Now JWoww Wants To Do Playboy

February 17th, 2011 // 93 Comments

After searching her soul (Read: Seeing a whole lot of broke in her future.) JWoww has changed her tune on posing for Playboy now that she’s no longer worried about being a role model to eight-year-old aspiring graphic designers. No, really. E! News reports:

She said she decided to put it off after an 8-year-old girl approached her at Starbucks. “She goes, ‘I look up to you. I want to be a graphic designer just like you,’” J-Woww explained. “She goes, ‘I want to make cartoon characters like you do.’ So I was like, There’s my answer! I want kids to look up to me for college rather than Playboy.
“But I do feel like it’s a strong thing for women to do. And as long as they cover up certain parts, I’m good,” she laughed. “We have to cover up the vajajay cooka. And then it’s like, Why not? You see my boobs out half the time anyway.”

I’m pretty sure that scenario with the little girl in Starbucks didn’t happen. Or if it did, common sense would dictate, even to JWoww, that the kid’s already screwed. If she’s eight, watching Jersey Shore AND allowed to approach strange women with huge tits, she’s got two career options open to her: Pick-pocket or Hooters waitress. That said, I don’t want to be all doom and gloom here, so if she really believes in herself and applies herself at school, she can do both. Never be afraid to dream.

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  1. JWoww Playboy
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    JWowww in a book store is like Jesus in a brothel. It just seems off somehow.

  2. oneone

    All-right! Do it!
    Do-it do-it do-it…………

  3. That Guy

    Cover up certain parts? You mean her snatch. scars or cigarette burn marks?

  4. Jennifer

    Graphic design school, huh? Did she have to draw the turtle or the pirate for the admissions process? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. penni

    Since when is posing on playboy “empowering for women.” I hate that line. You’re posing naked for men to jack-off to you. Not exactly empowering.

  6. Dude79

    Screw that! The rule should be: No Vajayjay, then no Playboy shoot!!!

  7. jojo

    What is the spread going to be called? Playboy presents “The Girls With Dioxin Poisoning”.

  8. Pong

    No idea what kind of animal a “vajajay cooka” is, but if not categorised by the scientific community, I request HD videos and pics to confirm it’s existence.

  9. Savalas


    I’m tired of girls trying to sound all riske by saying they’d do Playboy. Just once I’d like to hear a budding d-list celeb say she wants to do a shoot in Leg Action, or Splosh, or Bondage International.

  10. vajajay cooka? WTF is that, some kind of venereal disease localized to New Jersey?

  11. JWoww Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Did she write a Vajajay Cooka Book?

  12. Lady Blah Blah

    Posing for Playboy is “a strong thing for women to do.” I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posing for Playboy, but it’s not a “strong thing for women to do” and it’s not a feminist act. It’s just a job. It seems that women who have some reservations about it compensate by trying to convince themselves and others that it’s a “strong thing for women to do” or some kind of feminist gesture, etc. Sheesh.

    BTW, even with a ton of Photoshopping, what’s to see here? Any guy who beats off to a picture of this slug (no matter how Photoshopped) has got something seriously wrong with his brain.

    • Speaking as a guy, I can beat off to a a drawing of The Golden Grils, done as stick figures. The idea that a man will masturbate to nude photos of a woman should in no way be seen as a validation of her as a person, of being attractive, or in any way desirable.

  13. Pong

    Its kind of lulzworthy to read the previus article section.

    # JWoww Turned Down Playboy
    # JWoww’s Doing Playboy

    And I do understand MTV, that they trying to talk their way out of this clusterfuck using progressive phrases like childrens future(first utilized by communist leaders), but the fact is, that even with 5 spindoctors working 24/h, this human excrement would stay the same.

  14. rican

    I wanna see if her asshole is bleached

  15. Gee. I can’t wait to see her all soft-filtered and Photo-shopped. So we get to see how much hair she has and nipple size and placement. But with all the pre-press fucking around around they’ll do with the pictures will we even get to see the real naked her?

  16. Rough powered by droid

    Seeing her under arms put thoughts in my head that would get me shun from the grey poupon crowd.

  17. Urbanspaceman

    No one really wants to see her naked except for scientific curiosity. We’ve already seen enough of her “breasts” to know that they’re ugly, grossly misshapen abominations with the nipples in locations that nature never intended. Seeing them totally uncovered would only be worse.

  18. WOW, that forehead is almost a big as her fake tits.

  19. pocoloca

    Does anyone else think her armpit resembles what her vajajay cooka will look like in ten years?

