Octomom Whipping a Dude in a Diaper

January 19th, 2011 // 167 Comments

As advertised.

I’m not sure whether this was a friendly gesture or a calculated move to send me hurtling into a never-ending abyss of madness, but TMZ has passed along stills from the upcoming Octomom fetish video. And you know what I find the most fascinating about these? Where the hell are her kids? She has 14 of them. Statistically speaking at least two should be in the background making faces that say, “We murder people with axes now.” I don’t care how strong the padlock on the basement door is. That house has vents.

Photos: Courtesy of TMZ


  1. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Poor kids.

    What a bitch. I guess she’s trying to make some money on the side for her next litter.

  2. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Probably recycled the kids’ toys too.

    “mommy, why does my doll house smell like a gross old man?”


  3. Mortimer Duke

    Her existence is so sad. Im sure she must want to end it everyday. I ctually hate her for doing this. Someone send this bitch a link to the University of Phoenix. This shit wont ride in another ten years. Shit is barely hitting right now! Doing nastiness where your kid stay! Hold up where are any of these kids fathers???!!!

  4. Miss Moppet

    Don’t worry Tax Deduction #7, that’s just taint sweat and semen stained on the floor of your dollhouse, no big deal! Now fetch mommy her whip. I gotta keep you kids in cat litter and oreos somehow!

  5. gina

    mortimer duke, most sex workers doing fet work are college-educated.

  6. gina

    and it will ride, the older she gets the more ‘mommy’ she is.

    girl prob just badly needs some immediate cash, let it go.

  7. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Barf!!! eeeeewwww

  8. Jerry

    Shouldn’t there be some pictures of him using a training potty, or of her changing his diaper. These pictures are just comedy, and there’s really nothing in them. I guess they might make some people in jail horny, but this whole photo shoot is really too stupid. Also, what’s up with all the really nice new toys, and beautiful clean house. I’m beginning to wonder what she did with the kids?

  9. Kae

    And this is why fertility treatments should not be covered by medical assistance…

  10. Satan's bitch

    Even the boss said “OH .. MY .. FUCKING .. GOD!!”

  11. marshmellow

    The dude getting whipped goes by the name Tattoo. He works on radio, in the morning on a show called Big Boy’s Neighborhood (morning show, is pretty popular and has been featured on Entourage and others). His “claim to fame” if you will is he won Lakers finals tix (in like ’01 I think) by tattooing “I Slept with Shaq” on his forehead on the show, hence the nickname Tattoo, and is now a member of the show. If I remember correctly he used to be obsessed w/ Octomom!

  12. JAF

    That guy is a radio personality in Los Angeles. His name is Tattoo and he used to be on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Now he is on Rick Dees show. I’m sure this was a stunt but it is still hilarious & gross.

  13. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    This man goes by the name of “Tattoo” and works at hip hop station power 106….he’s always doing outrageous things…and this, by far, is the most outrageous.

  14. JAF

    Sorry, I didn’t realize marshmellow had already clarified. Hahaha!

  15. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    Mel Gibson's Shrink
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    That makes 15 for her. Is she now officially qualified to live in a shoe?

  16. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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  17. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    you know how we always wonder, looking at a guy with a tattoo on their forehead, what kind of employment they ever get? well, that answers it.

  18. Doc Scweinstrudel

    That’s disgusting, repulsive and just shows how degraded male gender has become (at least the whore does it for money).

    • Doof

      I think it’s totally cool that men and women are now both equally sexually degraded in society. At least by Americans. Where I come from people actually like having sex and it’s considered normal behavior regardless of what genitals you have. Who’da thunk it??

  19. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    Racer X
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    I’d cum inside her.

  20. Hans Island

    I don’t care what anyone says. I would totally bend Octomom over, reign in that hair and ride her like the Kentucky derby.

  21. Use the Schwartz!

    …and you all thought Ron Jeremy has dropped off the map after thatVH1Celebrity merry-go-round show and here he comes firing back, full guns-a-blazin’ with this pictorial!

    He is back doing what he does best, and I think he even lost some weight?!?!?!

  22. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    these arent even that bad, i was thinking more gross stuff, these are actually funny.

  23. Well I am WAY too hung over for this crap.

  24. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    OMG, creepy but fuckin hilarious. The grin on the guy’s face is the best part.

  25. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    The Wincehster
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    Those pictures would look a lot better without that TMZ watermark over it.

    And those people in it.

  26. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    C. Hart
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    These are all about as erotic as watching a chimp hump a tire.

  27. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    In a few random photo shoots, she did look fuckable. However, I have a hard time fucking any girl, after knowing some of the nasty sleaze balls that have previously been inside here. After seeing this clown, I am no longer on the fence about here, in fact I have actually burned the whole damn fence down!

  28. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    * Pretty stoned right now, replace all my “here” with “her” lol

  29. I see no tits; therefore, GTFO

  30. dR

    must… bleach… eyes…

  31. Aussie Mama

    she is a fucking disgrace.

  32. Julie

    could they have picked a more unattractive man? guess not…

  33. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    the guy she’s whipping is former radio personality Tattoo and the tattoo on his forehead says, “I slept with Shaq”

  34. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    Heinrich Himmler
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    I was wondering what Jon Gosslin was doing for work. Octosnatch better change his diaper soon.

  35. michiez

    youve got to be kidding me.

  36. canuckchick

    Is that why he left Christina Aguilera?

  37. me2also

    “I’m not sure whether this was a friendly gesture or a calculated move to send me hurtling into a never-ending abyss of madness” – pure hilarity! LMAO

  38. There are people with infantile, dominatrix, preggo, Iraqi dictator fetishes out there and even they aren’t turned on.

  39. Blech

    Besides Nadya, how many of these fetish/porn dimwit “mommies” on YouTube who pretend to have a job… actually have fourteen kids they cannot afford to care for?

    Let me help you with that, Nadya: NONE. This is why your scheme is a big FAIL.

  40. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    He should crawl in her vagina next, its about the same size as the playhouse.

  41. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    Baron Bleeke
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    manohmanohman are her kids gonna be absolute TRAIN WRECKS!!

    2nd grade is gonna be *wonderful* for those kids.

  42. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    telling it like it is
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    That guy is on the Big Boy in The Morning show in LA. Power 106. His name is Tattoo. He does all the crazy stunts for them.

  43. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    She could have at least done the decent thing and leaked a sex tape; at least that’s becoming normal for children to deal with. This is just absolutely disturbing.

  44. clyde

    That is so creepy…I would honestly have more respect for her if she had gotten naked and done regular porn. That freak show is all kinds of wrong.

  45. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    is this in her OWN HOUSE? are those her KIDS TOYS?

  46. Geeyo

    Yo it’s Tattoo from Big Boy’s Neighborhood!

  47. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Looks like its time to pay the piper for all her past stupidity.

  48. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    What he thinking being seen with a scank like her!

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