North West. Kim Kardashian & Kanye Are Naming Their Baby North West.

March 21st, 2013 // 82 Comments
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Still doesn’t beat Ace Johnson. Via The Sun:

The rapper, 35, came up with a list of potential names for the baby — due in July — but North is at the top because he thinks it sounds good with his surname.
He sounded out pals about the moniker last month while working in Paris during fashion week.
But the title is unlikely to go down well with girlfriend Kim, 32, whose family have a tradition of starting their first names with a K.
The reality star might also have a problem with her boyfriend’s next album title — I Am God.

Of course, a simple compromise would be to name the child Knorth West thus allowing Kris Jenner to still imprint its ear with a fang mark if I’m reading this Book of The Dead right. Honestly, I can’t tell if half of these symbols are goat heads or Madonna. No, wait, they’re stabbing Jesus with a snake spear. It’s Madonna.


Photo: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, WENN


  1. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that Delta Burke from ‘Designing Women 80s tv”

  2. A whore and a racist. perfect for each other. Look on the dark side, if she has twins, it won’t be the first time 2 men have been inside her at the same time

    It’s if’s a Down syndrome girl. LATreene or Le-A (lLaDasha)
    If it’s a retarded boy, Queerenius

  3. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
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    Tree stumps come to mind

  4. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL – pregnancy is REALLY going to take its toll on this vapid, superficial woman – and don’t even get me started on the part where she is supposed to put the baby’s needs above her own!!!

  5. The porn title writes itself.

    Peter North in NORTH BY NORTH WEST.

  6. MelCervini

    Yeah… because the baby’s name is what’s really going to screw him/her up. LOLOL

  7. west

    howza about kturd or kshit or kfart?

  8. it'smeain't

    Two things:
    The name is actually Norf West.
    Secondly, I heard he wanted to name it “GeorgeBushHatesBlackPeople West” because he’s the biggest asshole ever.

  9. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this site populated by the inbred children of failed white supremacist nazi nut jobs or did I lose my way?

  10. gumbypokey

    Won’t she just get tired of it after a year or two? You know, cause it will only be half black…

  11. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
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    I think her butt swallowed her dress

  12. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
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    I thought money could buy you dress sense? Obviously not… she looks pregnant in her ass, face and legs…

  13. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
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    i’ll play Zira in the next Planet of the Apes movie…no makeup required.

    • Syd

      She’s looking 45yrs-up with all that crap she has on + had done to her face. The poundage she’s carrying around is disgusting, those legs are like my Gramma’s. Her only friend is Photoshop!

  14. Burt

    They are going to name the girl ‘North’? They are begging for her to grow up to resent them.

  15. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
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    doesn’t she look like the puppet from The Dark Crystal?

  16. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
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    A “real doll” comes to mind when her see her face..she looks like a latex sex toy.
    I wonder what she looks like under those 3 inches of makeup…

  17. Kim Kardashian Eating Pinkberry Bangs
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    Is this her pregnancy diet? One dixie cup full a day.

  18. Irishnurse22

    What a ugly baby…Looks like Kanye, (and I LOVE babies to all you Kim/Kanye supporters, I think they are all beautiful, but what happened to this one???,and would never say this, but you had the public waiting for this picture ??? BWAHHH!! Kim, you should have thought about what your kid would look like with Kanye as the father…Kris and you would have had a much better looking baby! Just stating the truth here. UGUG WEST, would have been more appropriate. Just stating the obvious…

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