Obama Girl wants to throw puppies in the President-elect’s face (I have no clue.)

Folks, I don’t know why someone took pictures of Amber Lee Ettinger aka “Obama Girl” putting a puppy in the President-elect’s face yesterday. I don’t know why she’s dressed like a superhero/stripper. Frankly, I don’t even know what day it is. (March?) But what I do know, is this is a woman who loves America – and will be shot on sight by the Secret Service per Michelle Obama’s orders. Ain’t no Oval Office hoochy-coochy in her White House. Uh uh, girl.

NOTE: For those of you thinking, “Hey, that’s not fair and balanced. Where’s a post about McCain Girl?” Way ahead of you: here she is from a few weeks ago. Sort of puts the whole election in perspective, doesn’t it?

Photos: Splash News