Octomom’s On Welfare, Receiving Death Threats

April 2nd, 2012 // 53 Comments
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Despite posing topless for a mere $8-10,000 (the amount keeps changing), Octomom is now officially on welfare which is really going over well with taxpayers in the state of California, so trust me when I say they couldn’t be more thrilled. TMZ reports:

Our sources say Nadya Suleman started getting angry and threatening phone calls from blocked numbers, emails, and Facebook messages such as … “Die bitch. I’m not working for your f**king kids, you’re the one that wanted them.”
We’re told Octo had to hang up on several irate callers, but not before they spewed choice words like:
– “You’re going to get yours.”
– “I’m not working to f**king pay –.”
– “F**k you, you don’t deserve –.”
According to our sources, Octomom’s actually received a few positive messages too — single mothers praising her for not letting pride stop her from doing what they believe is right for her children.

Oh, yes, Octomom is so brave for doing whatever it takes for the small army she crammed up her babyhole to play reality show roulette. And the funny thing is, she actually believes she’s a mama bear protecting her cubs and has been touting that line to support her decision to pose topless which is ridiculous because, again, she was offered $1 million to do porn. One million. So she’s willing to do “whatever it takes” to put a roof over her kids’ heads except have sex on camera, although I am willing to concede that maybe her vagina fell off. But if you think it’s degrading of me to suggest she should do porn to feed her family, let me hit you with some facts: Do you know how many strippers are out there with secret prostitution rates that have kids? All of them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go shove a dollar bill down a real mother’s G-string.

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  1. Richard McBeef

    I really don’t feel bad for Octo not taking the million to fuck on film, but I feel for the homeless guy who missed his shot at 5 million to fuck on film.

  2. Dick Hell

    See kids are small, so if you want them to support you financially you’re going to need a shitload. Surprising nobody thought of it sooner…

  3. EricLr

    They should make the doctor who inseminated that psycho pay for them, right after they yank his medical license forever. How anyone was able to get away with putting 8 fetuses into a single, unemployed woman who already had 6 kids, and NOT lose his license, is beyond me.

    • Cock Dr

      This woman GLOWS with mental illness, but that didn’t stop crappy fertility “Dr.” Michael Kamrava. He took the $ and shoved that littler in there. Nice job asshole.

      • Sliver

        I suspect that the doctor who implanted these eggs is the father of at least 2 of them. What do you think? I’m sure he had some stake in it, even if it is just spreading his seed.

      • toby

        He had as much stake in it as Dr Frakenstein did in his little experiment

    • What gets me is that I’m pretty sure it was done under the aegis of Kaiser Permanente, and it’s clearly medical fraud, so why aren’t they footing the bill for reimbursing the CA taxpayers?

      Michael Kamrava can’t practice in CA any longer as of last summer, but I don’t know about any other state. CA should seize all his assets and any future earnings, even if it’s just his BK pay emvelope – and even then, that won’t come close to paying for the decades of welfare and disability that this numb, delusional cunt and her litter are going to cost the state.

    • cc

      100% agree. It astonishes me that a medical professional could be so deliberately irresponsible. He should definitely be paying support.

    • dooood

      i mean, you can literally get away with anything in CA

      • No you cannot ‘literally’ get away with anything in California. The state has laws just like anywhere else. The problem with this situation is it deals with fertility. The government, outside of enforcing typical sanitary requirements, doesn’t really get too involved in these matters due to the inherent stigma of them doing so.

        Its kind of like how you don’t necessarily see forced sterilization laws gain traction when they’re brought up for consideration. There’s a pretty dark history in this country with the eugenics movement and once you try to start codifying it into law it’s going to piss off (as it should) a whole bunch of people on a human rights level. So, conversely, they’re not going to get in the way of you getting knocked up and squeezing out a litter instead of just one.

        I do believe though, that there should be some sort of safeguard having to do with IVF, multiple kids and state benefits. Situations like octomom here are so rare though, so why bother with going through the process?

  4. Juano

    Why does anybody really care about this? Why do people get themselves worked into a frenzy over the actions of a pathetic moron? Why don’t they just concentrate on getting the blocks leveled for their trailer home?

  5. Anon

    Why are Californians (justly) enraged about supporting this lunatic, when on the other hand they are more than happy to pay for meals, shelter, tv, etc. for inmates in death row until they die of natural causes?

  6. Lunch

    The American Dream in action.