    • babooda

      Ten years…..are you delusional or just being kind? Her vajajay cooka more than likely looks worse than that already!

  20. Deacon Jones

    Hey, fuck the “vajajay” shot.

    They can just photoshop her armpit in from Pic #1.

  21. JWoww Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Press on nails? I thought she was classy??

    • dluanax

      she was never classy. did u see her club outfits on the episodes? and her nails might also be acrylics but even if they are, they need a fill. she should NOT be out like that holding books

  22. Clueless

    Seriously what the hell is a “vajajay cooka”? I understand the first part is the way children and retards are now saying vagina but, “cooka”? Cooker? Vagina Cooker?

  23. Parker

    I’d have no problem sticking my dick in her ass.

    • Deacon Jones

      Parker, where the hell have you been?!

      Besides ass fucking some chick, naturally

      • Parker

        Lately I been dreaming about giving Selena Gomez a high colonic with my boner but every time I talk her into pulling her pants down, Walt Disney walks in and says, Yeah, I already had that. What does it all mean?

      • Deacon Jones

        lol, ah I see. I’m not sure, maybe you’ve got a cosplay fetish coming around the corner or something

  24. BlueFalcon

    2011: “Playboy is a strong thing for a woman to do”
    2014: “NC-17 Cinemax flicks are a strong thing for a woman to do”
    2015: “Being a featured dancer at the strip club by the airport on a Tuesday night is a strong thing for a woman to do.”
    2017: “A 50-man bukkake film is a strong thing for a woman to do.”

  25. Clarence Beeks

    what parent lets their 8 year old watch Jersey Shore?

    I fear for the future.

  26. “But I do feel like it’s a strong thing for women to do”

    Is this the new rationalization for mild prostitution?

    I guess it’s as empowering for strong women as any other act she’s paid money to do without actually wanting to do it. It’s called a “job”, and it’s something men have been doing since the dawn of time, but somehow women think they invented it. Look honey, we’re not impressed that you’re looking for a job…surprised, but not impressed.

  27. gami canila bannana

    What The Fuck?
    really? I cant believe this? she actually has talent for something besides sex?
    I don’t know, I really like her physically A LOT, I love her boobs, I would totally do her,

    but to learn that she also has a little bit of a brain, OMG, im blown away, I dont know what to think,

  28. Scrungy


  29. Rick R

    Can she fly? I win a large bet when pigs fly…….

  30. Leonidas

    So graphic designers are the ones who draw cartoons for a living? Who knew… I guess cartoonists are the ones who do all that “visual communication” stuff, right?

  31. JWoww Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    She apparently has a vagina in her armpit. I’m in love…………

  32. JWoww Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Playboy might as well change their name to “Cash for tits”

  33. Johnson

    She looks like the grinch in that picture

  34. not a j-ho fan

    I agree with That Guy she mst definitely needs 2 cover up those hideous ass scars… and her face cuzt I’m tired of lookin at it…. in my opinion she does not live up 2 half of what ppl make her out 2….. I don’t like her double standards, if u watch d show u knw what I mean

  35. bitingontinfoil

    Wow! *Someone* got beat hard with the “durrrrh!” stick!

    Visit: Help Save the BC Black Bears to ensure the safety of 26 domesticated black bears found on a grow op in BC.

  36. adventurer

    I think I see Paris Hilton’s herpes infected snatch under her right arm.

  37. the captain

    her ARM PITS figure as VAGINAS.
    so: NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. keijo

    I think she’s hot. So what’s wrong with me?

  39. Kisses4Katie

    “Vajajay cooka”???? WTF??? …. the whole reason I posted tho was to say that I’ve never once heard this bitch was a graphic designer. Not able to stand straight for at least three reasons, sure, but never a graphic designer.

  40. Mel Gibson


  41. Hawk

    I guess the book isn’t selling…

  42. Ed

    Why would anyone buy a Playboy to see her when there are tons of pornos of prettier fake-titted tan brunettes taking huge on their faces on the internet for free.

    And I bet she just made up that graphic designer thing to create some perception of depth, but you have to do more than just say it to make it true.

  43. JWoww Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    This makes perfect sense.

  44. JWoww Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    umm noo.

  45. JWoww Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you kidding? She is a filthy pig!

  46. Herpetologist

    The phrase “cross eyed bat” comes to mind when viewing this pic

  47. isabelle

    not too shocking….

  48. She’s okay. She’s actually cute. She reminds me of the slutty girl next door when I was growing up.

  49. Her new Jerseywhore name should be PUSSY PITS! bwahahahahaha

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