Ocean Ramsey And Nina Dobrev Snorkeling And More News

Donnie Wahlberg went to a Waffle House at 6 a.m. and tipped $500. Random act of kindness or gloating on Wahlburger’s biggest rival? [People]

Can someone please help Jay-Z and Beyonce find a place to live that isn’t a rat-infested, $75 million shithole? They’ve got babies for chrissake! Has the hills turned into a 3rd world country or something? [Wonderwall]

Brooklyn Beckham’s photography book is utter dog shit and people who actually know stuff about photography are ripping it to shreds. [Celebitchy]

Remember when little old George Lucas was being a crotchety old coot earlier? Well now he has one less reason to be such a curmudgeon. [PageSix]

Britney Spears is sick and tired of all these jerks saying she doesn’t sing live, you guys. Her logic: “People don’t realize it’s my voice on the track, even if I’m not singing.” [TooFab]

Wait… so throwing coins into an airplane’s engine doesn’t bring you good luck? [SCMP]

I guess Lindsey Lohan is selling subscriptions to her webcam for $2.99 a month or something? [Perez]

You love Wonderwoman. I ‘liked’ Wonderwoman. Alicia Silverstone doesn’t get what all the fuss is about with Wonderwoman. [Dlisted]