Octomom Whipping a Dude in a Diaper

January 19th, 2011 // 167 Comments

As advertised.

I’m not sure whether this was a friendly gesture or a calculated move to send me hurtling into a never-ending abyss of madness, but TMZ has passed along stills from the upcoming Octomom fetish video. And you know what I find the most fascinating about these? Where the hell are her kids? She has 14 of them. Statistically speaking at least two should be in the background making faces that say, “We murder people with axes now.” I don’t care how strong the padlock on the basement door is. That house has vents.

Photos: Courtesy of TMZ


  1. Hugh Gentry

    fuck you for posting this.

    • Cock Dr

      It’s a golden opportunity for all to look at that poor bastard getting the whip & think “No matter how bad my life is at least I ain’t him”.
      They probably picked that guy up at homeless shelter & gave him a tall boy & a cheeseburger for his afternoon of abuse. For him it was like winning the lottery.

    • Mike Walker

      Thumbnail #4…. he’s got a tattoo of Tony Danza!!!!!!!


    I shall wash, but will never be clean.

  3. snarky the lurker

    at least they supplied her with a “stud” that is a direct reflection of the quality of her assets.

  4. Objac

    Look, I would totally watch that woman get fucked stupid. But this is FAR from anything entertaining.

    • Boba

      ahh come on… it must be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. in her case… a football stadium! after all those kids man… :/

  5. Ksurfiws

    I am terrified…yet I can’t turn away.

  6. Duke

    I think my outie just became an innie…

  7. Talk about being whipped. This take s the cake.

  8. Righteous, dude

    That’s actually the sickest shit I’ve ever seen.

  9. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Is that a Tony Danza tattoo?

  10. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Eeeewwwweeeee. He’s got stretch marks.

  11. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    what an ugly guy… why are porn men so ugly? how are we supposed to enjoy something like this with ugly man balls to look at… =(

  12. Millie

    bleaches eyeballs….

  13. Oh snap

    Well, good morning throw up.. I haven’t seen you since I recovered from bulimia.

  14. Dude of Dudes

    The dude looks like the love child of Ron Jeremy and Rosie O’Donnell.

  15. Octomom got the teat for sure. I like thum and want to feed on her.

  16. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    i’d motor boat that…….

  17. C. Lynn

    child protection services in 3…2…

    • Drew

      If this was something child services could take action against, strippers, porn stars, models etc would never be able to have children, yet they do. Hurp durp you’re a fucking moron.

      • bi chick

        It says it was filmed in her home, so C. Lynn may be right. Is that doll/dog house something she actually owns and her kids play in? That could be a problem.

      • Mary Jane

        Really? Cuz there is all kinds of love juices on it? HAHA dumb!

      • Blech

        Drew-pooh, I’ve never, ever seen a stripper, porn star, or model have a video shot of herself while dressed as a Dominatrix and whipping an old, fat f*ck in the center of her children’s playroom. But then, that’s probably because no stripper, porn star or model is THIS messed up in the head.

        Yoo-HOO, CPS?!

      • BelleStarr

        Yep that’s her house and her children’s toys. The stuffed horse was even in her Christmas photo along with the kid’s that weren’t able to escape.

        Several people commented on the crazed look in the horse’s eyes and now we know why. LOL

  18. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Forget about the world coming to an end in 2012
    Its already started AHHHHHH!

  19. Ze German

    did he died?

  20. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    Ricky Gervais
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    How is babby formed? How girl get pragnent?

  21. Scat porn would be too good for these two.

  22. blah

    This is so sick! That’s her children’s home where she is bringing these creeps in to be perverted with. I would rather give my kids up for adoption to good homes than resort to this for money…how pathetic and disgusting.

    • This is what it took for you to finally figure out that she’s not mentally fit? Really?

    • Ah, but she’s had a taste of the fame now, and will do anything for more…

      • Mary Jane

        Right, NOW she tasted fame, not before with all her magazine covers and interviews, THIS is her five minutes of fame.

      • Look, we all know the whole reason she had all these kids at once was she was expecting someone to give her a reality TV show and cash in for big money (no whammies…STOP!). She’s just too fucking stupid to expect the huge backlash the public had against her, and now she’s stuck with 27 kids and no income.

        There’s no reason to expect porn isn’t a viable option for her. It gives her the money she wanted, the fame she wanted, and gets her laid…which we don’t have any evidence has ever occurred before.

  23. grobpilot

    I would tell her to please not breed more who would grow up to be like her but, too late. Shit.

  24. GravyLeg

    Poor bastard. From landscaper, to Octovictim, to suicide… All in one day…

  25. Fart Sandwich

    Guys, relax, it’s just Sasha Baron Cohen having a little bit of fun. It’s clearly for a movie, because if this was for real, the guy would be wearing the bib around his neck properly, and then he’d commit suicide.

