Obama Keeps Up on Lindsay Lohan

July 29th, 2010 // 72 Comments

Because presidents like titties, too, President Obama revealed he’s aware of Lindsay Lohan‘s plight while stopping by The View today. And in case that depresses anybody – including me even though I voted for the guy and run a gossip blog – don’t worry, he immediately rebounds by not knowing what the hell a Snooki is. Via People:

Quizzed by Joy Behar in a “lightening” round, Obama was asked if he knew if Lohan is in jail. “I actually know that, yes,” the President responded.
But Snooki stumped him. “Should Snooki run as mayor of Wasilla?” Behar asked. Obama, laughing, responded, “I gotta admit, I don’t know who Snooki is.”
On his final question, the Chief Executive was thrown – or simply being diplomatic – when Behar inquired if he thought Gibson needs “anger management.”
“I … I …,” the President stuttered and then joked, “Let me answer the Afghanistan question!” He informed the panel he “hadn’t seen the tapes.”

Awesome. Not only does Obama read dick jokes on The Superficial when he’s supposed to be working on things like, oh I dunno, two wars and an oil spill, he’s clearly terrified of Mel Gibson. Is it too late to change my vote to- *thinks about Sarah Palin starting a nuclear war with Canada thus annihilating their beautiful beer and women who I swear I didn’t just mention because they e-mail me pictures of their breasts*

Never mind.

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  1. jay


    • Oh Rilly?

      And how do you know that? Do you believe you know anything about her based on comments here and pictures of her taken by paps? Or do you have personal knowledge?

      Me, I don’t know her, but think she is gorgeous and would do her in a minute. and that is how long I’d last, although past performance does not guarantee future results.

  2. BS

    Not true. He specifically mentioned her name during the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Can’t really blame him for trying to preserve some dignity, however.

  3. Obama wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger… then it hit him…

  4. jumpin_j

    Phish, he was in NYC YESTERDAY to do The View. It aired today. This is what happens when you go West Coast. You’re behind on these things.

  5. sean

    Obama is the nation’s first affirmative action president. Affirmative action places inexperienced, unqualified minorities in positions that they are not prepared to handle. Anyone who thinks that a white man with Obama’s lack of experience and lack of qualifications would have been elected president is a dope. The principal reason why Obama was elected is because he is black and large numbers of people thought that racial tension would finally be put behind us as a country. Guess what? Racial antagonism and sensitivity has only increased. Now we see what kind of incompetence affirmative action brings, only the nation has to suffer under these Demoncrat (yes — I spelled it that way) politicians. Come November, we take America back from the dolts who are ruining her with disastrous legislation.

    • Miked

      Sean, you must one of them racist rednecks, I could barely understand your quasi english rant. Many would point out that we had an unqualified white guy , Jimmy Carter, in office recently so it is only fare that Barry O’b would get his shot to muck up the counrty.

    • sean you’re an imbecile. america had done enough suffering under the republicunts to last them a lifetime, what’s why obama won. if it were a fucking bag of chips running on the left it would have beaten mccain and that other nitwit.

    • Vas Deferens

      Actually, the principal reason why Obama was elected is because George W Bush was such a horrific and ineffective president that the country decided that we needed the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Bush represents.

      I am surprised our current President is not a black woman.

      • Dude

        Too bad you liberal losers didn’t get what you voted for. obama is constantly proving himself to be worse than Bush ever could have dreamed of. You elected a little boy with no experience who only wanted the job so he could ride around in a big plane and in big cars and have a really big house and then go on TV and act like a celebrity. Leading this country into a better future was in no way part of his plan or within his abilities. Thank goodness he and the democrats are done in 2012.

      • Dr.

        you’re a dick

    • jkhjkh

      lol, i didnt know affirmative action involved people voting on who to give a job to. good to know! back on topic…. i will take some maple syrup with those flapjacks.

    • The Demoncratic party thanks you for for the shout out & doing your part to help them keep the House & Senate this November.
      666 to ya sean!

