NYC Has A Sex Toy Pop-Up Offering Street Demos

“Will you keep an eye on my kids while I just demo this $150 dildo real quick plz?”
“Nah, I’m all set.”
“Thanks, be back in 20 minutes!”

A roving sex toy pop-up that lets women try out dildos on the street? Sure, why the hell not – we’ve got North Korean nuclear subs swimming around off the coast of major metropolitan areas, but *BAAAMP* boorringg! We obviously need to be masturbating more if we’re all about to get nuked back to the dark ages.

British brand Hot Octopuss, which previously set up booths around the city last year for men to “relieve stress,” is now focusing on women’s needs, giving them tips from “orgasm stylist” Diane Barone and letting them try out a fancy $150 vibrator called the Queen Bee in a private room. The room will even feature music, chosen by members of the Octopuss’ social network… (PageSix)

Did anyone catch these “male stress relieving booths” last year? What is this some sort of portopotty sex clinic? Why the hell should a vibrator cost $150? What if someone really gets off to System of a Down while flicking their bean? Is that going to be a noise violation? I clearly have a lot of questions so if anyone needs me I’ll be that guy dressed as Dick Tracy at 160 Orchard St. next Thursday…