty! Her Leggings also perfectly match her. I think one should wear those clothes which he or she feels comfortable.

  37. Gorilla Zed

    Ok seriously, this is really starting to fucking piss me off. ANOTHER case of a group of COMPLETELY worthless human being (á la The Hills cunts, the Kardashians) that are being made into celebrities no matter what. And people were DISGUSTED by this show – how is it that still not a day goes by when I don’t see a news item related to these morons?

    And nurses and school teachers everywhere are barely getting by, or sitting around unemployed. These wastes of space are awarded $10k per episode.

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  39. f

    who is that nobody girl? she is ugly. why is she on this site?

  40. That’s great and all but…if they were separating, how would they get a divorce if they aren’t married?

  41. susiekilini

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  42. Brian0523

    IDK – I would prob let The Situation shoot his baby batter in my azzhole. I bet it smells like garlic! Yum.

  43. I’m sorry she is cute.

  44. I support same sex marriage! Any lesbian girls who would like to meet other girls here… It is really difficult to meet a lesbian girl in real life. We should not stay alone, go __lescupids.com__ and meet a lesbian baby for friendship~now~~

  45. never

    Oh yeah, pic #1 makes me wanna see that show, for sure…

  46. That’s great and all but .if they were separating, how would they get a divorce if they aren’t married?

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