    • Dank

      You’re a moron Sean. Are you trying to say that George Bush was more qualified and experienced? The asshole dodged the fucking draft. He couldn’t even fight for his own country because he was too much of a stupid pussy. Affirmative action huh? Who exactly “appointed” the president due to this affirmative action? You’re talking out your ass and trying to look smart, but all you appear to be is a racist asshole trying to stir up shit and failing miserably.

      • sean

        George Bush had executive experience as Governor of Texas. George Bush had business experience as co-owner of the Texas Rangers. Obama had no experience of running anything. His experience consisted of voting “present” when difficult of controversial legislation came before the Illinois Senate. Americans appointed Obama president by their affirmative action sensibilities. Were you not around when the liberal media were hyping the “historic” nature of Obama’s bid for the White House? Historic indeed. An historic blunder.

      • Miked

        Sean come on now. Barry O’b won the presidency fair and square. John McCain was unpalitable to most Republican because he was so much like BO. The only difference is that many looked at McCain and said I can’t vote for that old cripple, really they did and with out thinking of the consequences of electing a douche bag with absolutely no experience. Oh and Obama ran as a centrist rather than the un-electable leftist/progressive that he actually is.

      • Any Guy

        ‘liberal media’… spoken like a true Fox Kool Aid drinking redneck know-nothing-of-what-he-speaks-except-what-Bill O’Rielly-tells-him DOUCHE BAG.

        tell me this mr. smart guy (gag) – did you vote for McCain? The same ASSHOLE that would have had that blundering retard Palin for his VP? a HEARTBEAT away from the Presidency?

        if you’re going to tell me you’d rather have Palin in the White House than Obama, you truly are retarded. please kill yourself so I can breathe your air.

        fucking FOX MORONS… we’ll see what happens in November.

        ps – Sean, if you hate Obama so much because he’s black – just say the word ‘nigger’ like you want to. You and your racist redneck republicunt friends are the biggest COWARDS out there, you don’t have the balls to call it like you want… so you blame the ‘liberal media’ for you not having the guts to come out of your racist closet. ‘Tea Party’ was supposed to be about taxes, that is ALL. now its just an excuse for a bunch of racist hypocrites to spew their Fox News bullshit across the land like its some sort of ‘patriotism’. I’d love to fucking shit all over you if I could right now (had Chinese for lunch, bubble guts are going)

        pps – remember, KILL YOURSELF. that’s your assignment for this evening. good luck!

      • sean you moron, texas is the one state where the executive has ZERO power, due to all the shenannigans that went on in that office in the past. rather, he was gaining experience in duis, drugs, and in running businesses into the ground

    • Luca

      @ Any Guy

      The media is liberal you fucking moron, and this is coming from a moderate who has both liberal and conservative ideas. FACT: 80% vote Democrat. And it is the reason why liberals always bash Fox News — because it is the only conservative TV network on the air. Apparently liberals can have every network and they are fine. But one conservative network makes them furious. Typical hypocrisy from the left. This is why I don’t like to associate with you, even though I share many of your views.

      And what makes Sean a redneck? Not everyone with a conservative outlook is some white trash hillbilly who lives in a trailer. In fact most are not. Most are actually upper class suburbanites. Are all liberals unemployed losers or blue collar workers who live in ghettos and collect welfare checks?

      And no, I did not support Bush, McCain, Huckabee, or Palin. I hate them. The fact that they are popular is why I hate the Republican Party. But Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the Democrats are no better.

      And as a moderate, Obama is definitely failing as a president. Maybe not as bad as Bush did, but hey, he still has years to go. Who knows what incompetence he will show next.

    • There's a ldipshit above me

      Sean, you are a fucking moron. Keep up your bullshit. It is kooks like you who keep Republicans out of office… “Demoncrats” – punch yourself really hard in the neck. I used to be a Republican until it became the party of Jesus. I like my church and state separate… like in the Constitution.

