Nobody likes Teri Hatcher

*teri_hatcher_jealousy.jpgJealousy has yet again broken out among the Desperate Housewives, this time in the wake of Teri Hatcher’s Vanity Fair cover where she talks about getting molested by her uncle. The policy had been that journalists were not allowed on set unless the piece was about all the actresses, but this rule seems to have been waived for Hatcher. And that caused some unpleasantness. In a e-mail, Hatcher “griped that this wasn’t the first incident of outright jealousy from them and that this was now her time to shine,” says a source “She talked about all the covers that Eva [Longoria] has gotten and how she’s only been supportive.”

I think Teri’s confused. Her time to shine was ten years ago, before her boobs began to run down her chest like a fat kid chasing a twinkie. Seriously, if getting molested was a springboard to fame, every actor in Hollywood would be Catholic.