Obama: Scarlett Johansson is not my ‘e-mail buddy’

June 26th, 2008 // 106 Comments

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is denying reports that he exchanges e-mails with Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett had told Politico that the senator responds to her personal e-mails and in one instance he referred to questions at a political debate as “silly.” I always pegged him as ROFL kind of guy. Anyway, Obama decided it was time to shut this crazy train down, according to the Washington Post:

But speaking to reporters aboard his campaign plane, Obama said the actress doesn’t have his personal email address. “She sent one email to Reggie, who forwarded it to me,” Obama said, referring to his 26-year-old personal assistant, Reggie Love. “I write saying, ‘thank you Scarlett for doing what you do,’ and suddenly we have this email relationship”

Then Obama put his hand to the side of his mouth and whispered “White women?” Which caused everyone to nod in agreement because it’s a fact them bitches be acting all crazy.

Photos: Flynet

  1. veggi

    Both of you guys need to shut the fuck up and quite pretending to be me. Fucking jackass clownboats!

  2. @ #44, veggi: veggi, did you see my wonderful beautiful video? Click my name, it’s the best video ever – TNB World!!! : D

    @ #42, 43, 46: Quit HIJACKING, you TURD!!! >: (

  3. Harry Ballzack

    More rhetoric from the Revival Tent of the “0bama Traveling Salvation Show”

    What would it have hurt him to say …
    “yeah, she sent my aid an email and he answered it” … How fucking hard was that ? Who got thrown under the bus on that ? dip-shit

  4. veggi

    *sigh* don’t you hate it when you ass fart and pussy fart at the same time and completely devastate a brand new pair of granny panties?

  5. @49 – Thanks Sacagewea. Now STFU and go back out to your tree house and fuck raccoons.

    @48 – Mindyabizness faggot. Or create your own blog so you can MAKE people STFU, because you are powerless here son, you fucking lowlife control freak. You were probably the initial reason behind “dont ask, dont tell” .

  6. Axeman's worst nightmare

    Hey Elliot shitz on Himself, thanx to idiots like yourself there will be BILLIONS of people starving to death soon. Don’t think so? Cool. God will feed them. He always comes through doesn’t he?
    Go back to Disneyland and dream about your bright future. (stop staring at the sun)

  7. Your Pulchritude

    That dingbat tit trophy Johansson thought she would get some street cred by her special little email affair with the Manchurian candidate. You can bet Michelle Obama pimp slapped his nappy head when she read about it. Of course he’s going to deny it. Scarlett should just show everyone her tits and get on with it….

  8. Sid

    The most awkward moment was when Scarlett replied by saying “I just wanted to hang with him, that’s all.”

  9. rumble grumble gurgle roar

    i see why he distanced himself…what with these pictures of her stealing organs meant for donation. totally understandable.

    No. 22 — where can we sign up for the Scarlett flavored cigars???

  10. Idiots like me?… How am I an idiot? All I do is hang out in gay clubs, smoke pole and vote democrat!

    Billions of people starving to death soon? Where?…Does that mean real estate will be opening up somewhere?

    If youre speaking of Africa, who gives a shit? All they know how to do is die, fuck and sell their children to people from other countries, dating all the way back to pre-slavery times..

  11. @56 – Idiots like me?… How am I an idiot? All I do is hang out in gay clubs, smoke pole and vote democrat!

    Billions of people starving to death soon? Where?…Does that mean real estate will be opening up somewhere?

    If youre speaking of Africa, who gives a shit? All they know how to do is die, fuck and sell their children to people from other countries, dating all the way back to pre-slavery times..

  12. sameshitdifferentyear

    Check out the main pic.
    She’s four eye-wrinkles and a bad hair-day away from being that crazy bag-lady talking to herself in alleys.

    She looks like she swallows.

  13. demented

    Translation: someone caught him out on this.

    Either Michelle started beating his ass for flirting with a busty young blonde Caucasian, or he’s terrified that people will figure out that he’s playing JFK and won’t elect him. Or he’s afraid that after his whole “I’m so black, vote for me” thing, someone as dough-pale as Scarlett will alienate his voters.

    Seriously he’s a nasty little shallow creep. He stands for nothing, stands by nobody, and will do whatever it takes to become president. Which is pretty typical of politicians, but Obamanation takes it further by being totally devoid of good points, even shallow ones like charisma or good looks.

  14. deented

    veggi, except that this particular mixed-race guy looks like a black version of Prince Charles, albeit with better hair.

  15. Ivarman

    Hi all, commenting on her great tits:

    That’s not tits – that is a red box.

    Guess that can be a bit confusing for some.

  16. My douche troll strikes again #41. nice try loser.

    Hate having political discussions on here but some loser mentioned Obama deciding not to use public financing and how that made him a liar. Gee, so Obama won’t use $80 million of OUR tax dollars to pay for his campaign – yeah, how dare he refuse our tax dollars!

