NYFW: Battle of The Bellas

New York Fashion week has been carrying on exactly how you’d expect. Cuba Gooding Jr. was drunk and trolling for snatch, Kim Kardashian has yet to use the bathroom, and somebody set a building on fire. Ya know, business as usual.

What caught my eye however, is the showdown between one genetically engineered Bella and one trash-can-monster-driving-a-Disick-shift Bella. It’s kind of like Rocky IV between the two, where Bella Hadid is Ivan Drago and Thorne is Rocky. Bella Thorne is scrappier and has more personality and Bella Hadid “must break you.”

Here we have the ladies showing off their best cartoonish train conductor look vs. the timeless, “extra-from-the-movie-Hackers” vibe (Hadid and Thorne respectively). For me, this round goes to Bella Thorne. Her commitment to high-fashion clownery is something that’s truly admirable in my style-blind eyes. I’m also partial to anyone who rocks a Triller jacket over whatever Partridge Family-inspired kindergartener dressed Bella Hadid last night.