  7. So she`s freakin out over death threats and answers the door to a stranger with a kid on her hip? My bad, dude had a TMZ camera. Not a stranger. http://www.tmz.com/2012/04/01/octomom-welfare-video/#c5281506

  8. Alex

    Oh fuck. U.S. Taxpayers take care of 50 million welfare recipients every damn day. 1/4 of those are more than capable of working jobs. Go bitch to your representative instead of twitter you fucking idiots.

  9. Blech

    :: Pretends to be supportive single mom ::

    :: Vomits ::

  10. Social commentary alert: Don’t have babies you can’t afford to raise.

    • Can I put a thumb down on the asshole who put a thumb down?

      I’m curious why somebody would put a thumb down on that comment because it implies that it’s OK to have kids you can’t afford to raise.

    • Crispy Anus

      Social commentary alert: don’t have kids. What part of 7 billion do you cunts not understand?

  11. Bianca

    Can someone please explain how she can’t afford to put food on the table but she can afford to stuff her face with botox and fillers?

  12. Rico Jones

    I love how that porn company offered her another chance but at a reduced price. I think it went from 1 million to 100,000.

  13. Mitch

    I hate this bitch, and all the others like her, with every bone in my body. She should be forced to offer every one of those kids up for adoption to families that want them.

    She should also be forcibly sterilized by ripping out all of her plumbing.

  14. The single mothers defending her is priceless. A bunch of dumb skanks that couldn’t keep their legs closed. Got pregnant. Then expects us to pay for their responsibility.

  15. My grandfather worked his entire life, and only gets 1200 bucks a month. This girl purposely got pregnant and now we have to pay for it. Don’t you just love the shitty country?

    If some 16 year old girl wants to go out spreading her legs without thinking of the consequences she should be forced to pay for the abortion or not be allowed government assistance. No one is forcing her to have sex. Sex is a choice. This Angelina Jolie wannabe chose to be artificially inseminated in an attempt to be fucking famous. Are you kidding me? Give her kids to foster care and make her ass work.

    Women better not whine and complain about gender equality and womens rights in countries like America..”American Girls – Lay on your back and we’ll pay you to take loads!”

    • Blech

      And you just go ahead and spread your seed all around, sir. Because it’s clear we need so many more people in the world just like you.


      • Birth control is more reliable than a thin piece of latex with 234908302 holes poked in it. Go around stabbing bimbos in their ovaries , sir. Because it’s clear we don’t need anymore people in the world like you.

  16. dooood

    i think the irony is if she had just adopted half of those kids, the government would have chipped in on the majority of the expenses plus she might’ve been praised and not ridiculed.
    she already had 6? and then paid Dr. screwloose to put 8 more
    in her? and the doctor thought it was a good idea provided she payed him thousands of dollars?
    how did she feed/pay for her 6 previous kids?

    i forget who said “its a vagina not a clown car”

    14 babies are a miracle straight from heaven but getting a million dollars to get filmed having sex is absurd! i mean who the fuck wouldn’t take that deal?
    i mean besides hollywood starlet whores.

  17. Carla

    The most fucked-up Angeina Jolie fan ever. AND the most rancid.

  18. Blech

    Fish, you dangle an unreachable sweet sweet little chocolate covered baby carrot in front of us every time you post about the misfortunes of Toxo.

    I say go all the way next time. Actually feed us the fucking carrot by telling us she’s been evicted or forced to live in the projects… or placed in jail :).


  19. vader

    If you can’t afford to feed em, don’t breed em!

    • Sliver

      That’s a Caucasian concept; and you’re wasting it on the winner of 14 fuck-trophies. Although, I guess they didn’t really come from sex. Per se.

  20. mel

    this cunt’s eyebrows are thicker than my pubic mane!

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Pubic Mane?! heheheh
      Ohh remember that show about the lion that lived in the sewers and has a crush on Sarah Connor? They should remake that.

  21. Ron

    making 12.50/hour having kids that need food….more then if you flip burgers or work in a car wash. ($2000.00 / 160 hours in a 4 week 40 hr month… 12.50/hr)

  22. Octomom Welfare
    Concerned Parent
    Commented on this photo:

    This is one disgusting piece of trash. Children’s services needs to take every one of those kids away from this loser. Adopt the kids out and put her nasty skank azz in jail for negligence. And make sure that she is sterilized so that she cannot have any more kids.

  23. Octomom Welfare
    Commented on this photo:

    “If that camera isn’t a penis, get it out of my face!”

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