Octomom Got Drunk And Breasfted Two Baby Dolls Onstage At A Drag Show

Because Tan Mom wasn’t a big enough debacle, the she-males at XL Cabaret invited Octomom to their latest “Hot Mess” show where they got her shit-faced drunk then made her double-breastfeed two baby dolls in front of a room full of cross-dressers. Which is really the best way to make yourself look on the up-and-up while being investigated for allegedly letting your kids molest each other. The mayor probably gave her the key to the city. “Honesty, we were going to sell your kids to China to give them a better life making iPhones, but after you drunkenly boob-fed both those babies while a tranny pointed at your exposed breasts, we realized these children have much to learn from you. Much to learn indeed.”

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News