Octomom’s baby train derailed

Great news, everybody, Octomom has tumors on her uterus! Alright! According to Radar Online, she’ll be undergoing surgery that will leave her pretty much unable to conceive again. — We should throw a party:

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman will check into the hospital this weekend to have benign fibroid tumors removed from her uterus — a procedure that will make further pregnancies virtually impossible, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.
Suleman will leave her eight infants and six older children in the care of her nannies, as the procedure and recovery is expected to take up to seven days.

I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up because there’s always the risk of this happening:

DOCTOR: Well, Octomom, we were about to remove part of your uterus except, goddammit, we found 20,000 babies implanted inside. Now, I know this will be a difficult choi-
OCTOMOM: Whee! There’s always room for more! Tee-hee.
DOCTOR: …. Nurse, fetch me my gun.
OCTOMOM: Is it to keep the paparazzi away ’cause I’m just like Angelina?
DOCTOR: Something like that.

Thanks to Kasia who uses her uterus for good, not for Jimmy Choo’s.