Octomom in a Bikini: This is happening.

January 18th, 2010 // 424 Comments

Well, this was inevitable. That being said, who the hell picks up a camera and goes, “Hey, you know what would be awesome to capture forever? Nadya Suleman in a bikini”? I honestly didn’t think there were that many drugs on the planet. Also, not to scare anybody, but you know there’s a sex tape just around the corner and I guarantee you it’ll contain this exchange:

OCTOMOM: Stick it in!
DUDE: I can’t, there’s a day care falling out.

Sign me up for that.

Thanks to Matt Varden. But not really.


  1. j.

    im not gunna lie, i think she looks hot for eight kids at once

  2. she definately had a tummy tuck alot of my friends have the same stretched new belly button . she looks great after having 14 kids. but thats the problem she has 14 kids she should of said forget her looks after the 4th child as a single mom.

  3. The Deacon

    are you all nuts? of course it’s gross to think that this moron who has the brain of a molested niece is in a bikini. but once you take away that fact, there is something about those big juggs that makes me want to pump her, and thoswe big lips as well. she aint right in the head and there isn’t a man among us that hadn’t uttered the words, ” she’s F—ck—ing crazy but the best chicks in the sack for some reason are the nutty ones. you just want to pound them”

  4. I love the way she looks – big boobs

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  7. she is hot and so is janine garfalo and all of you know it. i bet she taste like candy.

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  12. A floppy hat, a dress that pulls up over your bikini, and shades–the essence of California beach style.

    that’s great!!!

  13. Alleen in bikini zitten ze in een glazen cabine die dankzij de groene neon-ster al van ver te herkennen is.


  14. I agree with most of the pros of the article, great research, well keep in touch. John

  15. HowieP
    Commented on this photo:

    She is just not that attractive. Plus her belly button is NASTY!

  16. jki

    ok . i cant help but say that she looks like she has man hands and her feet are huge in portion to the rest of the body. I dont know if it is the camera angle but she looks so awkward because she has huge lips and the rest of her face is so much more smaller , and she has huge feet and hands but the rest of her legs are small in comparison. She just looks awkward and i can honestly say that she should have kept her clothes on , and should be taking care of her kids instead of living a crazy highliner life style

  17. icarus
    Commented on this photo:

    damn i’d tap that ferrsure. her tits look lovely!

  18. icarus
    Commented on this photo:

    O.M.G.! she looks GORGEOUS!

  19. icarus
    Commented on this photo:

    i’m sure she’d look GREAT if your fucking her doggystyle

  20. Ole Dirty

    I would so hit that if she let me bust my nut all over her face.

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