Octomom’s Drunk Lesbian Birthday Party

“But ya gotta let us in! This is the Octa-Ma!”

Fresh off of presumably abandoning her kids on the plane they terrorized earlier this week, here’s Octomom celebrating her birthday last night and getting sloppy drunk with her girlfriends while eating cupcakes off each other. Also, for some reason Frenchy from Rock of Love was there which I know is going to make a bunch of people go, “Oh, so she doesn’t have money for diapers, but she can afford a hooker?” But trust me when I say her friends probably chipped in and spent all of $30. 20 if they convinced Frenchy Octomom is Angelina Jolie’s disfigured twin which is almost impossible not to do. She probably said it first. “Oh, oui, is this Anshelina Sholie but with ze babies? I bet we have same fagina! Let’s compare!”

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News

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