Not Good News For Nick and Jessica

jessica_thumb_1.jpgI think everyone agrees that Nick and Jessica are going to get divorced. At this point it’s simply a question of whether Nick will be caught in a room with a dead hooker and a snowdrift of cocaine before it happens. But if Jessica Jaymes gets her way, he might not get the chance. Porn star Jaymes, who performed raunchy sex acts with another woman in front of Nick Lachey and pals at a bachelor party last year, is trying to sell a story about what really happened that night.

Last year, Star magazine reported that Lachey and his friends met up with Jaymes and two female friends at an L.A. club. The crew later went back to a Hollywood Hills home where the women gave a sexual performance, which included “whipped cream and sex toys.” At one point, Lachey got on the bed with the girls and seemed “in a trance.” Eventually, Jaymes’ male pal became so concerned about something that he pulled Jaymes away from the bed

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