Nobody Likes Jennifer Lopez

jennifer_lopez_thumb1.jpgNatalie Imbruglia has joined the long chorus of voices criticizing Jennifer Lopez for wearing fur. According to her, Jennifer has a coat made from 80 murdered chinchillas. Imbruglia claims that unlike J-Lo, she would never wear animal skins. She told Cosmopolitan magazine, “It can take up to 100 chinchillas to make one coat and Jennifer Lopez has one made of 80 of them. Besides, wearing fur makes you look like an old woman!”

This isn’t really much of a story, but it’s just that I’ve seen these ‘J-Lo fur’ stories over and over again. I never thought there’d be a day when I felt sorry for Jennifer Lopez, but that day is fast approaching. Unless you’re dating the Hef, you really shouldn’t have someone telling you what to wear on a daily basis. If Jennifer wants to hit the town with a cap of bald eagle talons and dolphin-skin mocassins then by god let her do it. Top of the food chain, baby.