Nobody’s Buying The Lamborghini Chris Brown Ruined

Chris Brown’s 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo is for sale on eBay right now, just in case you’re looking for a reason to unload $89K and can’t find gasoline and matches. According to TMZ, the car used to be worth $500K until Chris paid someone to write the lyrics to Tupac’s Lord Knows all over it. Which means Breezy took a $400K loss to commemorate a rapper who also got convicted of being a violent asshole to women. But, that can’t be right, because Chris has changed. He’s put all that stuff behind him.

*falls to knees* Please, God, please tell me there’s an inmate getting the first part of that quote tattooed on his back before he starts doing dips and just waits for Chris Brown to fuck up again. I promise not to post anymore Bella Thorne pics until she’s 18, just please do this one thing for me…

Shit! Do-over?

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Photo: Instagram

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