Now JWoww Wants To Do Playboy

After searching her soul (Read: Seeing a whole lot of broke in her future.) JWoww has changed her tune on posing for Playboy now that she’s no longer worried about being a role model to eight-year-old aspiring graphic designers. No, really. E! News reports:

She said she decided to put it off after an 8-year-old girl approached her at Starbucks. “She goes, ‘I look up to you. I want to be a graphic designer just like you,'” J-Woww explained. “She goes, ‘I want to make cartoon characters like you do.’ So I was like, There’s my answer! I want kids to look up to me for college rather than Playboy.
“But I do feel like it’s a strong thing for women to do. And as long as they cover up certain parts, I’m good,” she laughed. “We have to cover up the vajajay cooka. And then it’s like, Why not? You see my boobs out half the time anyway.”

I’m pretty sure that scenario with the little girl in Starbucks didn’t happen. Or if it did, common sense would dictate, even to JWoww, that the kid’s already screwed. If she’s eight, watching Jersey Shore AND allowed to approach strange women with huge tits, she’s got two career options open to her: Pick-pocket or Hooters waitress. That said, I don’t want to be all doom and gloom here, so if she really believes in herself and applies herself at school, she can do both. Never be afraid to dream.

Photos: Getty, Splash News