Poor North West Never Stood A Chance

And now for a post where I genuinely feel sorry for a Kardashian.

Here’s North West on her way to ballet class yesterday where somehow a throng of paparazzi were waiting for her even though Kim Kardashian wasn’t there, so I can’t imagine how that happened. Except I can, and it’s her mom called all of them because she didn’t shit out a rugrat to not sign off on 8,000 photos of her. Which, fun fact, is exactly how you’re seeing this. Anyway, in what’s being called a “hilarious shutdown video,” here’s a smiling North, happy as can be until she sees all of the cameras and says to the nanny, “I said no pictures,” which is when the smiling stops. So, yeah, real fucking hilarious. A toddler already knows she’s a goddamn prop. Then again, Kim Kardashian is the authority in this situation, and if white people on the Internet have taught me anything, it’s that small black girls either comply with authority or they get their ass beat by a cop, so someone call 911. It’s total anarchy over here.

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Photo: AKM-GSI