Of Course Farrah Abraham Brought A Photographer To Get Her Vagina Tightened

The Teen Mom turned fleshlight butt queen Farrah Abraham is still awful. Once again she’s outdone herself in generating reasons for people to think she might be the most horrible person walking the planet. You may recall the time she created fake Instagram accounts to leave positive comments on her profile, or perhaps the time she gave her kid some weight-loss tea that is somehow legal through some FDA loophole. Now she’s getting blasted by a magic vagina wand while wearing a space thong in a doctor’s office as an Australian photographer barks orders. It’s all in some grand scheme of selling more of her vagina, which may or may not be publicly traded in some Filipino stock exchange at this point.

Radar has released video of Farrah getting her saggy vagina and butt tightened that was undoubtedly given to them by Farrah herself because no one would give a shit otherwise. They probably paid her in chapstick and fried chicken for the exchange, but that’s just my assumption. Also she’s wearing a spacewoman thong bikini and I can’t make this shit up.