  6. Doc Schweinstrudel

    In my opinion…Obama was elected solely for his good looks . Good looks are on the top of life values for majority of Americans now.
    Now everybody enjoys playing house with Ken doll, even if it’s a White House.
    Same trend in Europe. People are more concerned with French President’s wife and what she wore than anything else.

  7. durpdurpdurp


  8. SFinDC

    ughhhh why do people spell lightning with an “e”?? LIGHTNING. not that complicated.

  9. pimp

    why don’t you fags talk politics someplace else….FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP *looking at saggy freckled tits*

  10. Of course he’s keeping up on her… what black man doesn’t want to fuck a redhead bitch with big tits? They are obsessed with them or something.

  11. M

    I bet she has hairy nipples.

  12. “This next provision (in the health care bill) is called the Jersey Shorah. It reads, ‘The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, JWOWW, The Situation and House minority leader John Boehner.” …uuuummmmm………….

    • Cock Dr

      Are U kidding? Can you imagine how much revenue that tanning tax is bringing in from those greaseballs?

  13. HackSaw

    Stay off the talk shows and DO SOMETHING.

  14. Dude

    I’m surprised President Kick Ass doesn’t know all of the Jersey Shore douchebags. He is a celebrity just like they are, right? I mean, all obummer does is make speeches and go on tv. Its not like he’s leading or doing anything positive for this country.

    • sean

      Amen, Dude! The whole reason he went on The View is to shore up his plummeting approval ratings by appealing to the most gullible and clueless voters out there: women who watch daytime TV. The Celebrity in Chief is a disaster for America, and most of America that is capable of thinking analytically instead of emoting or reacting has figure out what a danger Obama is to capitalism, freedom, American sovereignty and security. Oh, and to Christianity.

      • Yo

        No one gives a fuck. Especially about christianity, which doesn’t deserve a capital C these days.

      • There's a dipshit above me

        Christianity… I knew it. This country is to protect Christianity no more than any other religion.

  15. Rob

    I think Obama would have an aneurysm if he did anything remotely presidential.

  16. Jesse

    So I assume this show is on BET?

  17. Sunidaze

    I’d hope he would be somewhat aware of current events – we don’t really want him living in a cave do we?

    I wish I didn’t know who Snooki was though, haha.

  18. herbiefrog

    hey babe… hope you are doing ok. keep stromnmg

    cant last forever
    just need to learn… duh?

    …ok and onwards… : ) )) xx

  19. Daddy-O

    Sorry, but Obama cracked a Snooki joke at the White House Correspondents Dinner about two months ago. Didn’t he?


    Mr. President… YOU LIE!!!!

    • horn dog

      haha right on…but hey, he can’t be expected to remember *everything* he reads off the tele-prompt-er!
      Phony as hell, an archetypal puppet politician, yet people defend him no matter what. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    • Serf

      It doesn’t really matter who is president. Our country’s policy is mandated by the CFR.
      ALL OF YOU are idiots.
      Sheep (shorn)
      Some of us (you know who you are) refer to the others as “cattle” or “useless eaters”.
      Both parties are secretly run by the elites.
      It don’t matter assholes. We lost this nation in 1913. We are monstrously indebted to our Masters.

      • Yes, valid points all. Now shut up & look at the titties.

      • “Both parties are secretly run by the elites.”

        You can´t expect everyone to know that, Serf… they´re under the impression that the U.$.A. is what they were taught it was in elementary school. As for Bush and Obama? The motherfuckers are related… and every U.$.A. president descends from the European elite. Do your homework, kids.

  20. FuckYouFish!

    God damn your black heart for making me click a fucking link every time I want to read more than 3 fucking words per article. I love clicking on your slow ass loading site just so I can read one more dick joke. Which leads me to: You’ve changed man. You’ve changed.

  21. B.B

    What a joke. You know if Obama is involved with someone like this its one huge distraction from the real issues.

  22. jay

    Lindsay Lohan is still a cunt. That is all.

  23. OhEmGee

    How could he not know about her? Nobody in the entire media ever shuts up about her.

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