  26. Fart Sandwich

    The only way these pictures would be better is if Kate Gosselin was in the back on a unicycle, juggling hamburgers.

  27. seth rogen's vagina

    Is that Saddam Hussein in that bonnet and diaper? I didn’t know he had so much ink going on.

  28. unableunwilling

    “If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.” – George Carlin

  29. JP


  30. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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  31. Rico

    What kind of porn is this suppose to be? Does she even get naked? I hope they don’t expect this to sell well if she doesn’t even get nude. FAIL.

  32. HMMM

    Like she hasn’t had enough humiliation into her life. She has to stoop to this…. YUCK!!!!!

  33. Which one of her kids is that?

  34. HeyNow

    The heck with 2012, the world just ended now!!

    • nonminti

      speaking my mind..I start to believe in 2012,it gotta be the end of the world because how come anyone can pay or worse watch this?! (shuddering)

  35. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
    Ballin Collin
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    Who the hell wants to see a fat mexican in a diaper other than some gay cozplay doods?

  36. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    I cannot tell I lie, I’d hit it.

    But no whip, or diapers. With a condom. And spermicide.

    But hit it, I would.



  38. Fool

    Can someone please explain to her, that to make money at porn – people have to want to buy it.

  39. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Where are all of her kids? She is never photographed with them which makes me wonder if she sold them to pay for rent.

  40. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    HAHAHAHA! This is fucking genius! The dudes facial expression is priceless.

    • Blech

      It’s not genius. It’s chunky-vomit worthy.

      Good luck to these two getting a job, or anything of value, from here on.

  41. Smivey

    I don’t know if I thyped this correctly because I have just torn myeyes out.

  42. stink-pants

    Is it wrong if I want to see her squatting in a piss fetish video?

  43. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Is that a Tony Danza tattoo? I think we know Who’s the Boss!

  44. tim

    please tell me that’s a tattoo of tony danza.

  45. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Tony Danza tattoo FTW!! Who’s the Boss now, B!$%^ !

  46. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    Is this seriously a fetish that anyone else has or just what she normally does on a first date?

  47. boredfox

    Face tattoos. That’s how you know it’s classy

  48. My penis tied a rope around it’s neck, stood on my balls, scrawled “you made me do this” on my taint, and stepped off into blissful oblivion.

  49. tina

    want some facts? i’m in sex work. this is called Adult Baby Diaper Lover fetish and though it is niche it has an avid following and takes in huge money via telephone sex mostly and then videos and domme sessions. Octomom can pretty much be the queen domme for this fetish given her name and sistuation, and that guy likely paid her top dollar. then she will make money off the video on the ABDL sites.

    btw, these are hilarious. go octomom. she’s not doing any penetration, just fet play. way better than the steve hirsch douchebag choice, probably more profitable long run.

    • Mortimer Duke

      Want another fact? Youre a cheap whore.

      • Cock Dr

        Ahhh, why you gotta call names on a poster like this?
        It’s interesting, & IMO sex workers provide a valuable safety valve to our fucked up society.

      • gina

        thanks cock dr! anyway this is a harmless fetish that has nothing to do with pedo as people on tmz are freaking out about. it’s a regression fetish where men simply want to revert back to babies and be taken care of or scolded for being bad. it goes two ways, nurse or domme. octomom is playing up the domme side.

        it’s also used as an alt sexual therapy for men who were neglected or abused as children, they regress and recieve love and happiness to provide new memories from a nurse or mommy.

        it’s funny because i dont know if this has ever bubbled up from the underground before in the spotlight like this.

        maybe less judgmental about what works or gets people off. or how a woman makes her money to support her family. octomom probably made a smart choice here. and she obviously needed a lot of money right away.

      • Cock Dr

        Stay safe out there.
        Stay away from Charlie Sheen….he ain’t worth it.

      • gina

        hahaha, too funny. i agree.

      • Kerri

        laughing so hard i just choked on my chai latte!

      • The Duke is just stating the facts. A whore is one who participates in sexual acts for money.

    • akewlazzmom

      TMI! ~Way~ TMI!!
      My eyes! My brain (from reading Tinas info above)! I don’t know which to rip out first!!

      • Mike Walker

        I remember reading an article about this in an old Hustler mag from the early 80s. Pathetic no matter how you slice it.

        That guy looks like a mexican gang member.

    • Blech

      But, in order to make money, wouldn’t people actually have to BUY a video?

      Nadya will be Hirsch’s bitch soon. Trust me.

  50. Octomom Baby-Whipping Fetish Photos
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    “Ms. Suleman, we have reason to believe one of your children may be a spy. And a Tony Danza fan.”

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