    And, to those idiots who say just ’cause he is a Democrat taxes will go up – I have news for you….taxes always go up! regardless of which party is in power! LOL. The only difference is spending goes up under Republicans and they leave the bill for the next generation.

  17. beefytee

    I have never wanted to be a red cooler so much in my life.

  18. Oh yea…and I seriously would love to toss Barack Osamas salad while deep throating his tootsie roll.

  19. Pussy Galore

    #67. Out of all of these statements posted here. Yours by far is the best and most witty!
    I wonder who she’ll support now? Funny.
    P.S. She was carrying some beer and ice cubes to my apartment. I put that bitch to work!!!

  20. Poor Eliot-wannbe-Shitzerself or whatever (lame)

    The one thing you Republicans don’t do is absorb info other than right wing talk show propaganda. I am not going to explain the complexities of our energy situation to a dullard like yourself. I have better things to do. Like stare blankly down the stairs into my cellar or climb into my attic and masturbate.

    Just go ahead and have all your right wing F A I T H and posture. You are just a pawn and the hidden had doesn’t even have to touch your rancid corpse. They tell your where to go and you jump.

    So you spend your time in gay bars smoking pole? Wow. I didn’t need to know that.

  21. Ok, well either you cant read big words or you are legally blac..er..blind.Im not republican dumbass. Did you not see that I said I vote democrat?

    Wow, complexities of our energy situation…hmmm. You mean to say “we use gas and we cants get no mo gas outta da ground because the owls and deer have rights too?”, right? Its ok boy, I understand ya. Fortunately for you I have a trashman I talk to that is teaching me ebonics.

    So you think Barack Osama is the solution? Yeesh. Our educational system has really failed us if you are an example of it. Ill bet you are. Either that or your some eurotard that thinks al gore is so smart. Way to go Corky!

  22. Ted from LA

    It looks to me like she needs a sherpa more than anything else.

  23. Hey Eliot (turd wrapped in toilet paper is still feces)

    You are an ignorant moron if your think there is enough oil left to justify hastening the destruction of the planet, asshole. There is about 21 billion barrels left here and we use like 20 million a day. Now I will help you with second grade math. 20 Billion divided by 20 Million is what son? Yes 1000 days! Very good! And that is less than 3 years! And we won’t see any of it for 5-10 years.

    You really are dumb aren’t you?
    Now fuck off.

  24. BaCrock Osama

    Obama and his cult followers are lunatic douchebag liars. Enjoy the kool-aid you asswipes

  25. Angus

    Somebody made him say that. He’s still dreaming of making her big fat white tits and big fat white ass jiggle and bounce while he pounds her in the barack door.

  26. liar

    Elliot_Spitz_On_Her is a Republican.

  27. Kamasutra Jones

    Rejected titles for BHO’s book:

    The Audacity of Hypocrisy: How to Be the First Black Flipflopper in America
    The Audacity of Hype: How to Win Over the People Even Better Than Hitler
    The Audacity of Hell: What America Will Be In After I’m Done With Them
    The Audacity of Horn: My Affair With Scarlett Johansson

    It’s going to be a much scarier world, folks… Get used to it… He’s got them all hoodwinked…

  28. Tom

    Seriously, people, we shouldn’t have Obama as President. This is a white country, and it just wouldn’t be right to have a black person leading it. I have nothing against him personally; I just think he belongs in Africa.

  29. SUN set

    omg who cares, its just a mail, he didnt cheat on his wife.
    People makes this such a big deal these days!!!

  30. @73 – WOW…Only 1000 days of oil left huh? Thats less than 3 yrs.


    YOU my friend, have just won the OFFICIAL DUMB ASS of the YEAR award here on the superficial for even having the clit to say that. That there remark could win you a job at moron.org, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN or PBS, the elite journalistic fairytale land news establishments.

    You have proven what an insignificant Piece of Shit you really are by spewing such falsehoods. And to think I even spent 30 seconds replying to this silly posts.

    God, Im the moron now for not smelling what a fucking retard you were.

  31. Lactulust

    That cooler is for keeping her Breast milk fresh.
    I drink pint a day of that sweet nectar for strong ‘bones’
    I have to ask her to stay away from garlic and onions though!
    Of course it is best fresh from the source, but we both have busy schedules…

  32. TJ

    Oh yes, I’d like Obama’s anti-white racist bytch in the White House. Maybe when she’s in her all-Black staffer’s office after she fire the white folks, she won’t mind that her hubby is getting poon in his office….hell, Hillary didn’t.

  33. sara

    pumpkins? a sweater? when are these photos from anyway…

  34. scotty

    Here’s the difference between voting for Obama and McCain:

    Obama will get as many people as possible onto the emergency lifeboats and to safety. McCain will insist that things are fine and that people stay on board.

    Either way, the old ship that is America is sinking like the Titanic.

  35. gateau

    Um, Reggie Love? Who names their kid after a Grisham character?

