NY Times: Louis C.K. Likes to Jerk Off in Front of People

UPDATE: The New York Times has released their story on Louis C.K. Five women are accusing Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct. Turns out he really likes jerking off in front of people.

Louis C.K. just cancelled the New York premiere of his new controversial film I Love You Daddy and everyone is speculating that there is some PR chess-play going on in Louis’ camp. Rumors of sexual harassment allegations have followed Louis C.K. for some time and there is talk that the New York Times is close to releasing a bombshell story. Considering that Orchard, the distributor of the film, announced the cancelation just hours before the event, I’m going to assume that some heavy shit is about to go down.

“Due to unexpected circumstances, tonight’s event for ‘I Love You, Daddy’ has been cancelled,” the distribution company said in an email. “On behalf of The Orchard, please accept our apologies. We’re incredibly sorry for any inconvenience.” (from Variety)

The trailer was released around the same time that everyone found out Harvey Weinstein was a predatory, cock monster in a bathrobe, so people were a little jumpy seeing Chloe Grace Moretz being pursued on screen by a Woody Allen-inspired older character (John Malkovich). I defended the movie because you can’t really tell what the moral of the story is from the trailer, but I highly doubt it’s “young girls are the best and it’s ok to prey upon them.” I did however mention that Louis C.K. is one tweet away from being the next Jeremy Piven.

“Who knows though… Maybe tomorrow someone will tweet how Louis C.K. cornered them in a bathroom and jerked off on a toothbrush.” -Randy Cappuccino**

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