Nobody likes Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham has reportedly pissed off management at the celeb-friendly Chateau Marmont because “she always lets the paparazzi know when she’ll be arriving. The Chateau Marmont tries to give celebs their privacy, and they hate her there.” Additionally, Britney Spears showed up to the Chateau Marmont last Tuesday to eat, but the only available table was next to Victoria Beckham and Britney didn’t want to sit next to her so she stormed off and ate somewhere else. A source tells Gatecrasher:

“Britney Spears turned up at the Chateau and the only table available was the one next to Posh. But Britney didn’t want to sit next to her, so she and her friend stormed off to Il Sole instead.”

Aww, poor Victoria Beckham. She’s like the foreign exchange student who shows up to school and everybody makes fun of. And it’s probably not helping that she’s acting like an ass. Although it doesn’t really take much to piss Britney Spears off. Last week I saw her storm out of Jack In The Box because they refused to deep fry her hamburger and milkshake. She yelled something about them “discriminatin’ against the sexy” and then waddled off.