Obama: Scarlett Johansson is not my ‘e-mail buddy’

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is denying reports that he exchanges e-mails with Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett had told Politico that the senator responds to her personal e-mails and in one instance he referred to questions at a political debate as “silly.” I always pegged him as ROFL kind of guy. Anyway, Obama decided it was time to shut this crazy train down, according to the Washington Post:

But speaking to reporters aboard his campaign plane, Obama said the actress doesn’t have his personal email address. “She sent one email to Reggie, who forwarded it to me,” Obama said, referring to his 26-year-old personal assistant, Reggie Love. “I write saying, ‘thank you Scarlett for doing what you do,’ and suddenly we have this email relationship”

Then Obama put his hand to the side of his mouth and whispered “White women?” Which caused everyone to nod in agreement because it’s a fact them bitches be acting all crazy.

Photos: Flynet