Octomom in a Bikini: This is happening.

January 18th, 2010 // 424 Comments

Well, this was inevitable. That being said, who the hell picks up a camera and goes, “Hey, you know what would be awesome to capture forever? Nadya Suleman in a bikini”? I honestly didn’t think there were that many drugs on the planet. Also, not to scare anybody, but you know there’s a sex tape just around the corner and I guarantee you it’ll contain this exchange:

OCTOMOM: Stick it in!
DUDE: I can’t, there’s a day care falling out.

Sign me up for that.

Thanks to Matt Varden. But not really.


  1. OG

    jesus christ…

  2. Hank

    Wow, fugly. Look at those legs! Or better, don’t!

  3. tkinse

    ahhhhhhh! DO NOT WANT!

  4. Aerialgreen

    All the extra skin from her octo-tuck is ought to be enough to have a full body implant.

  5. 1Chick

    Wow. Ummmm…wow. Well I’ve seen a lot worse looking people in a bikini. There’s something creepy about looking at her belly and knowing there were 8 babies in there all at one time!

  6. Sam

    Why? Fucking WHY?

  7. tranny

    its a tranny

  8. Randal

    @ The FISH!

    “Well, this was inevitable… I honestly didn’t think there were that many drugs on the planet.”

    So why are you wasting our time with it then? If you don’t want to see it, what makes you think your readers do?


  9. Analeigh

    Just run, run away….

  10. havoc

    Tell the Four Horsemen they’re on in five…..


  11. NL

    Worst than seeing my granma in bikini (and I’ve never seen/wanted to see that).

  12. wtf

    Now that’s some damn good airbrushing!!

  13. honest-abe

    She looks like the Creature from The Black Lagoon!

  14. Gia McCormick

    Is it me, or does he/she have huge feet and manhands?

  15. NL


    MY EYES! MY EYES!!!!!

  16. David

    The 1st pic looks like the Joker. (Not mean in a complement in anyway)

  17. David

    The 1st pic looks like the Joker. (Not mean as a complement in anyway)

  18. Em

    That’s just fucking rude.

    It’s like Janice Dickinson, Jack Nicholson (as the Joker, obvs), and Angelina Jolie (‘s legs) all came together to scare the living shit out of us.

    Thanks Fish. If you’re trying for shock, awe, and nausea in the New Year, you got it. You’re such a pal.

  19. SOS

    her stomach is so photoshopped… there is no definition to it

  20. Jade

    She is full of shit when she says she never had a tummy tuck. You can tell by the belly button. And it is physically impossible for all the nasty stretch marks she had to just disappear. I guess all the donations that were given for her babies was used on her.

  21. j

    That pussy is wreckt… like a a tone of TNT went off in it

  22. MDedd

    What the hell is wrong with her foot in the 6th picture?

  23. AZrock

    mmmmmm Sexalicious!!!!

  24. ToRiMiLi

    WTF? I am so sick of these fake celebs getting free tummy tucks. I must be going about this all wrong….OFF TO THE FERTILITY CLINIC!! I wonder what I’ll get if I have 12?!! *sheeesh*

  25. MS

    What the fuck is wrong with her foot in the 6th picture?

  26. mensa

    Hahahahaaa this photoshoot is awesome.

    For a woman who popped out an entire nursery, she looks decent. That being said, she was delusional if she thought that these pics would make her look like anything other than a fucking moron…

  27. eddy

    Plastic surgery works wonders. I’m sure if you threw plastic surgery into just about anyone they’d come out the other end looking like this.

  28. whatda

    Why is this happening…is the question.

  29. Extreme

    I’d hit it…….

    With a baseball bat………..

    Then burn the bat, and apologize to trees everywhere.

  30. Mister Mister

    Sickening, naturally … but her ass looks surprisingly ok in pic #8.

  31. ToRiMiLi

    #27, I was thinking the same thing! It literally looks like a hoof!

  32. Sardonic

    When did Courtney Love dye her hair?

  33. TokenIrish

    The video was scrapped because the wind roaring between her legs sounded like a combo jug band and bicycle with basball cards in the spokes.

  34. Christi

    So, is she still living with her mom or what? That’s just classy.

  35. Toronto905

    Seriously!!!!! She is sooooo gross and will do anything for 5 minutes of fame. I can’t even look at this picture its soooo disturbing!!!

  36. miette

    Steven Tyler’s lookin’ awfully feminine these days

  37. cz

    LOL. TMZ’s people just said reccently she was so hott!! the first pic looks like she is ready ot jump on the rock of love bus!! she needs more time for her body to adjust to not having a nursery growing in it.

  38. No Problem

    What the fuck is that?? What a freak show!

  39. Brett

    So stretchy.

  40. CP

    Those are so photoshopped it’s sad.

  41. Echan's Wife

    She should be taking care of the 14 children not doing this shit.. dammit that’s gross!

  42. Natalie

    She has rather large feet.

  43. Delgo

    This is all your fault.

  44. Ohnoprah


  45. Interesting

    She has that creepy heath-ledger-in-batman smile going

  46. Jack Napier

    Ooooohh, she don’t look happy.
    She’s been using brand X.

  47. Brian0523

    This shitbagcrazybiotch needs a reality check! Those lips…those legs…that stomach….that hair….makesmewannapuke!

  48. Codiac Bear

    I want plastic surgery for free…

  49. trsfrfrs

    she doesnt look that bad actually. your all retarded even if that is photoshopped she obviously worked hard to get even photoshop-able in the first place.
    ill bet your all spankin it to these pics as i type. get fucked

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