  36. Dear Sweet (prison toy) Mike Coxlittle

    10 Billion barrels is what is in the Alaskan Refuge and the Gulf of Mexico. That is what the (help this right wing retard again) E X P E R T S say. I am sorry that you have to believe what science perons say cuz I know you Republicans hate facts and truth. Isn’t what why YOUR president had Jim Hansen fired? He told the truth?
    You poor pitiful little fellow. I actually feel sorry for you, having a low IQ and all.

    OK ok the earth really is a few thousand years old and you Jesus will be coming back for you again soon to ummmm I guess “Lead you on another crusade is it”?
    Or something.

    Thanks for bankrupting our country right wingers! Nice job!!!!!

  37. veggi

    I am being trolled and all you assclowns can talk about is the fate of our country?

  38. correction

    sorry 10B is in Alaska and 11B in Gulf My flub. (Damn talking with Republicans makes you stupid)

  39. Did you read what I wrote?! I, veggi, am being trolled!!! You talk about the fate of our country, but did it ever occur to you that there are more important things in the world??

    This is the worst of times and it’s the best of times!



  40. magickal

    It’s so cute that after about a year and a half since regular visiting (and posting), there are still people who talk to themselves and pretend that they are being trolled. *psycho*

    But, seriously, white women IS all fucked up wit day shit, word?

  41. jersey

    Good God, are you ignorant!! You actually BELIEVE that Democrats in general and OBAMA (!) specifically will NOT raise government spending once they control the house, senate, and veto pen??!!? Are you out of your F%@#%$ing mind? Or just another Kool aid drinker (yes, they exist on both sides – but you lefties are generally more strident and factually challenged). Do you have ANY idea how many trillions of dollars of new government spending Obama is proposing? (I’m sure not – people who get caught up in Obama’s brand of rhetoric and propaganda rarely have any grasp of the actual details of their messiah’s proposals and the consequences thereof). Any thinking person should be immensely frightened by the prospect of a socialist president with the backing of both legislative houses. Thankfully, it will only produce FOUR years of economic and national security damage, and likely be blunted by a historic 180 power change in the house two years hence. (And after all, that is how our nation is safest – with divided power). And please don’t misunderstand me or where I’m coming from. As a Libertarian, I have no love whatsoever for the Republican party, and I’m not saying that Obama is a “bad man” (or a Muslim or any other ridiculous thing). But he IS extraordinarily dangerous to the American republic because of his IDEAS – which have been tested and found disastrously wanting each and every time they have been tried throughout our history. “Change!” ….right.

  42. Kim Lardassian

    Fuck off Obama the world does not need an ex muslim as a president of the most powerful country in the world.
    Johansens juicy Jewish knockers are looking very fake here.

  43. Obama is an ex Muslim

    Lets face it this dick is an ex Muslim because it is not politically expedient to be a Muslim as a politician in the USA, otherwise he’d still be one, and once a Muslim – always one at heart.

  44. @66

    Don’t worry so much about Americans being debt ridden because the poor will pay for it all in the end. I read the other day the world’s 10,000 millionaires are now worth 41 Trillion dollars and their worth will go up to 60 Trillion by 2012. Interesting that while 99% get substantially poorer the elite get fabulously wealthy.
    We here are mostly debt slaves (to the evil bankers) and what a gorgeous way to make recurring revenue.

    What this country needs is a new flag. It should be all green with a $ in the middle. The Capitalists pigz have won the world. All hail.

    I say melt the poles and chop down all the forests and dig up the earth and then tap the interior heat for energy and then move on to the next planet. Fuck this place. Obviously as a specie we hate this world. Right?

    I hate you Libertarians as well. I hate all of you humans. Rats bring nothing but plagues to the earth. You vermin need to adjust your population you stupid walking piles of pollution. What good have you done to the place you live? Tell me one positive virtue of man’s existence?

    Just one good thing is all I ask. ——————————————————-

  45. jersey


  46. jimbo2

    look at picture above for at least two good things…

  47. Preach: I’m just tryin’ to do to white girls what the white man’s been doin’ to us for 400 years.
    Crazy Legs: Yeah, what’s that?
    Preach: Fuck ‘em.

    Wow… my troll, er I mean Mike Oxhbig, sure was busy in my absence, and seems to have a really disturbing affinty for homosexual rage… but it’s not surprising… what with the Larry Craigs and Mark Foleys of the world… for the record to all of the morons that fell for the idiocy, I am a former Republican turned independent because the current Gas and Oil Party abandoned our core principles and did a Faustian sellout. I would vote for Whoopie Goldberg or Spike Lee before McBush.

  48. boonepickens

    You assholes do know that they are still drilling oil here in america right? Still drilling. More oil. More gas. Still. Drilling.

  49. Ivarman

    Beeing European and probably not as educated as the average American, I dare to ask a silly question I have had on my mind for some time:

    Obama has a black father and a white mother, right? How does that make him BLACK? Do you inherit the colour from your father, so the son of a white father and black mother is white?

  50. This KID has the same intelligence-level as jessica simpson:
    THAT MAKES TWO DUMB ASSES…………………………………….with big tits though!!

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